I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 6 Part 5

Chapter 5: Harem sex with the Queens 2

Sending a sidelong glance on Shizuku and Olivia who lost their strength, I faced the remaining two.

「I kept you waiting, Eunice, Elena Ria. It’s your turn this time…Hey」

Getting off the bed and turning around, I saw Eunice violating Elena Ria.

It seems that they can’t wait and started already.

A familiar penis had already grown between Eunice’s crotch and it’s piercing Elena Ria’s anus.

「Nhaa! This is amazing! Who feels it better, you or Shizuku?」
「Don’t ask me such things, Uhiiiiiii!」

They’re quite aroused it seems.

I can just look at the two of them have sex but I won’t be satisfied until I fucked them all.

In this case, I can choose to break in and sandwich Eunice or sandwich Elena Ria.

Then, I chose the later this time.

「I’m joining in」

I approached quickly, stood in front of Elena Ria and violated Eunice from behind.

「Ah, Onii-chan! You’re done with the two already?」
「M-My king!? This, Eunice attacked me because I was careless…」

Suddenly showing up to them, they had different reactions.

Eunice behaves like it’s nothing and Elena Ria makes an excuse in panic.

Both of their characters come out.

「Yeah, the two of them are lying on the bed. Also, Eunice doing this is just a norm of her ability, don’t mind it」

To attack and have sex with the user of the sword treasure.

Though she said she’s caught by surprise, does this mean that Eunice is a better Queen?

I forgot since she usually doesn’t show that kind of atmosphere.

「It seems that you’ve been enjoying yourselves while I’m not here」
「Ahaha, I got tired of waiting. But, Elena Ria’s ass feels quite good. It tightens as I rub it」

Whenever Eunice shakes her waist, Elena Ria reacts instantly.

「Higi! S-Stop it Eunice. 」 In front of my king, guu!」
「Ah, I can’t stop my waist!」

Eunice who shakes her waist feeling good and Elena Ria is putting up with it.

However, she seems to be giving room to be violated a little more, does Eunice prioritize giving me pleasure?

「I won’t leg you go, nfuu!」
「Uー, Scary. But, you’re just moaning as I thrust your ass right now」

Eunice says to provoke her.

Elena Ria who’s blushing deep red answered back.

「S-Shut up! You perverted woman!」

Though she tries to slip away, the pleasure given by Eunice seems to be powerful.

If it’s like this then I’ll just have my own way too.

「Well, don’t get so angry, Elena Ria. In exchange, I’ll violate you too」

I approached her while saying so and showed off my penis.

W-wait for a moment, King, I’m being violated by Eunice from the back right now!」

She usually takes my penis in her mouth with pleasure but does she think if it that bad?

Then, I want to try it more.

「That’s regrettable but I have already decided. Eunice, Help me」
「Fufufu, Got it!」

Eunice who loves tricks easily agreed to my proposal.

「Really, please wait, King! If you put it in right now…!」
「Now, I wonder what will happen? Would you show me?」

Eunice held Elena Ria’s hand to make sure she can’t resist.

I lift her waist and inserted my penis in her vagina.

「Ku, aaaaaaa!」

Elena Ria leaks out a voice of agony for her first time double penetration.

「Don’t worry, that voice will change into gasping immediately. Let’s go, Eunice」

We match our timing and pushed up Elena Ria.

「O, Hooooooo!?」

It seems that the pain have turned into pleasure from the first stroke somehow or another.

「You look amazing, Elena Ria. Are you really glad that I’m in the front?」
「Hii, Hii, Ryuu-samaa…」

Eunice had removed her restraint on Elena Ria who completely fell for pleasure, she clings into my shoulders.

It feels thrilling to see the expression of the girl clinging to me.

「Very well, show it more」

Saying that, I began to swing my waist again.

Eunice also matched it.

「Agiiiiiii! A penis on both of my pussy and ass! My insides are being crushed!」

Elena Ria’s lovely voice becomes the BGM of the swinging waist and I can feel Eunice’s penis moving between the wall of flesh.
Since Eunice’s dick is quite something, It makes a sense of oppression for Elena Ria.

But, I compensate that and give the pleasure of domination to her.

「Being violated from both sides, No, Cumming! I’m cumming already!」
「Show me how you cum magnificently」

Eunice and I increased the speed of the piston.

As her love nectar leaks in large quantities and stained her legs, Elena Ria had a huge convulsion.

「Cum, Cumming, Cumming! I’m cumming from my ass and pussy!」
「Uu, it’s tight」

Did her anus tighten from the climax too? Eunice looks like she’s feeling good.

「You can’t rest yet. You’ll going to squeeze semen out of us」
「U, Un」

Elena Ria’s voice was heard when we resumed our piston after she climaxed.

「K-King, any more than this and I would break…」

She said that but we’re not satisfied yet.

That’s why I ignored that plea and continued to piston.

「Uuuu! K-King! Ryuu-sama!」

When I pushed up her womb instead of answering, she changed it to a lovely voice at once.

「n, haahaa, Onii-chan, I’m at my limit too…」

Eunice is the one who appealed this time.

「Yeah, right. Me too. We’ll go pour our semen inside Elena Ria with all our might in the end」
「Un, got it!」

We matched our timing and pierced the deepest part of Elena Ria, then ejaculated.

「Ahiiiiiiii! M-My insides are hooooooot!」

Elena Ria trembles as she accept both our ejaculation.

「Ah, Cumming! CummingCumming, Cumiiiiiiiiing!」

She who received large amounts of semen in her womb and ass wasn’t able to endure the heat.

I waited for Elena Ria’s climax to calm down and laid down the body along with the two people from a while ago.

「…Uu, K-King…」
「Take a rest for a while」

I told Elena Ria and turned to the last one, Eunice.

「It’s finally my turn, Onii-chan1

She had exposed the terrible foolishness of Elena Ria in front of me, as expected.

There’s no slice of hesitation found on her.

「What do you want Eunice? I’ll listen if you have a request」
「Really? Yay!」

Eunice was honestly glad.
Well, she showed off herself, I don’t hate things like this too.

「Then, doing in front is okay?」
「Oh? You want me to lead? It’s not my fault whatever would happen then」
「Ahaha, if anything, I’d like you to make a mess of me」

Eunice said that.
Then, I’ll do as you request.

「Lie down…the bed is full, let’s go on the desk there」
「Yes, yes, Heave ho! Now, come, Onii-chan」

Eunice who lied down as I told her invites me.

A wet twitching vagina between her feet is wet because of her love nectar.

However, there’s no penis that was used to violate Elena Ria’s anus a while ago.

It seems that she had removed it already.

「Now then, should we begin?」

I stand before Eunice and placed my dick in her vagina.

Then, I thrust in my waist.

「Kuhaa! Onii-chan is really big!」

With her cheeks blushing in excitement, Eunice still has a room to spare.
I began to swing my waist to make her fall in the cliff of pleasure.

「Nhiii, You’re banging your waist! It’s really erotic!」

I lifted Eunice’s foot and made it look M then I nailed in my waist.
That’s why, it’s making a dry sound when my waist hits Eunice’s ass.

「N, Haa, nn!! Amazing, it’s amaziing! Onii-chan’s penis is banging my womb!!」

Putting my spirit on the piston, Eunice’s composure gradually disappeared.
Her vagina wriggles violently and I can understand how much Eunice feels it.
Since she’d been teased so far, she might’ve accumulated it.

「No way, I want to feel onii-chan more yet…I’m already going to cum!」

Eunice tells that she’s reaching her limit.

I hear it and made a wry face.

「Very well, cum and show it to me. I won’t loosen my grip until the last minute」
「Ahn~ Wait, Onii-chan! If you do me that violently…Ah, aaaaa!」

Eunice trembled greatly.
She came lightly.

「That’s the spirit, Eunice. Cum more」

The tightening vagina urges to be excavated.

Of course, I don’t worry about being attacked by pleasure.

I’m only thinking about violating Eunice right now.

「You don’t feel embarrassed that you’re tightening my thing?」
「B-because, onii-chan’s penis pierces me I can’t endure it! Agii! Cumming again!」

Eunice had her face crumple in climax.

The sexual feeling from me rises too.

「I’m about to cum soon. Where do you want it?」
「Inside my womb! I want Onii-chan’s semen in the innermost part!」

Eunice answered immediately.

「Very well, don’t faint until then」

I shake my waist to reach the climax.

It was a egoistic movement, Still, it seems that I’m giving Eunice too much pleasure right now.

「Ah, ooooo! Impossible, Cum, cummiiiing!」

Eunice cums as I shake my waist.
Her vagina shuts tight and I reached my limit.

「Cumming, Eunice」
「Au! Come, Come, Coomee! Pour in your semeeeeeeen!!」

I drive my last thrust inside Eunice’s womb and ejaculated.
Byuku, Byubyururururu!

「Hii, Ooohooooo!!」

Looking at her, Eunice’s eyes turned white.

I was satisfied seeing that and pulled out my penis.

Then, I also carried Eunice to lay down on the bed.

The queens are lying down in in a row like a heap of corpses, all of their vaginas have semen flowing backwards.

「Fuu, doing it like this should be fine」

All of them are lying down with a smile on their face, it seems that they’re satisfied.

I lowered my waist on the nearby chair and enjoyed the aftertaste of the orgy for a while.