I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: March to the sky.

Next day, I took the capture unit from the castle and returned to the church.
The knights and the demons are in front of me.

The number is around 800.

I think that it’ll be small for a capture of a city but it’s better to have high mobility in this surprise attack.

Also, each one of them are the elite.

They won’t be a match of a thousand but their potential count twice as a general.

The individual power would be useful to a city area where a sudden combat appears easily.

「We’re finally going to capture it. You girls, we will drag the cheeky celestial maiden who looks down from the sky down to the ground!」

The soldiers made a cheer after my words.

I don’t want to do speeches because it’s troublesome but the charmed women raises moral if I do it.

If their morale goes up, it’s possible to fight without flinching even if they’re a small army.

I took some info from the sister but we still have to be careful.

「Aisha, you girls are prepared?」
「Yes, we’re good. We’re all prepared」

The queens are lined behind me.

Those who are non-combatant like Yarina aren’t here as expected but all except those are brought here.

Aisha has no strong point in combat but she has to see through everything.

「Okay, we’ll do as planned. March!」

Taking my order, the force began to move.

They moved toward the gate concealed in the church and advanced step by step.

Then, we invaded the gate.

After being surrounded by light at the gate, the town spreads when I opened my eyes.

The buildings in the town are made of stone, they look quite strong.

The town can’t be imagined to be floating in the sky.

「This is the Sky City?」

It’s not cold considering it’s in the sky, the wind isn’t strong either.

I don’t feel the incline.

The entire city might be covered in some barrier and someone might be controlling it.

We are in front of the gate at the edge of the town.
Turning around, the gate we passed through and the gate here are identical.

That gate had the forces appear one after another.

「Who are you people? I didn’t hear about the boot-up of the gate today!」

Several soldiers jumped out from a certain building next to the gate.

It seems that they’re the soldiers guarding the gate.
It seems that the in and out are managed strictly.

That’s why I made the sister invade and betray her allies.

Realizing it, they engaged in the perfect posture.

「Suppress the soldiers!」

Elena Ria and Eunice moved from my words and the soldiers were suppressed in seconds.

After cleaning up, we break in the post and made contact with the ally.

「The warning…isn’t ringing」

According to the sister, there will be a warning ringing at the entire city when an emergency comes but there’s no sign of it yet.

We succeeded in our surprise attack.

「Okay, we’re going to advance just as planned. Separate into groups and advance!」

Leona led the force and sent them to all directions.

A warning resounds in the vicinity after a while.

「The real thing starts here, are you prepared?」

I spoke to Aisha and Olivia that remained.

The other information I had in hand shows that the celestial maiden uses magic.

Then, she can’t win one-on-one with Olivia that’s the Elf Saintess.

She’s the out of standard queen that literally took several people to stop.

Since the celestial maiden is a human, she can’t surpass the racial obstacle.

「Leave it to me, Master. If the enemy is alone then I can defeat her easily」
「Thanks, Olivia」

For this situation to turn into a one-on-one, I have to make the others attract the enemy force.

The castle in the city should be out of hands right now.

「Okay, let’s go!」

I took the two of them and warped to the castle we’re seeing.

Arriving at the castle, there was an uproar.

After the sky city was built, it seems that it was never attacked.

Attacking in surprise the peaceful idiots, the soldiers are surely confused.

「Just as planned, the soldiers seems lacking. We will advance inside」

Most of the soldiers have fallen out already.

We advanced magnificently in the castle.

There were guards who blocked the way but I neutralized them all with charm.
It’ll be troublesome to let Olivia fight in her imperfect state.

「You there, where’s the celestial maiden?」
「T-The celestial maiden is on the office that’s three stairs ahead!」
「I see, well done」

The guard I talked to fell down.

Shit, was my charm too powerful to excite them?

Well, it can’t be helped. This is my first time large scale battle for me too.

「Oh, are you feeling nervous?」

Aisha talked to me when she saw my state.

「Yeah, it’s finally the last queen. It makes me feel nervous somewhat」
「Somewhat, that seems like Ryuu」

The tension was taken down when we talked, my body felt at ease too.

Meanwhile, we arrived at our destination.

I made the guards in front of the room powerless and then I opened the door in a dignified manner.

Inside was an officer, several women and a lone woman.
Perhaps she’s the celestial maiden.

I neutralized the officers who were late to react from the sudden intrusion.

「You’re the intruder?」

The celestial maiden says while giving a glance on the absent minded charmed officer.

「That’s right, I’m the mastermind」
「Then, die」

Sparks fly the next moment.

I don’t know what happened but it seems that Olivia had prevented her attack.

「What an impatient fellow, how about asking his name first?」
「…You, an elf?」

The celestial maiden looked at Olivia who had a cool face after preventing the attack.

「It can’t be helped, I’m going to introduce myself. I’m Miura Ryuta」
「I’m Judith, the Celestial Maiden. Either way, it doesn’t mean anything」
「What meaning?」
「It’s because I’ll hang your heads and dry you up. It’s just foolish for a person from the ground to invade the Sky City」

Though she’s using polite language, her attitude clearly looks down on us.
Since the celestial maiden is in this condition, I feel that the subordinates looks down on the one on the ground too.

「That’s the last day you’ll be looking down on us. I’m ruling the ground and you’ll be the next」
「That’s convenient. I’ll break you and rule the ground from the sky」

Just how arrogant is she?
She might be the worst among all I’ve met.

「However, you should be protecting your people from danger as soon as possible. If you run home quietly, your life might last longer you know?」
「I see, you’re fine whatever happens to your people don’t you?」

The sister admired her so much and her rule in the sky city seems to be splendid but I can’t tolerate such a woman to rule the ground.

「Olivia, do it」
「Fufu, I can now show something good in front of my master. I’ll make you falter with your words and become a dog!」

She says while invoking her magic, Olivia shoots out her lightning magic at Judith.

「As expected of an elf, it’s a league different from a human, but…Haa!」

Judith prevented it by making a magic shield.

「Master, stand back. This will be a long one!」
「Got it, I’ll leave it to you」

I took Aisha and moved to the corner of the room.
「I praise you for not running away. But, being in front of me is called recklessness」
「I’m going to turn back those words to you!」

The Queen of the sky versus the Queen of the elves.
The fight started in front of us.