I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 8

Episode 8: Aisha’s women handling lesson foreplay Part 2

The woman who’s called MikoーAisha.

Her name means Son of God
She probably is a sacred person .

My expectation won’t go down thinking about what kind of pussy she has.

Aisha raised her butt a little, I removed my shorts
Originally, it should be me stripping her but it seems she can’t endure anymore

「HaaahHaah, Since you’ve been teasing my nipples, I can’t take it anymore」
「What a horribly lecherous woman」
「It’s your fault. You made me feel good with your attacks」

The composure Aisha had a while ago is gradually turning into instinct.

When I took of the clothes, a transparent line can be seen from the crack.
That means she’s that wet.

「You’re easy to get wet」
「I was not aware. It seems that it’s your fault that my body was easy to get wet」
「Do you masturbate?」

When I asked, Aisha face has gone red from embarrassment.
Showing me such a girly reaction, I got even more exited.

「M-masturbation is it? Just a bit」
「With what you said just now, you sound like a virgin bitch with no experience asking a man if he has an experience」
「Well it’s fine. Don’t worry about it」

She doesn’t know what bitch is.
It’s a word from my world after all.

「In other words, I want you to say sorry for masturbating lewdly」

The red cheeks of Aisha went even redder.

「I’m a woman too. So I do that much!」
「I didn’t mean it bad. Rather, I do like that kind of woman」

For humans, those with no sexual desire is weird.
Seeing a woman hiding her intentions is interesting, but seeing an obedient reaction from her is also good.

「Do you play with yourself everyday?」
「Y-yes. I do it when I can’t endure…hey, what am I saying?」
「Become obedient already. I’ll accept them no matter how lewd they are」
「D-don’t scold the lewd me」

fuu, what an interesting fellow

「Well, this time I’ll have you show me how you masturbate」
「You can do other things than looking you know!?」
「Watching you would be fun」

To put it easy, touching her wouldn’t be interesting.

「H-hey. It’s about time you touch me….」

Aisha seemed she can’t endure any longer as she shows her viscous vagina
With just our conversation, she has been leaking more love juices

「Can’t be helped」

I reached out her crotch and stroked vertically

Not even a thread of pubic hair, it was beautifully shaved and smooth
This feeling, this isn’t shaved, there might be no hair growing in the first place.
A natural paipan(TN: little to no pubic hair)

「Ha, nu~」
「Can you feel it?」(TN: Mr. crabs?)
「There’s no way I can’t feel you touch me」
「Then, feel more」

I crawled my finger on her, pushing her clit caused it to turn erect.

「Au, you’re going on my sensitive spot immediately?」
「It feels good isn’t it?」
「HaahHaah, Don’t….I’m going crazy. Even though I’ve been called as Child of God」
「Do you always touch yourself here?」
「Don’t lie」

I pinched her clitoris


Aisha bent backwards and closed her legs tightly.

「If a woman closes her legs like this, I’d turn this to a habit. It is a pleasure to the body will arise from the response.」
「ku, ahn~…Ryu can see everything」

Did she finally confessed?
Fuu, Aisha is a Clit woman.

「I really can’t match Ryu」
「Hou. Why?」
「You found out that I masturbate, and you found my sensitive spot immediately」

Kuku, the cool Aisha has is still a woman as expected
Then, why don’t you show me more?

I stimulated the clitoris which is as hard as her nipples
I peeled the skin well and played played using my fingers

「Haun~! Don’t peel it!」
「I don’t know about that. I know what I want and I will do it」

I moved my finger up and down quickly, playing her clitoris rhythmically.
When I did, Aisha rejoiced intensely while raising her buttocks

「Good! It’s good! You’re skilled!」
「I’m happy that you’re pleased」
「Come, put your finger in….」
「Ahn~, I can’t endure any longer. Do I really have to say that?」

The strong willed Aisha looks like she’s frustrated
Seeing that face, it would be impossible for me to endure.

「I’ll put my finger in」

I put my finger in Aisha’s honey-pot
Her insides are so wet it’s practically flooding

「For you to get this wet」
「You bad boy. Each and all of your moves are skillful」
「I’m happy to be praised by you」

Aisha isn’t affected by the Charm power
In short, I can do it even without using charm power.
This will be my weapon(TN: That pierces the heavens!)

「I’ll move it. Tell me if it hurts」

「As I move my finger inside her vagina, Aisha’s body trembled」
Her body writhes lewdly in agony

「Haa, Kuu, Haaaaaaa! M-my voice…..leaks out!」
「Let me hear more of your voice」
「No~, I-It’s embarrassing」
「You’re a pervert so what are you saying?」

As I stir her up nectar is flowing out making a [kuchikuchi] sound
Pushing it in and out, poking it many times and applying vibration.

「Ahn~, Kuu, Aaahh! It’s too good! What an amazing use of finger. 」
「Is that so?」

I’m just using a technique I’ve dread from the net before

I bent my finger in order to scratch the entrance
It’s possible to hit the G-spot if I do this

「Ah, hiiii! kufaaaan! W-what’s this?」
「You don’t know this spot?」
「I-I don’t know! I didn’t know that there’s such place that feels good!」
「Then I’ll tell you. this is called G-spot」
「Yeah, this is where the are gathered. And when this is stimulated, most women……」
「Nooooo~! Stop! Don’t stir it that muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!」
「It’s simple」

Aisha extended her jaw facing towards the ceiling, I felt her drooling

「Aaaaaaah! I’m…I’m turning crazy! I’m turning crazy~!」
「You came with just a finger?」
「Ahn~! no~! I was supposed to be the teacher here」
「Iya, you taught me enough」

Not just how to embrace Aisha, while taking note of the power of Charm
I have obtained such a knowledge useful in the future
And also, that Aisha is a normal woman

「Cumming! I’m cumming so stop!」
「Like hell I’d stop」
「no~! Noooo~!」

I acquired great power from Aisha
That’s why,

「To give you my gratitude, I’ll make you cum….with my finger!」
「No, Nooooo~! Cumming! Cumming so don’t be so, nuooooooo so violent!」
「Cumming! I’m cumming from just a fingeeeeeer! Naaaaaaaaaa~!」

A large amount of love nectar flowed from Aisha’s vagina
Her vaginal walls twitched at the same time It’s time for the climax

「Aisha, show me your cumming face」
「N, faaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! C-cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!」


With her body convulsing, Aisha spout out a huge tide, she came.
With her insides twitching, she took out her tongue as her mind fell out.

「Ah, hiii! A-amazing, ryu….」
「That’s because I want to get along with you」
「Haah, Haah…..It felt good. But we’re not done with just this, right?」

I slowly spread Aisha’s pussy with my finger.
As if seeking my dick, her love nectar is dripping viscously
「Come, ryu. Come inside me. I want you manliness inside me」