I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 1: Goddess and Aisha

When we stepped into heaven, there’s a castle shining in gold in front of us.

It’s not just made of gold.

The whole castle is wearing divinity of a treasure.

Furthermore, it’s bigger than Elena Ria’s castle.

It doesn’t seem to be brought upon by a human power.

I stand just in front of the gate.

When I turn around , Aisha and the Queens came out of the gate that seems to be connected with the castle.

「Oh~ This is amazing~!」

Eunice says so but I don’t have any other impression but it being big and shining.

If I brought an architect or an artist then they might talk a lot but our objective isn’t the castle.

「Aisha, is the Goddess here?」

Aisha nods to my question.

「Yes, I can feel her. She’s definitely here」

「Then, there’s no need to hesitate. Let’s go in」

I walked from the front in a dignified manner.

「First would be greetings」

I blew off the entrance with explosion magic1

The entrance that was proud of it’s wonderful beauty until now has become horrible debris.

Though I hit it with splendid power, the response was more than I expected.

We passed through the entrance and entered.

「Do you know where she is?」

「Let’s see, there’s a big room on the second floor, I think she’s there」

It’s unknown why does she know where she;s located but now’s not the time to ask that.

What I must first do is to defeat the Goddess.

「Then, let’s hurry up」

Raising my right hand up, I shot an extra large fireball at high speed.

It made a hole on the ceiling and I can see the second floor.

We flew to the second floor through that hole using magic.

「Oh, what a rude trespasser. Do you know manners on entering other people’s houses?」

A voice called out to us after we reached the floor.

Looking up, I saw the source of the voice.

She’s like a king on RPGs who’s sitting on a luxurious chair put a step higher on a spacious room.

Certainly, her body’s suitable for a Goddess.

Slender legs filled with meat.

Her ass and waist looks good to grab even looking from front.

Then, her big bountiful chest that would capture your eyes.

It’s the finest now matter how you look.

But, I took a big surprise on her beautiful face more than anything.

「You…Your face」

Her face that’s looking at me is the same as Aisha.

Though her hair is colored shining silver, they looked the same.

The Goddess, that we are going to defeat has the same face as Aisha.

I’m at loss from that fact.

The queens at the same time too. Eunice isn’t saying a word.

「I was wondering what kind of hero is the human you brought but it’s surprisingly normal, Aisha」


I returned to my consciousness as Aisha spoke up.

「Aisha, explain what’s going on」

I told her with a strong gaze.

「Fufufu, did you not explain the circumstances properly? Then should I give an explanation?」

「No need, I’ll be the one talking」

Saying that, Aisha turned to me

「Goddess Arianne is my elder twin sister」


Looking at it again after being told so, they certainly have a sublime difference.

Also, it seems that the inside are greatly different.

The arrogant attitude looking down on a human being oozes out from her eyes.

Aisha’s not giving that kind of atmosphere.

「Arianne and Me are both born as Daughters of God and lived in the heaven but one day, She snatched my power as a God. Then I fell on the surface and was sealed off」

「Snatched?…Did your parents just watch you in silence?」

「I told you before but…Gods are selfish. They’ve disappeared a long time ago already」

They pushed their own world to their children and disappeared, they really don’t have common sense.

「But, thanks to that, I was able to confine Aisha to the surface」

Arianne says happily.

「In the first place why did you steal Aisha’s power? Is the reason hate?」

「That’s not it, it’s something that was doing well」

Arianne looked away from me then stared at Aisha.
「I noticed it at that time, this world doesn’t need to Gods. If so, Aisha has to be the one to disappear」

Just how much would she demonstrate the selfishness of Gods.

She even sealed up her own family.

「I haven’t killed her as mercy but I never thought that she’d retaliate using a human being. Do you think that humans can match God?」

The Goddess mocks.

I looked away from her then towards Aisha.

「Is that true? The purpose of your contract is for revenge?」

「…That’s right, it’s all for the sake of revenge against Arianne. Fufu, I’m also a son of God so I called Ryuu in this dangerous world for my sake」

Aisha ridicules herself.

「I told you that the world would be ruined but that was just an official stance. It’s actually all my ego」

But, the feelings rising up in me weren’t anger.


Aisha and Arianne stared at me dumbfounded as I suddenly laughed out.

「Isn’t that great?! It doesn’t change that what we have to do is to defeat the Goddess, right?!」

「T-That’s right」

Aisha answered though she’s pulling from me who’s slightly taunting.

「Then it’s fine right? I’ll just use my own hands to defeat this Goddess. It sounds good to have sisters serve me too」

The savior of the world.

It can’t be said that I wasn’t allured by those words.

But, the me who was deceived this far is stupid.

We’ve been together for the longest time but I wasn’t able to notice her aim.

Then, I can say that I reap what I sow

I’m thankful that I got an ability, I don’t have any grudge against Aisha.

Then, it’s my duty to accomplish the contract until the end.

「Ahahaha, That man seems to have made a breakthrough」

Arianne who’s not changing her arrogant attitude laughs at us.

「Laugh while you can. I’ll teach you who should be on top immediately」

I looked back after declaring a war.

Ahead of me are the Queens who were silent since a while ago.

「This is originally my contract with Aisha so I open the door since your duty is over」

I cut to the chase.

「But, I’m short of hands to beat down the Goddess. Help me」

After saying daringly, they responded.

「Of course, won’t it be terrible to be left out after coming this far?」

「My sword is already given to my King. Please use it to your heart’s content」

「I’m not good at fighting but I’ll do my best」
「What a cold master. Also, I’m looking forward on how far my magic can go」

「Though this body has fallen to the ground, the power of me who ruled the sky is alive and well」

They’re all filled with motivation.

Was it not needed to make an introduction?

The way of understanding hasn’t exceeded, it begins with all members.

「You’re claiming to be a God even as a joke so you won’t be complaining if the enemies has increased to five, right? Here we go」

Thus, my last fight has began.


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