I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 7 Part 3

Chapter 3: VS Arianne – Middle Part

I think over while it’s raining lasers.

I thought about how to give Arianne damage but meanwhile, the shield is being scrapped off.

「There’s too few information, let’s change the objective. Let’s do the Goddess later and focus on the crystals first」

Coming this far, I thought that thinking is a waste of time so I concluded to change targets.

In other words, the crystals shooting lasers at us.

「When it’s decided, I will once cut deep against my enemy」

「I see, I leave it to you」

I placed my hands on Elena Ria’s shoulders as she presented herself as a decoy.

「But, be careful」

「It’s fine, I won’t make the same mistake」

Saying that, she dashed out of the shield.

「Oh, were you unable to stand it anymore?」

「Hmm, if you keep paying attention to my King, you might notice that your head would go flying you know?」

「Say that after you get close to me!」

The crystals who shot on the shield turned their fire to Elena Ria.

The laser’s power seems to be able to melt her if it hits her just once but rushes to her.

「There’s nothing easier to read as a straight line」

But, Elena Ria’s not caught with those.

Looking at it, I noticed one thing.

The shots of the laser aiming at Elena Ria is too straight.

You usually aim at the moving target and aim with foresight .

But, those crystal’s doesn’t do it. It’s as if they’re amateurs.

「I see…Arianne’s the one moving the crystal, set up a feint!」

Elena Ria noddded at my words and changed her movements

The crystals movement were disturbed after that.

「You, stop moving like a bug!」

「Hahaha! Then, you’re lower as you can’t catch a single bug!」

「How dare you…!」

Arianne who became emotional swings one of her hand and lowered it, then the laser shot was spread.

Countless arrows of light covers the course of Elena Ria.

「There’s no way you’d be able to escape this, get burned!」

「Certainly…But, your enemy isn’t just one you know?」

At the moment the laser rain befalls to Elena Ria, a thick shield appeared in front of her and prevented it easily.

「Seriously, don’t be absurd. If it wasn’t for me, there would be no shield in front of you」

Appearing and making a shield at high speed to defend Elena Ria is only Olivia.

「Then, don’t you think it’s bad for you to be emotional?」

Arianne who concentrated to Elena Ria because of her provocation forgot there are other enemies.

Even a goddess has only two eyes and one brain.


「Eat this!」

Eunice’s thunder kick and Judith’s wind attack made a direct hit on the crystals

The crystals were smashed to pieces with power that would crush bedrocks.

With this, there’s only two remaining.

「…I failed. But you see, what you did is useless? Because I got a lot of replacements」

Then, four new crystal is installed on the wall.

There’s thirty more remaining crystals in this room.

「ufufufu, this time I’ll target everyone」

Six Crystals lined up a line from left to right and suddenly the new crystal exploded.

「Kuh, what!?」

Then, the explosion happened here and there inside the room.

「Just thinking at bit and you’d notice that there’s the same shaped crystals in this room」

I say so to upset Arianne.

I let her to start that but there’s no next.

Eunice and Judith aren’t the only ones who moved while Elena Ria became the decoy.

Aisha, Shizuku and I split up and stick Shizuku’s talisman filled with her dark arts on the crystals in the room.

Then, we chose our time to make it explode.

Arianne who successfully draws the crystal without knowing that it’s a bomb has blew herself up wonderfully.

The healthy crystal is completely demolished from the shock of the explosion

She won’t be able to move those properly.

「And I just noticed it, but it was the correct answer to crush the crystal in two meanings」

I say so and laugh.

Arianne who’s close to the explosion got a lot of wounds.

Arianne who got a scratch from Olivia’s full power can’t be unwounded from the explosion this time.

If so, tis means that the mystery was cut.

「Those crystals seems to be your armament and magic power tank at the same time. You pull out huge magic power from there then reinforce your body higher than the limit」

Even though she’s a goddess, her body should be what it looks like. Thus, there should be a limit on her magic power.

Then, if she used more power than that, she can’t do anything but to restore her magic power.

「I would’ve been fooled if you just used it as a magic power tank, but it backfired when you used it as an armament that uses an enormous amount of magic power」

It’s convenient to gather functions on one thing but the risks gather in one place too.

「It’s your loss for being overconfident with your power」

Declaring so, Arianne had a wary face as she noticed that the situation is bad.

「…Right, I was a bit self-conceited」

But, her relaxed posture is still not broken.

「But, I still have magic power remaining you know? There’s an obvious difference between a mere human and a goddess there!」

It’s the goddess who changed the rule of this world, the queens are boasting with magical power with a quantity of two or three times different in comparison.

Even if the magicians on the surface gathered up, they’re still no match.

「Then what about it? Do you really think that you’re the only one not seized by the rule of this world?」

Saying that, I concentrated the magic power in myself.

「Hmm, that’s a blulf. There’s no way your magical power equals me」

Arianne says with confidence.

「If you’re someone who thinks that I’m I guy who follows the rules set on stage, then burn this to your eyes」

I concentrated magical power on my right hand and released it.

The magical power is too thick that you can only see it dyed black.

Thinking that a shield with normal magical power is semi transparent, it’s easy to understand the amount of magical power I used.

I further mold magical power and distort it to a shape of a sword.

「! That magic power, where did you get that?!」

Arianne’s composure in her face disappeared instantly.

She fixed that women would have higher magical power than men but she also set a limit in power at the same time.

But , it seems that the magical power I’m releasing have exceded the limit.

「Even if you stole you twin sister’s power, you can only manipulate what’s inside this world right? That kind of rule doesn’t apply to me who’s an outsider」

In simple terms, it’s like an extraterritoriality rights?

「Aisha, you!」

Arianne looked at her younger sister with an angry face.

「That’s right, I called Ryuu from the otherworld. To defeat you」

「You know that we can’t control the power of a human outside our world! What have you done!」

Arianne let out her anger.

On the other side, Aisha faces her calmly.

「I don’t have any other methods, I’ll do anything just to get my revenge against you」

「…Do you really think that human would listen to you after defeating me!?」

In contrast, Aisha shook her head.

「No, I’m fine as long as I’m able to take my revenge」

「Then, I won’t go easy. I’ll completely banish you!」

Arianne shot a laser from her hand towards the defenseless Aisha.

Something that’s far stronger than the crystal will hit Aisha in an instant.

「Hey, your line of fire is too honest」

But, it won’t happen as long as I’m here.

That’s because my magic sword interfered the laser between the two people.

I can’t say that I’m skilled in sword but, Arianne’s aim from too much anger is imaginable.

As long as my sword was able to block the heart and the head, it was enough.

「…Then, this is the end」

「What are you…guu!?」

Arianne who tried to make her second shot from anger had her arms pierced by an arrow.

「Got her!」

Elena Ria plunges towards the flinched arianne and is about to stab a coup de grace.

「Don’t underestimate me!」

Arianne moved both of her arms and created a shield.

But, even the Goddess can’t put all of her power when shot by Olivia’s arrow.

Then, her side was aimed for showing the chance as she was caught by surprise.

Elena Ria’s sword finally made a cut on Arianne.

「Ga, gufuu…」

The Goddess bleed from her wound, fell then lied down.

「F-For me to be defeated by a human…」

It’s unlikely for her to be able to move a single finger but I approached her cautiously.

「You gave us trouble, if you don’t move I won’t kill you」


「…hey, Arianne?」

When I noticed that she’s being strange, I stepped back.

「I’ll never accept…defeat. There’s no way I would accept it!」

At that moment, the crystals broken in the whole room emits light.

「Shit! Get away!」

Everyone jumped back together from my call.

「I…I am this world’s goddess!!」

At athat moment, the crystal evaporates in and a storm of terrible magic power is generated in the room.

I was blown off from the shock given by the sudden large scale typhoon.