I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 9

Episode 9: ★ Aisha’s women handling lesson : Insertion Part 1

Aisha’s breathing heavily as she looks at the tent in my pants
Her wistful gaze makes her look like she’s under charm magic.

「Do you want me to put it in?」
「That’s right! I can’t take it anymore」

I lowered my pants and took out my erect penis
*shake*, I swung the swelling thing up and down in front of Aisha

「W-what a large and impressive….」
「You think so?」
「Y-yes….The blood vessel is sticking out, I think this cock is good enough to seduce women」

Since Aisha said that, then it must be good.
I want to know how much can this be used.

「Aisha, can I satisfy women with my thing?」
「I don’t know either, but I think no women would come unsurprised with your thing. Seeing this getting erect to this degree, they will surrender even without using your Charm Magic」
「The moment I falter, I’ll probably be killed」
「You’re right. The timing, if they regain their reason at the moment, it would be a goodbye to your head」

Perhaps the culture where men are filthy as an education arise.

「Do men and women in this world have sexual intercourse?」(TN: Seriously, that’s the literal meaning, I don’t get it either)

It’s a world whose downfall is in the near future It will be hardly performed.

「Basically no, but, each country has a day where women picks a man and performs child making」
「It’s for productivity」
「That’s right. Furthermore, they end it seconds after insertion」
「Seconds? Is it premature ejaculation?」
「To be precise, women order them to finish early. Because it’s filthy to copulate with men」

I see. Certainly, in my world, I’ve heard that there’s a certain race where their job is only sex
Sex is the only mean to leave a descendant
Maybe it’s the same logic as this.

「Well, because women rarely meet men, it’s easier for them to get excited」

This culture does not do sex to enjoy It might be natural.

「Aisha, do you think men are filthy?」
「I’m a miko. I have a complete understanding of the world and everything in it」
「Even if you understand, are you okay with it?」
「It seems absurd, I wouldn’t hate a person I don’t even know. It’s just this world is boring, I want to have fun」
「The logic of this world is boring?」
「Yes. It’s just weird to suppress your pleasure isn’t it? I’m a hedonist woman」

Aisha is a human that noticed that this world is abnormal
That’s why she wants to change the logic, she wants to defeat God.

「Aisha likes pleasure. Well, you do masturbate everyday」
「Fun, but there’s no decent man」
「Premature ejaculation is a norm in this world」
「But, you showed up」

Aisha was staring at my dick once again
She licks her lips thinking; I want to eat that sooner.

「You want it?」
「Yes, hurry up and put it in」
「Fuu, what an impatient woman」

Well, it’s the same for me
I went close to Aisha and put it in
I smelled the sweet smell of Aisha’s love nectar when I approached her, this raised my excitement even more.

「Because I loosened it with my finger a while ago. I’ll put it in all at once.」

Hearing her speak up suddenly, I stopped moving like she said.

「Don’t put it in so suddenly, instead tease it by moving it up and down」

I decided to shaky the head of my penis against Aisha’s vaginal entrance

「Like this?」
「Han~! That’s right. Tease me like that, ahn~」

I move my meat stick, barely putting it in and taking it out.
When I did, Aisha’s love nectar overflowed more, it’s making a [nichanicha] sound

「You’re good. with this, you should steadily make women feel good till they reach climax」
「Women imagines you to put it in this time. When you do this, their expectations go up, don’t you think?」

Aisha said while dying her cheeks red-hot
She’s been staring at my dick since earlier.

Even If she doesn’t say it, I can tell Aisha can’t take it anymore Her eyes have become of a female’s

「N, Haan~! Good…」
「Do you like being teased?」
「HaahHaah, I can’t hold my excitement…!」

It appeared to be true, Aisha narrows her eyebrows and biting her lips

「In truth, you just want to have sex without doing the lecture don’t you?」
「T-that’s notー」
「You slut. but, just because you’re teaching me you’re defying your own lust?」
「….Ryu, the way you reasoned out was amazing. But, there are things better not said on women aren’t they?」
「I know that. That’s why I said it」
「You’re a brute」

Aisha raised herself from the bed and assumed missionary position.
I moved the lap near to her face and Aisha’s small face and plump breast got squashed
Aisha further expanded her vagina, I then put my cock just how she desired

「Amazing. The love nectar overflowed again」
「Since you have a big cock, my expectations are big too. Come, put it in while moderately teasing….」
「Don’t wanna」

She didn’t expect for me to put it in Aisha’s face turned blue

「Since a woman like you would be a good partner, I’ll tell you my reason」
「I’ll turn all women in this world as slaves, I’ll make a harem just for me. For that, I need no sentiment nor reason」

Especially if it’s a matriarchal world. If there’s a woman who can’t be charmed, I might get killed.

「I can understand what Ryu is saying. But it may be good now」
「Even though we came this far….You know what’s next right?」

In short, I abandoned my reason and violate you like a beast.


「I do not need to put it particularly. The scene of you stopping just before might come out」

I think it is necessary in order to calm down immediately live in this world

「I-i’m okay…. If it’s Ryu, the scene can surely be done well…. That’s why, Hurry up…. Hurry up!」

Aisha’s composure gradually disappeared

「If I continue in this state. By myself… I’ll cum by myself」
「By myself?」
「Ha, haaaa. D-don’t make me say it….A-ahn~」

Aisha brought her finger to her vagina and started playing with her clitoris

「Haan~! Look, inside me, it’s already easy to put it in. hey, it’s already good isn’t it?」

Just like that, I watched where Aisha masturbate, I assume she’s having fun.

「It can’t be helped」
「Y-you’re going to put it in?….I’m happy」
「That’s because you crave for it like a hungry beast. I might get eaten if I leave you in this state」
「Attack Ryu? That might be good too…But for now come in. please….don’t torment me any longer」
「All right」

I also can’t endure it with just teasing
As expected, having a woman like Aisha in front of me, I can’t hold any longer
If it was not Aisha, I’ll make sure to turn her to a mess.

I pushed my dick in her vagina

「I’ll put it in」
「A-aaah~! It’s coming….Ryu’s thick and sturdy thing…」

I slowly pressed my waist as I enter Aisha.
Aisha’s lewd voice echoes

「A, Aaah~! It’s inside…Ryu’s thing!」
「Kuh, it’s narrow!」

What’s this? The vaginal walls coils around and not letting my dick leave
The entrance was tightening intensely making it impossible to go back
So this is the Miko’s vagina

「I’ll put a little force 」

If I stay like that, it would be difficult to put it in
That’s why, I gripped Aisha’s waist and forcibly put it in.


「n, Kuu….fuuu, I-it hurts」

Aisha said

「It hurts?」
「N-no. It’s nothing」
「Aisha, why did it hurt?」
「I already said it’s nothing」
「When I put it in, you said it hurts」

Aisha has fallen silent

What happened?

Aisha’s vagina excreted a huge amount of love nectar like she’s peeing and it totally wet the bed.
Given that I loosened it with my fingers, It shouldn’t have hurt
I treated her more politely than the female knights a while ago

Could it be….?

Seeing Aisha’s attitude, I noticed.
「Aisha, could it be….that you’re a virgin?」