I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 7 Part 5

Chapter 5 ★ The goddess lost her rear virginity

Afterwards, I carried the fallen Arianne out of the hall

Arianne’s magical power outflow stops.

But, the magical wing on her back has completely disappeared.

「Aisha, can I do what I want with this chick?」

When I say as I point to Arianne, Aisha nodded.

「Let’s see, I’d be glad if my stolen power would be returned」

「Though the surplus has disappeared, she still have some magical power left. I’ll squeeze them out」

「fufu, you’re scary」

Aisha said while laughing.

「Yeah, could you tell the queens the result? They might still be worried.」

「Got it」

Aisha said then went out of the entrance of the castle.

「Now then, what should we do with the goddess?」

Saying that, I brought Arianne to the nearby room.

It seems to be a room for visitors but there’s no sign of it being used

In the first place, is there servants in this castle?

There’s no fragment of life too.

「Well, it’s fine as long as there’s a bed」

I looked for the bedroom and laid Arianne on the bed there.

「Her body really looks like Aisha’s」

Saying that, I moved my hand on her unconscious body.

Then, I know this feel very well

「This is interesting」

I’ve fully tasted Aisha’s body so far but there’s a same woman that’s a virgin.

Furthermore, it’s an opponent I beat down.. I’ll fully enjoy doing as I please with this.

Aisha doesn’t have any complains then it’s a very exciting situation itself.

「Now then, how about you wake up now?」

I placed my hand on Arianne’s cheek then poured in magical power.

As usual, I added aphrodisiac to let my partner get in heat by force.

At the same time, there’s the effect of Olivia’s arrow that prevents them from using magic.

「…N, kuu. Uu?」

The flowing magical power became stimulation and Arianne regained consciousness.

「Y-You! This…huh?」

Arriane tries to emit magic as soon as she saw me but, it doesn’t materialize.

「Why, why?!」

「I used my magical power to disturb yours so you’ll be a useless woman for a while. Also, don’t you feel strange with your body?」

「Now that you said it, I feel hot. What did you do?!」

I replied cool-headed to the disturbed Arianne.

「I mixed an aphrodisiac effect with my magical power a while ago. Getting it mixed with your enormous magical power, I think it’ll show an amazing effect」

「That’s a lie. There’s no way a goddess like me being affected by an aphrodisiac…Kuh」

The aphrodisiac showed it’s effect while she’s speaking? Arianne’s face turned red.

Her skin that’s exposed from the clothes with high exposure level began to dye faint red.

「Haa, haa, why is this…no, I don’t want this…」

Arianne who got lightly in heat began to put her hand on her own crotch.

Even if she’s a goddess, her body isn’t different from a normal woman if her magical power is disturbed.

「What’s wrong, do you want to play with me?」

「Who would…Nnn!」

Her mouth is refusing but her hand’s comforting her vagina according to inctinct.

「Can you still say the same if you see this?」

When I say that, I exposed my penis in front of Arianne’s eyes.

In front of the body of Aisha’s look alike, my arousal cannot be suppressed.

「T-That’s…something that big…」

Arianne’s aggressive attitude has became weak immediately.

There’s no way I can hold my desire with this body in front of me.

It seems that Arianne’s reacting to the aphrodisiac more than I expected.

「P-Please put it in」

Finally, I heard her voice wanting the penis from her mouth.

「What? I won’t understand if you don’t say it clearly」

But, it’s boring to just put it in immediately.

I might as well let Arianne demand it with shameful words

「Please put your penis inside my vagina!」

Seeing it for the second time made her say it clearly. But, you can do even better than that right?

「Still no good, invite me with lewder words, Goddess. You may have my mercy if you do」

「U, Uu…」

Arianne’s crying

But she made up her mind and pleads

「Your penis, please thrust in Ryuu-sama’s penis inside my pussy!」

The woman who’s looking at me like an insect is demanding for my penis miserably.

Furthermore, it was such a very pleasant act from the goddess of this world.

But, she had wished this far so I better grant it.

「Okay, get on all fours and turn your ass towards me」


Arianne did as I told her instantly.

I go up the bed, stood on my knees then took out my penis.

「Now then, are you ready to lose your virginity?」

「U, uu…kufu…!」

She’s shaking as if enduring something.

Though her body has become where she’s unable to suppress it anymore, there’s still some spirit left that won’t let herself be completely obedient.

Then, let’s completely conquer her.

「Here we go, this is the moment where a human steals the goddesses’ first time」

I took aim and banged my waist in.

「Guuuuu!? Hi, Higiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!」

At that moment, Arianne lets out a voice of agony.

That’s normal. I didn’t enter her vagina but her anus.

There’s no foreplay but there’s not much resistance than I was expecting.

「Aren’t you glad, you’re the only Goddess who lost her back hole virginity. Shouldn’t you be proud?」

「Hiii, n-no! I want it in my pussy…but, my anus is now feeling good」

Arianne who’s body is trembling seems to feel pleasure in anal sex unexpectedly.

At this rate, she’ll feel it wherever I touch her.

I massaged the ass meat in front of my eyes to test it.


Even though I just massaged her ass, the entrance of her anus is tightening my penis hard.

Perhaps, her vagina’s dripping with love nectar right now.

Looking at Arianne who had high pride now having her whole body an erogenous zone, I was unable to hold back anymore

「I’m moving.」

Saying that, I began to swing my waist.

「Hii, wait, wait! Stop moving!」

Arianne tried to turn her arm around to stop me but it’s too late.

I’ve already dived my waist in deeper.

「Deep! If you do that much my anus would break!」

「Even if it’s loose, I’d just repair it so I can use it again」

I say that without taking a rest.

At the moment Arianne’s anus sucks up my penis, it feels unbearably good.

I don’t want to stop until I ejaculate.

「Hii, hiiii! My ass is spreading further…Uguu!」

While listening to Arianne’s gasping voice, I bang my waist without mercy.

Then, Arianne’s body collapsed, was she unable to endure it anymore?

First, her hand and upper body fall down to the bed, her feet collapsed successively too.

Without taking of my penis from her anus, I cut in myself between Arianne’s legs.

Then, I lean forward Arianne who’s shape has become unshapely like a destroyed frog, I resumed the piston using my own weight.

「Rame, ramerame! That’s too deep!」

「I’ll cum deep inside you, be sure to take it all!」

ZupoZupo, every time my penis makes a pistin, the anus tightens as if it doesn’t want to separate.

I reached my limit due to that stimulation.

I finally dive a piston with all my might into the hole in her ass

「Higi, ah, aaaah!」

Then, I glued my waist to Arianne’s ass at the same time I broke my limit then ejaculated in the deepest part of her.

「Hyagu! H-Hot stuff is flowing in…」

Arianne seems to be tired out so she just take in the ejaculation without any resistance.

After pumping everything to the last drop, I finally pulled out my penis.

Arianne’s anus who received my violent piston is loosened and opens and shuts.

Because I let it out facing down, there’s no semen dripping out.

「aaah, this is so cruel…This is a half-kill…」

Arianne’s body is trembling while she’s facing down.

Looking between her crotch , it’s dripping wet.

「Don’t worry, I don’t intend to end this yet」

Since she’s a virgin, there’s now way I would not steal it.

My act with Arianne has just began.