Chapter 1

Every Isekai Death Ever

On a certain day in April, Glen Sommer got off the train and was walking home.

He sluggishly dragged his feet on the sidewalk, his face lifeless as a zombie.

The month for finals in his university was coming up soon, so it had been very stressful lately for Glen, both at school and at home. He also had to worry about his part-time job. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to afford tuition fees.

“Ughh…… Someone, please take me to a different world.”

As Glen was complaining so, a large truck suddenly made a sharp turn on the other side of the road. It was heading straight toward Glen. At this rate, he’d be run over.

“Come! Take me!”

Glen’s eyes shone as he spread both arms, receiving the truck’s blessing.

“I’m definitely going to a different world and making a harem!” he thought.

However, lucky for Glen——wait, no, unlucky for him, the truck spun around and crashed into a house that wasn’t near where Glen was at all.

Now he looked like an idiot. A crazy idiot.


Glen crumbled to the ground and cried out in grief.

He stood up, breathed a sigh of frustration then continued walking home.

But unfortunately——or fortunately for him, another truck came for him!


Glen jumped out and spread his arms, receiving the truck’s blessing.

However, sadly——or luckily? Or…… wait, what?

Anyway, the truck missed him once again. And the painful, or blissful, part is that, had he stayed where he was and not jumped out, it would’ve hit him. But alas, Glen decided to jump out for some reason and missed his chance to go to another world.


Glen pointed at the driver whose face had turned pale and shouted.

“What? Are you stupid or what? Fucking idiot!”

However, the driver yelled back at him while calling his agency.

Another sigh escaped Glen’s mouth as he continued walking home.

“Man… it’s nothing like those novels.”

Glen couldn’t help but complain to the authors of otherworld-themed novels.

That moment, he didn’t pay attention to where he was going and stepped on a big chunk of bird poop. Glen’s shoes were from the thrift shop, so the soles had a really bad quality. Therefore, he slipped and fell face-first to the ground.

The next instant, the driver of the third truck suddenly wanted to jerk off while driving and lost control of the wheel. The truck ended up running over Glen’s head and crushed his brain like a fruit in the whack-a-melon game.

And thus, Glen’s soul ventured to meet a certain woman……

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