Chapter 4

Alright, Author-sensei, let’s continue where we left off!

“Sure, please ask away, Narrator-san.”

The first question for part two of the interview is……

Does our protagonist have a special background?

“Nope. He’s literally just a random weaboo on the street. I mean, I’ve given him every power possible, it would feel even more excessive than it already is if he had some crazy background, such as a super agent, a prince, or something along those lines.”

Right. It does seem that Glen loves cliches very much. Will he get what he wants?

“Well, things probably won’t go how he wishes. He honestly wants everything to be the same as his favorite novels, but poor Glen; even his death was parodied.”

Last question. Will Glen become some sort of savior or hero?

“When it comes to his harem’s safety, he might consider saving the world.”

And that will be it for part two of『Interview with Author-sensei.』

See you all next issue!

Pact of Servitude

Glen defeated 50 more slimes and collected their drops before arriving at a large stone door on the lowest level of the underground dungeon.

He sensed a big gathering of mana on the other side of the door.

“Oh, could this be the so-called『Dungeon Core』?”

Curious, Glen pushed the door and opened it, then he entered the room.

There, he saw a pedestal supporting a large chunk of black ore. This lump of material was the source of the mana he sensed just now. It was radiating an ominous aura.

“And who might you be?”

Glen turned toward the silhouette standing close by the pedestal.

It was a young woman, completely naked. She had brown wavy hair and blue eyes. Her figure was also quite curvy. She could be considered lovely, but the lack of any emotion on her face made her look more like a wax doll than a person.

“I’m the guardian of the core”

She said in monotone.

“Why aren’t you attacking?”

Glen asked.

“I’ve been watching. I cannot win against you no matter what.”

She replied, showing no fear of death.

“Interesting… I didn’t think a slime could be intelligent.”

Glen had learned from『Analyze』that this girl was a『brain slime』, a slime whose core had evolved into a brain, which was capable of speech and thinking. She could judge the situation and make decisions, but it would be impossible for her to come up with cunning tactics like human. A simple mind, you could say.

As for her appearance, it was thanks to the skill which slimes were famous for.


This look was a combination of many female victims the guardian had killed and consumed. Why female? Because slimes only attack female adventurers. That’s how they could melt those women’s clothes and equipment. Without such a development, there wouldn’t be any ecchi scene for the readers to『research』!

In that regard, Glen’s mind automatically associated slimes with female adventurers. Thus, he somehow naturally belived in the appearance of this brain slime.

“What will you do, invader?”

“If you surrender and hand over the dungeon, I’ll let you work as my assistant.”

Thinking that the brain slime was an interesting specimen, Glen decided to keep it as a pet. He was eager to find out if she could evolve further if she was well fed.

“I don’t own the dungeon. I depend on this core room to live.”

“Mrm, let’s see……”

Glen walked over to the dungeon core and placed his hand on it.

With『Mana Manipulation』, Glen injected his mana into the core and modified it into something he could freely control. As an experiment, Glen tried to create a new room directly underneath the core room.

When a square hole appeared on the ground, Glen confirmed that there was indeed a new room right below him, and that he’d successfully take over the dungeon core.

“See? I took over the core.”

“I saw. You’re a strange human.”

“That’s an understatement, but anyway, if you continue your guarding job here as my underling, I’ll bring you good preys. Maybe you could even evolve again.”

“It benefits me. I accept.”

The brain slime had incomplete intelligence, so she was oblivious to any ulterior movites that Glen might have. In the end, it was just an imperfect brain.

Precisely because of that, Glen decided to use a spell from his dark magic archive.

“Pact of Servitude.”

Glen cast a slavery-type spell on the brain slime and bound it to his commands. The basic terms of the pact included a few basic things, such as betrayal is forbidden, the master’s orders are absolute, and so forth.

“Hm…… I’ll call you Ria from now on.”

For convenience’s sake, Glen gave the brain slime a simple name.

“I’m Ria.”

“Yep, your name’s Ria.”


Glen approached and touched Ria’s breasts.

“Yikes…… Her whole body feels like rubber.”

Glen was starting to have indecent thoughts until he touched Ria. Since she was an imperfect creature, she could only mimic the shape of a human. Her entire body was still that of a slime and it obviously wouldn’t feel like human skin and flesh.

Glen could even turn her head 360 degree without causing her any pain.

Unfotunately for him, it was an unsuccessful boner.

Having given up on Ria, Glen breathed a sigh of disappointment and went to meddle with the dungeon core. He intended to renovate the layout of this dungeon.

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