Chapter 5

First Contact with Humans

When Glen connected with the dungeon core through a mana link, the map of the whole dungeon appeared in his head. Right now, it was merely a zig-zag hallway with a lot of slimes roaming around. It wasn’t a very complicated structure.

However, Glen had become its owner. He wanted to make this place his secret hideout for now, so he immediately began remodelling the dungeon.

In no time at all, he turned it into a small underground maze.

The overall size of the dungeon couldn’t be expanded, because the core wasn’t big enough to spread its mana to a larger area. Glen could use his mana, but then the medium (dungeon core) wouldn’t be able to contain it and shatter into pieces.

Therefore, he just had to be patient until the dungeon core had grown big enough.

Lastly, Glen moved the slimes around and placed them in blind spots behind the maze’s walls to increase the chance of them killing invaders.

“Alright, this will do for now. I’ll go look for a human settlement next.”

Before leaving, Glen cast a perfect barrier on the core room.

He learned through『Analyze』that brain slimes were really rare, so he didn’t want Ria to die. There was still things he wanted to experiment on her later.

Having returned to the surface, Glen flew to the sky and looked around.

In the opposite direction of the snowy mountain range, Glen saw a column of smoke. It was likely created by human as some sort of campfire. Granted, this was a world much unlike Earth with many mysterious intelligent species, but if they were capable of speech, Glen could very easily use arcane magic to converse with them.

Other than the typical magic of the elements, there also existed arcane magic which included dark magic, curse magic, spatial magic, and many more irregularities.

With that in mind, Glen flew toward the column of smoke.

Along the way, he was slightly worried about his look, because he was still wearing his jersey and jeans. He had skills and spells which could quickly create clothes, but he didn’t know what kind of clothing would be appropriate in this world.

Surely, Glen would love to become famous, but in a good way, not as a weirdo.

However, with his current get-up, he might have earned himself the weirdo chair already.

“Argh, screw it. I’ll just dress up as a medieval hunter for now.”

With『Mana Manipulation』and『Mana Construction』, Glen gathered the mana in nature then used his own mana to control and build them into the clothes he wanted to wear. He finished changing into the hunter outfit, which included leather pants and armour, before even reaching the place where the smoke came from.

Incidentally, mana particles were the building blocks of everything in this world.

Glen hid his presence and landed behind a large tree near the source of the smoke.

There he saw a group of people, all armed to the teeth. More than half of them were wearing armour while the rest were equipped with robes, magic staffs, and wands.

Through『Analyze』he learned that it was a group of human adventurers.

They didn’t carry any crest or emblem representing a country, so they weren’t part of a Knight or Mage’s Order. Therefore the plausible explanation was that they were adventurers.

Though, they could very well be secret agents in disguises.

Glen activated deciphering magic and used his empowered hearing to eavesdrop the group of humans, but they were just resting; no one was talking much.

“Oh well, it’s not like I’m afraid of anything they can do……”

Glen shrugged and came out from his cover.

As soon as the group saw Glen casually walking toward them, they all jumped and prepared themselves for battle, their faces quickly turning grim.

“Oi, why didn’t you tell us someone was coming?”

“I had no idea, man. My『Search』didn’t pick up a single signal of him!”

“If he can bypass『Search』then he’s dangerous. Everyone, be careful.”

“He’s dressed like a hunter, but I can feel a tremendous amount of mana from him.”

They were whispering among one another, but Glen could hear them clearly.

“Do you guys know any town or city around these parts?”

He stepped forward and asked them in their language.


The man who seemed to be the leader asked.

“I wanna sell stuff for money.”

“Captain, we can’t let him reach any town or village. God knows what he’ll do to the civilians in those settlements. And we can’t risk our lives for them either.”

A young woman whispered to the leader while glaring at Glen.

She seemed to be speaking from experience.

“No, I’m for real. Look, I wanna sell these……”

Glen opened his dimensional storage and pulled out a blob of slime.

Upon seeing the rare drop, the group of adventurers became noisy.

“Oi, where did he pull that out from!?”

“A magic bag?”

“Are you blind? Do see him carry anything with him?”

“No, no, that’s not important. Look, is that a rare drop from the infamous white slime?”

“What? No way, you mean the most evil type of slime, white slime?”

Come to think of it, all the slimes Glen had killed in that dungeon were white slimes before they morphed, and their sizes were unusual as well. Furthermore, if Ria returned to her slime form, she would be a white slime as well, and a white brain slime at that.

“You’re dangerous, we cannot tell you what you’re looking for.”

The captain made the decision and spoke.

“Well, I understand your worries, but…… whatever, this is a waste of time.”

Glen waved his hand and used poison magic to spread a type of scentless, tasteless gas that functioned like a strong chloroform in the air. Coupled with his wind magic, the gas was administered to all members of that group, except for one person.

“WAH! Everyone! What’s wrong!?”

Everyone other than an innocent-looking girl was left standing; the rest all collapsed to the ground and fell asleep. The girl freaked out at first, but breathed a sigh of relief after checking on her comrades’ condition. Then she timidly faced Glen.

“W-What do you want?”

“Tell me the way to the nearest town.”

“I… I can’t…… You’ll harm the innocent people in that town. You’re dangerous!”

“Fine. I’ll kill all of your friends and those people now. Happy?”

Glen used a strong tone to threaten the girl. Her cowardly nature caused her to be scared senseless, to the point she didn’t notice the fact that Glen didn’t even know the way to the town; there was no way he could kill anyone like this.

“N-No! You can’t!!”

“Too late. Bye.”

Glen pretended to walk away.


“Mrm, good girl.”

Glen turned around and nodded.

“I-If you keep going straight in that direction, you’ll find a small commercial town just outside the forest. It’s… It’s called Lour…… Is that enough?”

“Yeah, thanks.”


Glen teleported to the girl with spatial magic and kissed her lips. He gently nibbled on her cute lip before pulling back. While she was still stunned and unable to react, he patted her head then teleported away.

The girl stood frozen still all the way until her companions woke up.

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