Chapter 6

Stargold and Dragonsilver

“Ah, there it is.”

Glen flew in the direction the girl told him, and the town was coming into view. He couldn’t teleport to places he’d never seen, and teleporting forward step by step would take too much time, so he chose to travel by air.

This also allowed him to sight-see along the way. Of course, mapping as well.

Outisde the forest, there was a grassland where herbivorous monsters could be seen grazing here and there. These monsters kept the grass from growing too much then dying out, so adventurers and hunters weren’t permitted to kill them.

Naturally, unless their number got out of control.

From a distance, Glen spied on the line of people before one of the four gates into the town through his empowered eyesight. He saw people paying the guard an entrance fee of one silver piece.『Analyze』let him know that it was called Dragonsilver.

“Ugh, I don’t have any cash on me. Do they even take slimes? No, what if the slime drops are worth way more than one piece of dragonsilver?”

As a university student carrying debt because of tuition fees, Glen had developed some wallet-sicknesses that not even himself was aware of. If he took the words of the adventurers from earlier into consideration, he would’ve realized that he owned a treasure chest, thanks to how many white slime blobs he possessed.

And with such an amount, one dragonsilver would be absolutely nothing.

Sadly, however, modern society had financially broken Glen.

“Welp. If you can’t use the front door…… use the backdoor.”

Glen used light magic and turned himself invisible, then he flew toward the town, fully intending to trespass without paying. However, there was a protective barrier; if he carelessly broke through, it would notify the people inside of an intruder.

When that happened, Glen wouldn’t be able to sell anything in there, unless he disguised himself. In the end, he didn’t want to go through such trouble.

“Mana Manipulation.”

Glen carefully remodelled a small part of the barrier and opened a hole.

He went through it then returned the barrier to its original state.

Having successfully infiltrated the town, Glen flew around to complete his『Mind Map』before landing in an empty alleyway of the slums. The condition of this part of Lour slightly disturbed a modern kid like Glen, but he managed to stay composed.

Navigating with『Mind Map』, Glen left the slums and entered the main street.

“Haha, a fantasy town…… doesn’t look too different from those illustrations.”

Glen had been to fantasy towns for countless times in his dreams and imagination, but this was reality; he was walking on a busy street where wagons and horse-pulled carriages went back and forth, where people wearing armour and carrying around weapons were a common sight and not just a cosplay convention.

Glen enjoyed taking a little stroll downtown before stopping by a magnificent building. The sign above the door said『Lour’s Merchant Guild.』

Inside, there was a spacious, yet crowded, lobby.

Straight ahead, there was a series of small shops which dealt with a wide variety of goods, ranging from fabric and food to healing potions and weapons.

On both sides of the lobby, there were reception counters handling businesses between individual merchants and the guild, or between peddlers and their frequented retailers. Even big merchant groups trust the merchant guild as an intermediary.

Glen entered the biggest material shop.

“Welcome. How may I help you today, mister?”

A salesclerk greeted Glen from behind his counter.

Glen walked to the clerk’s desk and took out a blob of white slime from his dimensional storage. The clerk’s eyes sparkled for a split second, but it was yet unclear if he was interested in the slime or Glen’s dimensional storage.

“Do you guys buy these things?”

“Yes, of course. How many would you like to sell?”

Glen killed more than twenty white slimes, but he decided to only sell eight for now. He wasn’t in any need for money, and he intended to use the slime for other things as well. The slime cores were the ones Glen didn’t really need, since he wasn’t going to become an alchemist any time soon.

“I have eight. Also, I have 25 slime cores as well.”

“Please place the items on this tray, I’ll bring them to our appraiser.”


As the clerk left with the tray, Glen looked around and saw more of the store’s staff busy dealing with other customers at difference places inside the shop.

So that’s why the clerk greeted me himself, he thought.

Based on the difference in their uniform, the man just now seemed like the acting manager of this store, while others were just assistants.

Soon, the clerk came back with the tray, but this time, there were shiny pieces of gold on it. Each piece had a pentagon shape, and there were 41 of them in total.

According to『Analyze』, they were called Stargold, and each stargold was equal to 100 pieces of dragonsilver. These two units were the primary currency of this world. Some intelligent species had their own currencies, but stargold and dragonsilver were internationally used in every human country, as well as in dwarven tribes.

“The white slime drops are worth 2 stargold each, since they are very rare. And normally, people destroy the cores to kill slimes; that makes the cores you had worth more money since they were in perfect condition. Everything comes down to a total of 41 stargold. Please confirm the amount.”

Glen quickly checked the quality of each piece of stargold just in case some of them were counterfeit, but every piece was pure gold, so there was no problem.


“I hope you have a great evening, and please come by again.”

Once Glen had left the merchant guild, the clerk took out a paper and a quill pen, then he hurriedly wrote something down before rolling it into a scroll. He sealed it with the wax of a candle then stamped the wax with the emblem of the store.

He crouched down, removed a tile on the floor then dropped the scroll into the hole.

The clerk put the tile back before returning to work as usual.

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