Chapter 7

Author-sensei, what have you been brooding over this whole morning?

“Ahh… you see, I could’ve parodied the cliche that every town has an ugly slums area in isekai novels, but it was so corny that I treated it as a norm and missed my chance!”

Aw…… but don’t worry, you’ll get many more chances to make fun of the cliches.

“I hope I have enough brain cells for that……”

More importantly, we’ve been waiting for a naughty scene, you know?

“It’ll come eventually, and hopefully in batch as well……”

Uwaa…… can this one even narrate all that?

The High Class Section

Walking away from Lour’s merchant guild, Glen was pondering about something.

“Mmm… if this is a typical otherworld story then that salesclerk should be plotting something right about now, but…… maybe I’m just obsessing too much over the cliche?”

Glen held on to his——rather than suspicions——it was just paranoia.

Though, not that he was afraid of any schemes.

“Whatever, I’ve got money, what should I do next?”

Glen took out a piece of stargold and stare at it. Normally, this would attract criminal eyes, and no one would want that, but that was exactly what Glen was hoping to achieve. He wanted to bring Ria some food, and criminals were perfect for that purpose.

However, as the knowledge of fantasy novels overwhelmed his critical thinking, Glen clapped his hand as he decided on the next thing he should do in town.

“A prostitute! Any overpowered protagonist would go straight to a brothel as soon as they get money! Ahh, but I hope it’s not too expensive to call a prostitute……”

And there came the periodic symptoms of a university student in debt. He pondered over the price of a naughty scene which readers love when he owned 41 stargold; such an amount could keep an ordinary family alive for years while unemployed.

In fact, he could simply『make』more money using『Mana Construction』,but by doing so, he might destroy the economy of the country to which this town belong.

After a few minutes of being stingy, Glen finally realized and hit his forehead with his palm.

“Wait, I’m rich! Why am I still thinking like a university student?!”

The thought that he could easily kill more slimes and sell their drops finally hit Glen.

At this rate, he wouldn’t become those whom he admired——the cheat protagonists who think with their dicks ninety-percent of the time, but can accomplish heroic deeds.

The influence his wallet had was too tremendous, compared to his reproductie organs!

“Man, being poor is a chronic disease. Why hasn’t it been recognized as a pandemic already?

Glen suppressed his financial disease and began walking toward the whore street after checking his『Mind Map』. It was located in the middle of the slums.

In fact, it was built to split the slums into two parts. The western part was filled with casinos, brothels, and many other types of underground entertainment. The eastern part was where the broke and homeless would take shelter at.

And in the middle of it all, the whore street ran straight through the slums district, leading to the northern gate of Lour. At early evening everyday, the hookers would start coming out and fill the sidewalks, wearing basically no clothes to seduce customers.

Glen’s blood boiled as he thought about it.

However, as he was making his way over to Naughty Heaven, Glen passed by the commercial district and was lured in by the smell of stir-fried food.

The sight of food stalls and the crispy dumplings boiling in oil completely overwhelmed his lust and excitement. Glen strayed from the path of the light and everything just, simply because his stomach was tempted by something stronger than escort services.

“Woa…… how much for five of these?”

“These fish meatballs? One dragonsilver.”

“Gimme ten!”

As Glen bit into the fish meatballs, they were so soft they seemed to melt on his tongue.

“Oi, this isn’t a food manga, there’s no way meatballs can melt with saliva!”

No, just shut up and eat, Glen. You must play by the cliche.

Food would melt in one’s mouth, and now Glen would have an orgasm which would tear his clothes apart and strip him naked.

“No! Get outta here! There’s no room for mere borderline hentai fan-service in this lewd novel!”

Anyway, Glen kept wandering around the commercial district and sinking deeper into the puddle of street-culinary sins, leaving the readers angry for not having the sex chapter they demanded. Before he knew it, it was a already late at night.

This was the time the whore street would be lit brighter than any street, but by this time, all of the best prostitutes would’ve been taken away by some nobles already.

“Wait! This is only my 25th food stall! It couldn’t have taken that long!!”

Nonetheless, Glen decided to take stroll down the whore street anyway.

“I must fulfill the will of fir——wait, I mean, the will of otherworld cliche!”

Such was his thought and determination. The radiating energy of youth, indeed.

The moment he entered the slums district, several topless girls were already winking at him and sending him flirty butt-wiggles. He wanted to take all of them right away, but it was yet at the beginning of the whore street. There was still a few kilometers left for Glen to enjoy.

He soon reached the middle of the road, also known as『the high class section』, and found himself surrounded by a number of busty onee-san’s. They had approached and been touching and rubbing Glen’s crotch and butt for a minute now.

“Hey, take me~♥”

“No, me♥ I don’t mind it rough!”

“Mrm…… let’s see, let’s see.”

Glen extended his right hand, which had forgotten the sensation of breasts because it had been holding the computer mouse for too long, and groped the girls.

He felt up their butts, compared the sizes, the softness, and the shapes, then he held their half-naked breasts in his palm, fondling them as he pondered between the second girl and the fifth girl. They both had sexy hourglass figures, but one seemed cheeky, while the other one gave off the『secretly naughty』feeling.

“Alright, alright. I’m gonna go with her tonight.”

As Glen drew the『silent naughty』girl toward his by her waist, the crowd dispersed.

“Fufu…… you said『tonight』so does that mean we’re having a full-night?”

The girl leaned her body against Glen, asking.

“Right, how’s the price?”

“One stargold for quickie…… and two for a full-night~♥”

Glen had noticed the sudden spike in beauty of the whores when he reached this segment of the road, so he was quite sure that this price was something quite ridiculous for commoners.

As a more simplistic example, a blob of white slime was worth 2 stargold, and it was supposed to be a really rare item. Judging from that, 200 dragonsilver was quite a hefty sum.

This lady right here charged 2 stargold for one night of sex.

It was indeed the infamous『high class section』of the whore street.

‘Nah, this is worth it,’ Glen thought. ‘She’s a real beauty.’

The girl Glen picked had dirty-blond hair and green eyes. If she dressed up properly, most people would mistake her for a charming daughter of noble.

“Hmm, let’s have a quickie first. If I like you, I’ll pay more for the full-night.”


Glen took her to the nearest inn while playing with her breast in his hand.

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