Chapter 8

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In a small room, Glen was sitting at the edge of the single bed.

The hooker was kneeling between his knees, her face buried in his crotch.

Just moments ago, she’d been surprised by the thing which had popped out from under Glen’s underwear. She’d had bigger ones before, but Glen was bigger than she’d imagined him to be.

Since then, she’d been sucking him off while stroking the rod with skillful movements.

Her soft lips and warm saliva was making Glen pant through his nose.

“Mmnn……♥ Mrrmm……♥”

She slowly shoved her forehead into Glen’s abdomen, giving him a deep throat. The feeling of having a thick, hard dick pushing into her throat had her breathless for a second, but that exact sensation was making her lightheaded in pleasure.

The hooker gasped for air through her nose, savored the meat rod in her mouth a bit more, then gradually pulled out, sucking on it all the while. Glen watched her in amazement.

At first, he couldn’t understand how a dick could be so delicious, but then, he realized it.

‘Nah… Vaginas don’t taste good either, not literally. Yet most dudes are more than willing enough to eat a girl out. Hell, they’d even get all happy and excited about it.’

That was his conclusion.

“Didn’t think you’d have such a naughty boy down here.”

The hooker smooched on the head of Glen’s cock, then kept licking the tip as if it was candy.

“Huh. Do I look like such an easy target?”

Glen maintained their little chat while breathing sighs of pleasure.

“Honestly……mnn♥……yeah, I thought it’d be easy money if I could bully a momma’s boy.”

“That does explain the rip-off price.”

Along the way to this inn, Glen’s empowered hearing picked up other whores’ conversations with their customers, and he learned that a stargold for a quickie was basically a scam. However, he had spare money to throw away.

His chronic wallet disease protested, but he wanted to try spending like a rich noble for once.

“Whatever, we’ll keep going with that price.”

‘Only for this one time, though.’ He added in his mind.

The hooker glanced at Glen then returned to passionately sucking his dick.

“You’re the most generous customer I’ve had by far.”

When Glen’s cock throbbed and asked for an ejaculation, she pulled out and said.

“Consider it a gift, since you’re the first whore I’ve ever used.”

“Well, it’s your money. I won’t complain for getting paid extra.”

The hooker shrugged and continued giving him head.

“Anyway, money isn’t a problem, so let’s do a full-night.”

Glen dropped a hand on her head and felt her smooth hair.

“You wanna blow now? Or do you wanna come with my pussy?”


Glen held the hooker’s head and raised his hips. She moved her hands away from his dick and grabbed on to his knees as he began thrusting. Glen ploughed her tongue and inner cheeks; he pumped at a moderate speed to not choke the girl, but fast enough to please himself.

Her eyes closed, the hooker gripped his dick with her ripe lips. She gasped through her nose; naughty moans were mixed together with each breath. Her pussy grew wetter by the second.


Glen groaned as his dick trembled; a load of semen was pumped into the hooker’s mouth.

He thrust his still pulsating cock some more and squeezed out the last bit before pulling out. The hooker coughed a few times before spitting out the gunk in the trashcan.

“How long did you let that build up for? There was so much I choked on some of it……”

“Sorry ‘bout that.”

“It’s not a complaint. I’m just surprised……”

“We’re good, then.”

“Hm…… still hard, huh?”

The hooker mounted Glen’s lap and held his dick in her hand, jerking him off without reserve.

“I’ll let you in on a secret. It’ll stay hard as long as you still have the strength to fuck it.”

Glen leaned forwar and whispered in her ear, while his right hand slipped into her crotch and felt up her erect clitoris. The hooker shivered to both his words and his fingers. At this moment, she had a feeling that, not only would this not be easy money, she would have to spend a sleepless night with this wild dick as well.

“Fufu…… Prove it, momma’s boy.”

However, she was confident in her insatiable sluttiness. She knew herself, better than anyone, that over the few years she’d been selling her body, she’d lost to few men.

“Don’t blame me if you regret it.”

Glen grinned like a devil.

“If you go limp, I’ll make it stand up again and again♥”

She pushed Glen down, stripped, then guided his dick to her pussy.

Glen immediately felt the slimy juice smearing over his glans; she was already soaked.

They skipped the foreplay and sank the head of his cock into her fleshy hole. She could feel her inside being pushed open to make way for the rock hard rod.


Warmth invaded and filled her up. Her folds clung to him even though she wasn’t squeezing.

“Oh…… nice and tight…… this is bliss……”

Glen’s hips were impatient to move. He wanted to enter the deepest place inside her, but after glancing at her face, he decided to let her savor it. But just the sensation of opening up the lady’s vagina wasn’t enough for Glen. He reached out his hands and groped her breasts.

Glen fondled and squeezed her tits, changing their shapes to his heart’s content, then enjoyed pinching and playing with her pink nipples which had gotten hard.


The hooker tapped Glen’s hand and quietly groaned.

“Sorry. Lend me your neck.”

She dropped her waist and got all of him inside, then leaned toward Glen, putting both hands on the bed to support herself. Glen rose and propped himself up with his elbows. He kissed and sucked on her neck while pumping his dick inside the hooker.

“Uhnn♥ …… Uhhn♥ ……. Yes……♥”

She worked her hips and matched his pace. The gentle pleasure of inserting his dick gradually grew stronger. She turned her head and nibbled on his ear.

“You’re so wet.” He whispered to her.

“Am I, now? I don’t feel wet at all……fufu♥”

She squeezed and ground his dick a little faster and more intense.

“Don’t be shy.”

Glen kissed the corner of her lips, then gently bit her earlobe.

At the same time, he thrust faster to match her attack.

“Mmm♥ …… Huhnn♥”

She bit her lip.

“That’s better.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, momma’s boy.”

She leaned more toward him and began to kiss him, to kiss his neck, to lick his skin, and as she did so, she felt baffled; even herself didn’t understand why she was being so assertive. This man wasn’t her lover, and she was just a whore selling sex.

But when Glen turned her over and got on top of her, their raw and unrestrained sex blew her out of all control. She lost her head for a moment, and it never came back.

The only thing coming inside her was the dick; the only things going out were moans and slimy love juice. And when he came inside, her cunt writhed in pleasure.

“Ohh♥ …… I came twice……♥ ”

She whispered through a moan, her pussy throbbing to the aftertaste of orgasm.

Glen simply stared at her and smirked like a devil.

He was not done yet. He flipped her over and spread her butt cheeks. Her pussy showed itself, still stained in white come; the hole was opening and closing as if looking for a dick.

“Still not satisfied?”

The hooker propped herself up on all fours and turned back to look at Glen’s hard dick, then spread her legs while stretching her cunt with one hand.

His come oozed out and dripped on the bed.

“The night is still young.”

Glen said then penetrated the drenched pussy hole with his erection.

The hooker bent down like a stretching cat and pushed her ass against him, trying to get it in as deep as she could. And when Glen fucked her, he did her like a dog.

Holding her neck from behind, spanking her plump ass, he ploughed her pussy until her creamy love juice turned half his dick white. She was crushed under his lust, her lust, his pleasure, and her pleasure. All she could do was moan, then scream, then begged for more.

Then begged him to stop, to spare her trembling pussy.

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