Chapter 9

Being Raided

Glen woke up to the warm sunlight shining on his face. The window was closed, but sunlight could filter through the cracks on the old wooden panel.

The hooker was still soundly asleep in his arm. Last night, she fainted before the final round ended. Glen had his share of fun, so he used healing magic on her before going to sleep.

Leaving behind two stargold, Glen got dressed then left the room.

“Uh, what…?”

In the hallway, he ran into a few people who were his neighbors. They were all about to go downstairs with the prostitutes they brought last night. However, all of them looked at him weirdly; there were dark bags under their eyes.

The men walked away without saying anything, while the whores threw him winks and inviting smiles as they passed by him.

‘Come to think of it, I didn’t soundproof our room, did I?’ he realized.

Glen left the inn and walked down the whore street. It was heaven and earth different from how it was last night. Glen didn’t even recognize it. It was simply that empty and quiet.

After turning invisible once more, Glen flew to the sky and left the city of Lour, heading for his base deep inside the forest. Along the way he hunted a few monsters to bring back to Ria. His『Analyze』had let him know that these monsters were stronger than white brain slimes, so they would make a great meal for the slime girl.

In no time at all, Glen arrived at the entrance of his dungeon.

“Huh. There are people inside?”

However, he noticed the presence of humans other than himself roaming the interior of his base. Though, he wasn’t too worried, as the core room was perfectly safe.

Glen teleported directly into Ria’s room.


“You’ve returned.”

Ria returned his greeting with an expressionless face as usual.

“Did people invade our home?”

“A large raid group. All human. They’re competent raiders.”

“Let’s see……”

Glen placed his hand on the dungeon core and looked through the eyes of the dungeon itself. With this, he could see everything that was happening inside the dungeon from any angle he wished to. He could combine some of his skills and magicks to produce the same effect, but utilizing the dungeon’s core was a more convenient shortcut.

“Oh…… It’s a small world, isn’t it?”

The group he saw was none other than the adventurers from yesterday. They were doing quite well against the white slimes, but these vicious liquid blobs kept transforming into different types of monster and taking advantage of the blind spots which Glen had created before leaving the dungeon.

The fight had reached a stalemate for quite a while, so the side of the adventurers was slowly losing the battle of attrition. After all, they were humans, and their opponents were high level slimes which simply don’t tire or feel any pain.

At the center of their formation, the girl whom Glen kissed was desperately using healing magic on her comrades. Her mana was draining away at a dangerous speed.

“What will you do?”

“Aside from that girl in the middle, I don’t care. They’re your food.”


“Oh, and, I also brought you some snacks.”

Glen took out three large corpses from his dimensional storage. One looked like a bull, one was a two-horned wolf, and the last one was a huge boarman.

“These are large preys. It will take a lot of time to digest them.”

“Then leave those humans to the normal white slimes. You can use the room below to hibernate while digesting these things. They should make you a bit stronger.”

Glen gave the room below the core room which he created as an experiment to Ria, then he dealt a killing blow to the party of adventurers by suddenly changing the dungeon layout.

They managed to pick a good defensive spot, but before they knew it, that spot became the center of a small-sized maze with walls and passages which would give the white slimes many offensive advantages. Glen cast despair over the party of over 20 adventurers.

Slimes were water-type monsters, so they were weak against fire magic.

The problem was that white slimes had high resistances, and the mages of this party were only intermediate magic users; they were no match for the infamous white slimes which could use offensive magic on top of metamorphosis.

The adventurers tried to adjust their formation, and it did buy them some more time, but, soon enough, the female members’ clothes and equipment were all melted.

“Fuckin’ perverted slimes!!” yelled a hammer wielder.

He tried to help his comrades with a slamming attack coated in fire magic, but it only squished the white slime in front of him a little before the damage was completely nullified.


Behind him, a number of women were captured by the white slimes. As they were dragged away, their naked breasts and vaginas were on full display.

However, none of them could think about shame at this point.

The men were helpless because they didn’t want to break the formation, which could end greatly increase the number of casualties in a short period of time. Furthermore, they didn’t dare to fire magic or launch spear and sword attacks at those slimes, since doing that would kill their female companions before they could even hurt the white slimes.

Through the core, Glen ordered the white slimes to eat only the men, then he created another room next to Ria’s hibernating room and had the slimes bring the captured women there.

Having restrained the seven girls with earth-type binding magic after making them fall asleep, Glen returned to the core room and changed the dungeon’s layout once again.

This time, he let the adventurers see the exit on purpose.

He inteded to let some of them escape and, later on, bring more preys into his lair. It would be another harvest for Glen if the survivors returned with reinforcement.

The remaining members of the party struggled and hesitated at first, but they gave in at the end and made the run for it. They feared that it was a trap laid out by the dungeon, but it was also an opportunity for them to escape if they could overcome the trap.

In the end, the survivors escaped without running into any traps, because there were none to begin with. Glen had also ordered the white slimes to not chase after them.

Even so, only three men and and two women got out alive.

Among the seven girls whom the white slimes captured, one was the innocent-looking girl, and another one was the woman who whispered to their captain at the time Glen met and asked them for the direction to Lour city. The rest were new faces.

To obtain more information about the world, Glen used arcane magic to read the women’s memories. He also used the skill『Parallel Thinking』to read seven minds at the same time, thus speeding up the process tremendously.

“Mm. I don’t need these three.”

Having read their memories, Glen decided to keep the two girls he knew and another two who usually didn’t stand out in the party, but were secretly sluts.

The other three were uninteresting to him, so he intended to return them to their party.

By the end of this incident, Glen was able to learn new things about the situation that this world was in, such as the conflicts between Human and Lorsian.

“I should visit the Lorsian race some time soon.”

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