Dragged into class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Reunion

Seven days has passed since Hironobu and the girls were summoned in the otherworld.

Thanks to Youko, even Hironobu is ashamed, he somehow was able to get together with everyone.

That said, he’s basically moving separately.

If you ask what he’s doing, he’s walking inside the castle since he has free time, he also explored the town.

In this otherworld, it’s possible to spend the seven days without getting bored.

(Ah, speaking of…)

In a certain night, while he was walking to go to the toilet, he saw a certain girl.

(If I’m not mistaken, her name was Kisaragi Fairy…)

The famous graru in the school.

She’s a slutty bitch according to rumors, it seems that she had fucked a lot of men.

(I hadn’t thought of it but is she didn’t come in the other world to fuck right?…)1

As expected, it’s only the seventh day.

No matter how slutty she is she won’t do that early2

But, she…

(I think I saw her coming out of the knight’s rooms)

Furthermore, while sighing3

It was dark so he might be mistaken but Hironobu doesn’t mind it in particular.

(Still, she did it well…)

What are the other students doing while Hironobu is strolling around?




They’re training to fight the Maou army.

The otherworlders seems to easily learn so the girls are growing rapidly.

(Even if I say rapid, it’s on this world’s standard though)

Depending on the training, raising status by one in seven days seems to be very well.

When Youko had examined it, and it appears that if the women know the 《Sex reward》then it would be inefficient4

She said that she should tell everyone about the ability but Hironobu stopped it.

Even if the ability was explained in this situation no one would believe it, in addition, Hironobu’s position would become worse.

(Raising status by fucking can be said a scam)

There’s no one to believe it if it’s just words.

The next time he’d be driven away, he’d become a loner in this otherworld.

He need to avoid that as much as possible.

(As for the reason why I don’t participate training…)

It’s because it’s said that he can’t become a war potential.

Furthermore, he’d only be the reason for unease there so the girls had left him out.

(Furthermore, I don’t intend to do training in the first place…)

He thinks that he doesn’t want to go train waving sword and spears.5

Hironobu’s image of otherworld life is a pleasant one.


(Whatever they say I don’t feel like listening to it)

Like instructions, he doesn’t like moving as said.

Certainly, it’d be the key to defeat the Maou but he doesn’t like being pushed one-sidedly.

(Well, I’m unrelated though)

Whether it’s lucky or not to be left out from the group, nobody said anything.

He can move freely thanks to that so Hironobu doesn’t intend to complain.

「Ah, you’re here. 」 Ozawa-kun!」

Youko came while he was looking at the training from the terrace of the castle.

「Sensei, how’s training?」

「Since Sensei’s status raised it’s fine for me to rest a bit. It seems that my growth is good because it’s the beginning」

「Is ‘dat so?」

The method of growth is interchangeable individually, the knights are likely committed to understand the individual.

「Then, what about everyone’s growth?」

「Oh? Interested?」

「Don’t make fun of me, Sensei」

「Ufufu, Sorry. …I told you before but it’s going well. …Still」

「It’s slow?」

「Yes. I heard it secretly but it might take five years until they can fight decently against the Maou’s main army」

「Five years…」

It’s a long time for the teenage girls.

In that period, if the otherworld lost then they will. 6

「Did you say that already?」

「Not yet. It seems that before long they’d attack a fort of the Maou army closest from here, at that time they’d declare the results」

The speed of growth is fast, they probably taught Youko who is older.

「Hey, Ozawa-kun…I really think」

「Don’t be persistent, Sensei. You don’t have to speak of my ability」


「Let’s use it only when necessary. If you let it as it is, they’d split up before fighting」

「That’s right」

From Youko who had her status go up, she’s probably thinking of raising the survival rate even a bit.

But, if Youko fails, she’d lose trust and and a suspicious atmosphere would drift.

(They can’t trust my words after all)

It’s better if Youko explains the ability.

The trust in her must become unshakable before that.

But, if that she ever lied, it would become a serious situation.

「Is the capture that difficult?」

「No. The enemy isn’t that powerful so it’ll be left to the knights. At worst, I think that they can be beaten just by the knights」

「Then it’s safe」

If the first combat is lost then they probably won’t return alive.


It seems to rise from under.7

「We’ll attack the fort soon! Everyone! Expect it!」


Is it because of the training? It seems that they’re confident.

Perhaps the knights flattered them well so the girl’s morale is high.

「Then, Sensei will be going then. It seems that there will be a strategic meeting」



Youko left walking briskly.

「Now then…」

Since he’s alone again, he thought of loitering inside the castle.

(I went on almost all of the places you can go…)

If there’s an interesting place, it would be the top of the tower.

He thought of going up there before but the knights didn’t let him pass.

(It’s training time right now…)

There’s probably no one there.

Hironobu decided to go there.

Then, there were no knights as expected.


He went to the top by climbing the spiral staircase.

There’s quite a number of steps but when he finished climbing at last, there was a door.

(Is this a room?)

There’s probably something in this.

(No, is there someone here…?)

The fear and curiosity are conflicting.

If it’s nothing important then the knights won’t be guarding it.

(They’d be angry if I go in…)

It’s bad as expected.

While he’s wondering what to do,

「Is there someone there?」

There’s a gentle voice of a woman heard.

「If there’s someone, can I go in?」

Hironobu asked, and silence returned.

After a while


He heard only that.

(I wonder if she’s angry?)

Hironobu who thought that he got the approval opened the door.

What’s there is…

The one he met in the dream Firana・El・Seindora.


  1. You’re the last person I want to hear that from
  2. She did it later after you
  4. The training
  5. Yeah, he can swing the other spear for training after all
  6.  その期間、異世界にいなくてはならなくなってしまう。
  7.  下ではさらに盛り上がっているようだった。