Dragged into the class Transfer Volume 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Valeria 1

「S-Shaking my waist on top you say?…That’s shameless!」

Inside the hut, Valeria shook her head while sitting down on the bed.

(Tsk…Is that no good?…)

Valeria is quite beautiful because she’s an elf.

While looking at the smooth detail of her skin and blonde hair from down under, the service would be a time of bliss.

「But, Hironobu asked me to…」

Valeria is hesitating.

If he pushed her here, it could be done.

「Are you saying no because it’s embarrassing?」

「T-that’s right… Also, that…」


「I-I…You see, uhm, I-I don’t have experience」

「Don’t have experience?」

She means she’s a virgin.

It’s surprising that Valeria has no experience even though she’s this beautiful.

「I never thought that Hironobu would make that kind of request」

「Ah~I see」

The hurdle was too high as expected, I’m reflecting on that.

But, for the feelings of having sex, I want to do it somehow.

Though I think it’s better to think about Valeria’s feelings but my desire obstructed that idea.

(…Should I pull instead of push?)

Hironobu thought.

「Well, don’t do the impossible. Your first time is important after all」

He said some words pulls out.

(I’ll pretend to stand up here…)

And appeal to leave the hut.

Valeria gripped Hironobu’s clothes.



「That…Hironobu is fit…as my first partner in a sense」

「Is that so?」

「N-No…Rather, it should be Hironobu…!」

Saying to that degree feels best.

「But, why? Humans are hated aren’t we?」

「The elf and human long term war is about to wear out. Natural deaths of people have increased too much that the world is though to be on the brink of extinction」

「I see」

There’s no mistake there.

「But, Hironobu is different. I feel that you’re different」

「Is that so?」

「When you found me you helped me immediately… I never imagined that there’s such a human like that. That’s why, I, with Hironobu…」

「Got it」

Since she’s speaking bashfully, Hironobu stopped her.

He sat next to Valeria and pat her head.

「You’re okay with me?」


Slowly nodding, Hironobu kissed her.


Surprised from the suddenness, Valeria’s body trembled.

But, she accepted the kiss immediately.

「Chu…so this is a kiss…」

「Is it your fist time kissing?」

「Yeah. It makes my heart throb」

「Then I’ll make you feel more. Until Valeria goes crazy…」

Hironobu grabbed her big breasts.


「It feels good to have your breast rubbed right?」

「Ah, Nn, Ah…w-what’s this feeling…Ah!」

「Leave it to me and I’ll make Valeria feel good」

Hironobu took off the clothes while kissing.

Virgins couldn’t lead this way but he can do it now unexpectedly because he has experience.

The tongue crawled in Valeria’s mouth and he made a French kiss.

Though she’s perplexed at first, she naturally twined her tongue later.

Jubujubu, wet sounds the two people make echoes in the room.

(It should be okay now…)

Hironobu puts his finger on her thighs and made it crawl towards her groin

「Hauu, kaun! T-That’s…trembling…!」

「Valeria’s cute」

「I-It’s the first time I’m told cute」

「Is that so? Then male elves have no eyes」

「Ahn, Isn’t Hironobu having such a strange taste?」

「Doesn’t matter…Valeria is mine after all」
Raising her legs, the panties was taken off.

He began to caress the place without a single hair exposed vertically.

「Ah, N, Ah…it feels good…」

「It’s colored beautiful pink」

「Yaan~ Don’t say that…」

「I’ll put my finger inside」

The finger sneaked in the vagina.


Valeria had her waist floating.

Her vagina is quite tight that the finger might be torn off.

(This is an elf’s…)

As expected of a superior race, that place is shutting well.

Thinking that he’d be able to have sex with an elf now, Hironobu’s groin has began to swell.

「Aaaa, aaaa! Hironobu…Hironobu…!」

「It’s quite wet but…I should loosen it a bit more」

If he goes in right now it would only be painful.

Hironobu continued his polite finger banging to make the sex a bit easier.

「Ah, no! That…I’m really…Aaaaan~!」

「Does it feel good?」

「This is the first…to feel this good…Nnn, I, this…might become a habbit…!」

「For you to feel this much with a finger, what would happen if my dick went in?」

「Ah, I see. Hironobu’s that would be fatter than your finger…」

「It’s a lot bigger」

「A-amazing…! J-Just imagining it…aaaaau!」

Kyun, her vagina has tightened in an instant.



「Cum…this is…climax?…Haahaa」
「It’ll feel better if I put it in」


He stared at the intoxicated looking Valeria.

「O-okay… If I’m not wrong…I’m okay being on top?」


He thought of taking the initiative since it’s her first time but Valeria is already in high spirits.
(No, she felt horny from the fingering)

Women have libido too as they think of graduating from virginity.

If given pleasure they’d be unable to suppress their desire like men.

The Valeria right now that can’t endure it anymore is a very lovable woman.

「Haahaahaa…Hironobu, hurry up and lie down… I want to shake my waist on top of you…! I want to feel even better!」

「Got it」

Hironobu lied down facing up.

「I want it in…I want Hironobu’s thing…Hurry up hurry up!」

Valeria straddles over naked while breathing rough.


Hironobu got a bit uneasy.

「Why are you facing backwards…?」2

Valeriaー tries to do back cowgirl.


  1. Told you, elves are lewd
  2. 「なんで後ろを向いているんだ……?」