Dragged into the class transfer Prologue 4

Chapter 4: The meaning of the dream

「What do you mean by the meaning of the dream…?」

Hironobu sat down on the bed after arranging his clothes.

This world is a dream.

But, the dream has too much of reality. Usually the development would be; he’d wake up matching the ejaculation, and he’d be disappointed that this was a dream.

Still, for him to be able to talk to Firana means that this is beyond a dream.

She might know this.

「Since we don’t have much time1 so I’ll explain briefly. This dream is made to contact Hironobu-sama」


「Yes. I was looking for you this whole time」

「Looking for…is there some conditions?」

「Yes. The condition is someone with a special ability」

「Special ability you say…」

‘No way’, Hironobu shrugged the statement.

「I don’t know the special ability either. But, it’s needed to save the world」

「Hey, hey, that’s quite an exaggerated story」

「My world is different from Hironobu-sama’s. But, it’s closely related」

「I-Is that so…?」

「My world right now is at a dangerous state because of the Maou. It’s important to defeat the Maou」

「Maou?…that’s ridiculous…」

It’s like a game story.

If Firana’s words are true, then she came from the otherworld.

It’s really a foolish story. Could that place be called a dream?


Though he can’t belive it immediately, he can’t make fun of the story because of Firana’s serious look.

「Since you connected with my body, you’d surely become an irregular」

「Irregular?2 Then, there are legitimate guys out there?」



「I don’t know」

Feeling really sorry, Firana shook her head.

「Well fine. What would happen next?」

Whatever it is, Hironobu can’t completely believe it.

This is really a story of a dream, he’s on guard to prevent himself from being hurt if it was a lie.

「Please, Hironobu-sama」

Firana grasped his hand.

「Please save our world. If this continues the world will…」


Hironobu asked, Firana’s body shook.

「ーー!? It’s about time…!」

「Haa!? What? Talk a bit more」

「Soon, this space would perish. We don’t have much time so…have this…」

Saying that, she passed a pendant.

「Please take this. If you have this, I’m sure that I’d meet with Hironobu-sama again」

「Eh, wait…!」

The haze gradually shines and Firana was wrapped up.

Then, she went further.


「Please…Hironobu-sama…please take care…」

「Kuh…if Firana disappears…!」

「In the end…end…!」

As Firana disappears, she squeezed her voice.

「Another irregular like you would show up…that person isー!」

Firana has disappeared in the light before she can speak the last word.

(W-what the hell…! Dammit…!)

Hironobu’s consciousness gradually fadedー.

◆     ◆

Hironobu thought about his dream while going to the school.

The dream was quite real, he had sex with a beauty, it can be said as a good dream.

But, the last conversation strangely remains in his head.

「Save the world…?」

Han, he snorted.

Even if he had the ability to save the world, it’s his decision to use it or not.

If he has the power to save the world, Hironobu has the choice to use it to fulfil his own desire.

(Seriously, It’s a strange dream…)

It’s a dream after all.

A tedious day begins again.

But, Hironobu feels uneasy.

Right now, Firana’s pendant that she passed in the end is in his hand.

The design is quite stylish but Hironobu never had this thing.

It’s really quite a strange dream.

「But, today’s really an unlucky day」

Involuntarily speaking to himself, it’s really a heavy day for Hironobu.

There’s no problem talking to himself but there’s no person walking on the school route.

It’s because he goes to school earlier than anyone.

Hironobu is a fairly diligent student.

But, it’s not to the degree of going to school early.

He goes to the school early inthe morning because he has business with the girl class.

「Why should I apologize?…」

The other day, they claimed for an apology for throwing out an eroge to them.

If it’s a personal thing he’d ignore it but, it’s the girl class with a huge appeal.

Especially the men who were ashamed by the action, the other men begged me to 「Apologize somehow」

Teachers are practically doing as what the girl class tell them, their grades are too high after all, the otaku men who’s on the base of the school castle can’t resist.

It’ll end if I apologize, Hironobu acknowledged that, so he will apologize.

(But, doing it this early in the morning…!)

Though they’re going to he same school, since the schedule is decided in each amount, it can’t be anytime but only early in the morning.

Furthermore, the girl class has a custom of studying independently early in the morning so all of them are gathered already.

To be precise, with the girl class being the center of going early in the morning, it has become compulsory.

If they don’t go early in the morning, they’d have a frightening future of being left out.

For that reason, all members are early…it seems.

(While I was thinking of such a thing…the girl class came in front of me…)

If the door in front of him is opened, there are scary women.

It can’t be helped to be afraid, Hironobu breathed deeply and opened the door.


The girls’ eyes went to Hironobu.

All of them are looking at him with scornful eye.

There’s only one pitiful glance can be seen from the female teacher from the homeroom.

「You’re late」

The girl in front of Hironobu said that, the center of the classーAshibi Ayaka

It seems that she’s a daughter of a famous enterprise president so she’s quite an ojou-sama.

Because of that she has an oppressive character, domineering.

The type Hironobu dislikes.

「You’re really an indecent man! Now, apologize already」


「You clicked your tounge didn;t you!?」

「Ah, yes yes. I’m apologizing so listen well」

Butting in midway, Hironobu bowed silently and spoke his apology.

「I’m soー」

ーーThat moment, a light spreads exploisively.


Then, Hironobu lifted his head.

「Where…the hell is this…!」

They were in the classroom a while ago, yet it’s now an unseen world.

The sensation was rich in nature that there seems to be distance from atown.

There’s also an especially large building in that.


It’s not a castle in japan, it’s a stone castle like in Europe.

Hironobu was startled.

「Could it be that this is the other world!?」


  1. So that’s why you went to insertion immediately?
  2. Can we change his name into Shiba Tatsuya?