Dual Cultivation Madness – Chapter 3 Release announcement

Okay, so here’s the deal. I set up an account on Royal Road. I’m looking to expand my fan base, so I’m continuing Dual with that goal. That said, it has been renamed to “Rise of the Midnight King”. I published the third chapter today on my website and on royal road.

It’s success on royal road does dictate to me whether it’s worth continuing. I’m rather speedily release the first 20-some chapters, and at that point, it’s either bank or break. So, if you want to see this story continue, helping it succeed on Royal Roads by following/comments/staring/mentioning in forums would go a long way to keep this releasing.

As you noticed, this is not going to be patreon-locked. I’ve been releasing daily this week, but that is temporary. The official release schedule really will depend on how popular this story becomes and how well it does attracting people to my site.

So, check out the story:



And it’s still on my blog here:

Rise of the Midnight King