I’m sorry for getting a head start but I decided to live everyday erotically

Nukegakeshite Moushiwakearimasen. Dakedo Boku wa Eroi Hibi wo Okurukotonishimashita.


Author: 佐々木かず

I am a second year in high school belonging to the male only「Human Culture Research Club」.
A beautiful female transfer student, Mia Kurusu, joined the club.
Kurusu had a perfect appearance and character.
Of course all the guys in the club were charmed by Kurusu.
In some way or another they had become desperate trying to get close to her.
Due to a strange event, I stole a march on them to get closer to her.
After that, dazzlingly erotic days awaited me.

No reincarnation

Table of Contents.
Erocom Chapter 1: Kurusu Mia 1

Erocom Chapter 2: Kurusu Mia 2

Erocom Chapter 3: Kurusu Mia 3

Erocom Chapter 4: Kurusu Mia 4

Erocom Chapter 5: Ando Mikoto 1

Erocom Chapter 6: Ando Mikoto 2

Erocom Chapter 7: Ando Mikoto 3