Q. What’s your Time Zone?

A. GMT +8


Q. Where do you live?

A. Guess from the time zone. lol



Q. Are you going to hold sponsored chapters?

A. No, I release when I finish translating.  I do accept bribes however.


Q. What machine you use on translating?

A. Translation Assistant and Translation Aggregator


Q. What’s your release schedule?

A. I try to release daily, but I still have school and my thesis – which is the reason I need a PC


Q. Sono chi no sadame?



Q. Could you recommend me a good novel?

A. Visit my other wp site, or check my novelupdates reading list.


Q. Porn or Hentai?

A. Porn for fapping, not much hentai is released in a month, you’ll run out of fap hentai easily.


Q. Can you pick up *insert novel name that’s being translated by another translator here*?

A. No, as long as the translator isn’t posting that he will stop translating the novel, or will be on Hiatus, I won’t be picking up


If you have any other questions, just comment, I’ll put the answer in this page.