If You Got the Power of Flight, Invisibility, and Teleportation, What Would You Do?

Sora wo Tobu Nouryoku to Toumei ni Naru Nouryoku to Shunkan Idou Suru Nouryouku wo Morattara Nani wo Shimasu ka?


Author: 田辺焼 (Tanabeyaki)

Obtaining the power of flight, invisibility, and teleportation―― Kirishima Ren was sent to another world.
It was a world of swords and magic. I was able to survive in the seedy underworld using my supernatural powers.
One day, while stalking…… er I mean, protecting stealthily from the shadows, I ended up raping the princess. While treating my princess as a sex toy, I became involved with cute girls one after the other.
From manipulating a tomboyish witch, to taking care of a troublesome cat girl while entrapping an elf sisters. Little by little, I had reached my hand to the center of the country.
Incidentally, I was able to take hold of the King’s weakness and tried to do anything as I pleased. And now, I’m going to invade the love hotel… I mean, the castle.

Table of Contents:

Arc 1: Kirishima Ren

Chapter 1: If you would have a supernatural power, which of the three do you want? (Direct Link)

Chapter 2: Guilty of being a partner of the Princess ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 3: ESP (Direct Link)

Chapter 4: National Idol – Princess Seria (Direct Link)

Chapter 5: Dark Elf Assistant Cathy ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 6: Royal Palace’s first sneak (Direct Link)

Chapter 7: Princess Seria’s panties disappearance case (Direct Link)

Chapter 8: Unexpected Travel Stopover (Direct Link)

Chapter 9: Princesss Seria Assault Incident (Direct Link)

Chapter 10: Crumbling reason # (Direct Link)

Chapter 11: Princess Seria’s chastity ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 12: Princess Seria’s first service # (Direct Link)

Chapter 13: Princess Seria’s cumming game # (Direct Link)

Chapter 14: Rampaging Lust ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 15: Thus, the shadow began to move (Direct Link)

Arc 2: Matifa Lau Ell Pito

Chapter 16: Matifa Prologue (Direct Link)

Chapter 17: Chibi Pharmacist Capo (Direct Link)

Chapter 18: Royal Palace’s conspiracy plot tour (Direct Link)

Chapter 19: Seria and her night at the royal castle ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 20: The night attack in the royal castle (Direct Link)

Chapter 21: First Slave (Direct Link)

Chapter 22: Witch girl Matifa’s semen exploiting lesson # (Direct Link)

Chapter 23: Witch Girl and Cat Girl 3p ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 24: Witch girl and Cat girl 3p part 2 ## (Direct link)

Chapter 25: Girl’s promise (Direct Link)

Chapter 26: Tiny breasts vs Tiny breasts (Direct Link)

Chapter 27: Lululie’s massage # (Direct Link)

Chapter 28: Princess Seria’s Solo play # (Direct Link)

Chapter 29: Princess Seria becomes a bit agressive # (Direct Link)

Chapter 30: Princess’ excuse ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 31: Princess knew (Direct Link)

Chapter 32: The witch knew too (Direct Link)

Chapter 33: The witch plays ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 34: Withered Day (Direct Link)

Chapter 35: Lululie found out (Direct Link)

Chapter 36: Morning Recovery ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 37: Lilith’s first time # (Direct Link)

Chapter 38: Lilith and Misha 3P ## (Direct Link)

Chapter 39: Matifa’s betrayal (Direct Link)

Chapter 40: New Commission (Direct Link)

Chapter 41: Worry (Direct Link)

Chapter 42: Farewell

Chapter 43: Misha’s feelings

Chapter 44: Misha’s anal experience ##

Chapter 45: vs Matifa – 1 

Chapter 46: vs Matifa – 2

Chapter 47: vs Matifa – 3

Chapter 48: The lowermost worst winner #

Chapter 49: Feast ##

Chapter 50: Matifa Epilogue

Arc 3: Lululie Luluera

Chapter 51: Lululie saw

Chapter 52: Nursing

Chapter 53: Meeting

Chapter 54: Seria’s curse #

Chapter 55: Cathy’s secret room ##

Chapter 56: Spirit Magic 

Chapter 57: Lululie’s worry

Chapter 58: The answer Lululie gave

Chapter 59: Inside the skirt of the maid #

Chapter 60: Lululie’s first time ##

Chapter 61: Lululie’s first time Part 2 ##

Chapter 62: Attacking the sleeping princess Seria #

Chapter 63: Lululie is slightly strange 

Chapter 64: Seriously, Lululie is strange ##

Chapter 65: Seria’s punishment #