Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Rampaging lust ##

「Now then, you do remember the contents of the game right?」
「…Yes. I lost, my breasts can feel it lewdly, and we’ll continue if I admit」
「…did that happen?」
「Yes, I admit that my breasts felt good when I serviced you」

Huh? Err, the princess Seria feeling it from her paizuri is cute, groped her contents1…That’s right, we had a game.
So, since she actually came with her breasts, we proved that she’s a totally lewd girl.
I won as I wasn’t thinking of her pussy.

「Come to think of it, that happened. But do you really have to be that shocked? Anyone can feel it if their boobs are rubbed」

Other than reaching climax, feeling it isn’t something to be embarrassed at. It’s merely a physiological phenomenon

「I should’ve stopped you there. Because you can’t stop yourself, I have to stop you…2

Oh, was it for my sake? But that’s wrong. I didn’t say that I won’t stop for today and will tomorrow. To be honest, I still hadn’t decided what to do after this, but the option of abducting and confining princess Seria Rises.
But, oh well, I don’t have time to worry about others.

「I accept your feelings. However, that’s impossible. I’ll make you mine. Be obedient and have sex with me」

Let’s deal with my raging son first. I never thought that that it would fully recover this time, no, it’s awakened.
I pushed my penis on the sticking out ass from the behind of princess Seria. I move it up and down tracing her dripping wet slit.

「Ah…In the end you still won’t stop don’t you?」
「It can’t be helped since you made it difficult with your magic earlier. Since I can still continue, get ready」

Princess Seria’s face looked at her rubbed crotch and opened her eyes wide, she looks at my stiff erect penis like a fearful thing.

「It’s bigger than before… That’s…impossible…」

I don’t know if it’s the influence of her magic or something, but my son has a bigger size than usual. My glans got big, the rod has visible blood vessels pulsating. What kind of prank made this transformation? Can I turn this back?
While worrying about it, princess Seria flashed something and opened her mouth.

「ーーThat’s right! My hand! I’ll use my hand.」 If it’s no good, then my mouth! My breast! That’s why let that one off」
「Nope. I want to go violent inside your vagina right now. And your magic earlier is to blame. If you don’t want it then I’ll do Lululie instead. Other than that it’s a no」

Isn’t that right?
You forcefully made my penis go *bakibaki*3 and *panpan*4 after all.
It’s on it’s best condition. Then, in front of me is the best beautiful girl. Outside choices does not exist.
If such a man exists, I’ll respect him from the bottom of my heart.

「Don’t lay your hands on Lululie! I’ll be your partner…」

Princess Seria spoke in a tearful voice again, She closed her thighs, sanwiched my penis and seduced my cock. She doesn’t even know intecrural sex, she probably thought of it. Do you really hate me laying my hand on Lululie?
Since Lululie is also a beautiful girl, I want to eat her too but, I dismissed that thought and will overlook it today.

「Then, satisfy me. I’m almost at my limit too. We’ll begin」

I gripped princess Seria’s ass and aimed at her vaginal entrance. I just came in a while ago, but right now, it’s dripping with semen and twitching and wriggling as if longing for a dick.

「Please. Please…be gentle」
「Sorry, that’s impossible」

I pierced her in one go. I can’t endure it any longer. Full burst from the beginning.

「Wait! It hurts! It really hurts!」
「…Ha, hahahahahaha, amazing, what’s this! What’s this!!」

My penis that repeatedly endured earlier became sensitive like never before. The moment I thrust in her tight loli pussy, a pleasure I’ve never experience before flicks my bounds of reason.
My waist can’t stop.
The vagina of princess Seria is so hot that I’m gently melting away. The folds of her vagina sticks to my penis completely, it’s packing tightly and squeezing hard.
I’m being attacked by an illusion that my penis is melting. She doesn’t even know herself how far it would release5 Princess Seria feels pain while I feel pleasure, everything’s becoming mixed and everything is surging. 6
I further accelerated my waist.

「It huuuuuurts!! Noooo! Stop! please, Stoooop!」
「hahahahaha, It’s amazing! My waist doesn’t stop!!」

I might discharge anytime. I want to let out soon, but the feeling of wanting to taste this pleasure more is conflicting.
There’s no fragment of worrying about princess Seria remaining.

「It hurts, noooooom stoop! You’re ripping it out! You’re ripping my crotch apart!! Take it out!! Please take it out7

Princess Seria tries to crawl for escape, but I just grabbed her hips and pulled it back.
Who’s going away? I’ll thrust until you break. I’ll fill your womb with my sperm, even if I can’t move nor stand up, I’ll continue.

「Hahaha, You can’t run. Hey, push out your waist more! Feel more! Feel me!」
「Noooooo! It hurts! I’m breaking! Save me Lululie! Save me!!」

Princess Seria extends her hand and ask for Lululie’s help. However, Lululie doesn’t react and is sleeping quietly. She was made to sleep using magic. She won’t wake up with a noise of this degree.
*panpanpan* a rhythmic sound echoes in the carriage.

「It huuuuurts! Pleasee! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything so please return your sane self!」
「What are you saying? I’m sane. You should enjoy it too!」

*Paan* I thrust and inserted hard. Her ass shakes in wave, and the mixed liquid of red blood was scattered on the connection. The color of blood is thickening, it’s probably because she began hemorrhaging. She was a virgin a while ago after all, if I do her this violently, it can’t be helped.

「Noooooo! Stop this already! Forgive me! Lululie open your eyes! Save me! Someone save me!!」

There’s no help. The only people here are the two of us. Lululie is asleep, and the others are just corpses on the outside.
The previous road has been blocked by a landslide, and in the first place there’s a heavy rain. There’s no one who would whimsically pass through this mountain path. They would stop somewhere and take shelter. Even if someone comes, I know that they will make a noise if they found the corpse. That’s right, there’s no one here so there’s no problem.

「No one’s coming. No one will come to help you. Just scream as you’re getting violated by the beast of me!」

I don’t even know if I had endured ejaculating or I already let it out. I just earnestly move my waist asking for pleasure.
I want to hear the screaming voice of princess Seria nearer, so I held her thin arms and raised it.

「Aaaaaaa, Deep, this position is deep! My stomach is being pierced with your penis! It hurts! I’m breaking!! I’m breakiiiing!」

Princess Seria cries as I forcefully curved her posture. Supporting her small body, I made my knee a bed and penetrated her with my wicked cock. Sweat gushes from the whole body, then they fly around every time I thrust.

「Dooont, don’t do thiiiiis!! Your hitting deep inside me! Even though it hurts! My insides feels strange!!」
「Hahaha! Can you feel the lewd thrusts on your pussy and your breasts sticking out?」
「Aaaaahn, I can feel it! My breasts are ookay, but my insides are being turned upside down, my head’s going blank! Even though it hurts, I’m about to cum!!」
「Then cum. Cum on my penis that you love!」

When she made a considerably huge scream, her vagina is trembling and convulsing. It was squeezing so hard that it began to pulse wanting to take semen.

「Aaah, it’s here! It’s coming! It’s coming!!」

I finally reached my limit too. A never before experienced feeling of extra-large ejaculation has welled up. My penis ejaculated and is rampaging inside her vagina.
Princess Seria’s inside, no, I’m delighted that I let it out inside Seria

「Aaaaaaa!! Cumiiiiiiiing!!」
「Oooooooo!! I’ll cum, I’m cumming Seria! Inside Seria!!」

I pulled Seria’s arms, and thrust my waist in. I’ll never let it go. Like he’ll you’ll escape.
*Byuu, Byuu, byuuuuu* my firehose ejaculation began. 8

「Amazing, this doesn’t stop!!」
「Inside, a hot stuff again, it’s still going on!!」

*Byubyu* my semen is being shoot on her womb violently.

「Amazing! It’s still coming out!!」
「Naaaaaa, Inside! My insides are already full!! It doesn’t stop! Stop it! Stop iiiit!!」

The small 14-year old uterus is satisfied, and the semen that didn’t fit flows backward to her vagina. It searched for an exit, then flowed from the connection.
My penis is pushed back by the rising pressure.

「Ooooh! It’s overflowing! Look, Seria, Look at this. It’s an amazing scene!」
「Nooo. Don’t look. Don’t look where you cum」
「It’s too late. The place where you cum and the place where you felt good is revealed. Look, Look!」
「Noooo! Don’t move! It hyuursh! I can’t anymore, It’s impossible already! aaaaaaaa!」

After Seria’s body jumped remarkably when my penis gave the final thrust, she already lost movement in exhaustion. It seems she fainted.
My penis finally stopped discharging sperm.
I slowly lay down Seria and removed my penis. Then, my semen gushed out vigorously.
Semen mixed with blood flowed out from her open vagina.
The quantity is abnormal. Even if I endured and piled it up, it shouldn’t be that much. It exceeded the quality of human’s.

But, even with that amount, my son isn’t withering yet. It’s to the degree that when I shake it finally returned to red zone at most 9
It’s not over yet.

I wonder what should I do next, I looked at the fainted Seria that curled up like a baby.
First of all, I removed the semen flowing out, then I wiped Seria’s legs with the torn dress. When I pressed on her stomach it made a sudden sound as it overflowed.
Furthermore, I put my finger in to scoop out the excess. Since she fainted, her resistance is weaker now, but her vagina closed shut. There’s no broken appearance even I ran wildly earlier. Her bleeding seems to have settled too. As expected, people with high magical power are strong.
When I inserted another finger to expand, when I looked at it, her pink colored insides of her vagina lost its stopper and a syrupy liquid gushed forth. All of this is my sperm. This isn’t just an oozing level anymore. It’s really an incredible amount.

That was quite painful. Even if more ten men ganged rape her it wont reach this way. Seria’s body is still immature, moreover this isn’t the play that’s done in the first experience.


When I finished scraping it out of her, I heard a sobbing voice.
When raised my gaze, Seria was crying with hallow eyes. It’s a wonderful rape eyes.

「You woke up? Then, I’ll continue」

Seria tries to run away, but her body doesn’t seem to move as she dictates. She’s crawling like a dog, then directed her ass here.
Then, I’ll take it without reserve.


I inserted it through doggy style just like a while ago. I held her hips so she can’t escape, *Panpan* I moved my waist.
Thus, I continued to rape her to my heart’s content. After I let it out several times, my reason came back.


  1. それをネタにイジっていて
  2. Seria is really a good girl
  3. Sound of cracking one’s knuckles
  4. Bulging/bursting
  5. どこまでが自分でどこからが彼女か分からない。
  6. 、何もかもがないまぜになって押し寄せてくるかのようだ
  7. Well, you brought your own doom princess
  8. I just thought that firehose would be funny, the real one is 放水する -water discharge
  9. せいぜい振りっきっていたメーターがようやくレッドゾーンまで戻ってきた程度である