Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Lilith’s first time #

When I pulled out my penis, semen that was released inside Misha spilled. Misha scooped it with her finger and put it in her mouth.
Seeing that scene, Lilith’s eyes widened.

「Mi-chan, what are you licking!?」
「N, Master’s sperm」
「Isn’t that dirty?」
「It’s delicious. Lilith-chi, want some?」

Of all things, Misha recommended semen to Lilith. This person’s brain is really flying. Just what kind of special education Matifa gave her?

「No, after all that’s…」
「If you drink this, your breast grows big」
「Is that true!?」

That’s definitely a lie. But, Misha calmly lies.

「Really, it’s true. With this, Lilith-chi would be bayin bayin, boing boing. It’s certain」
「Bayin bayin and boing boing…」

Lilith naturally touched her small breasts. Only the feeling of her ribs and her nipples can be felt there. She originally has no fat.
*Suka Suka*, Lilith grasps empty space.

「Got it! Mi-chan I’ll do my best!」
「Un, Lilith-chi, do your best」

The pure Lilith was deceived.
Misha made a V-sign on where Lilith can’t see. She’s toying with her friend.

「But, I’m a bit afraid to lick it…」
「It’s okay. Women have guts」

Misha scooped semen and thrust it at Lilith. Lilith stepped back.
Should I help Lilith soon?

「You guys, don’t forget about me」

I removed the necktie and appeared in front of them. The two’s glance goes to my crotch.

「O-O-O-Onii-san, that…」
「N, Master’s penis」
「Mi-chan, that kind of thing entered you!?」
「Un, it feels good」

After saying it, Misha cling to my son and sucked it. The semen that remained in the urethra is sucked up completely.

「Lilith-chi, want to try?」
「I can’t!」

Lilith rejected with teary eyes. It seems that the stimulation was too strong.
Well, it should be as it’s her first time. Misha is the strange one.
But, I have to show that she doesn’t need to be afraid. I have to show that Lilith should be relieved.

「Misha, I’m fine so make love with Lilith」
「Got it」

After licking most of the semen off, she turned towards Lilith. Then she hugged Lilith from behind while holding her chest. The small hand strokes Lilith’s small chest, the small nipple is being flicked.

「Wahya! Mi-chan, what are you doing?」
「I’m making Lilith-chi feel good. Don’t worry, leave it to me」
「Wawa! O-Onii-san don’t look…」

Lilith feels embarrassed when she sees me. She’s resisting desperately by hiding her completely exposed skin up until now.
I can’t just leave it all to Misha so I joined in.

「Lilith, close your eyes」
「Eh, Ah…Un」

When I brought my face close, Lilith closed her eyes in embarrassment. A well proportioned face approaches before one’s eyes. Lilith lightly pushes out her thing pigmented lips, her body posture waits for a kiss.
I quietly pushed my lip there. A soft kiss without putting my tongue in. But, it was enough for the child Lilith. Her face became bright red then steam rose from her head.

「Is that your first kiss?」
「U, Un. My heart is beating so fast…」

It seems that kiss has a higher rank than naughty things for Lilith.1
I kissed her several times just like that.

「Lilith, Do you know what to do? I’m gonna touch you」
「U, Un」

I made my hand crawl on Lilith’s skin. It’s different from Misha that’s completely a child, it’s a body of a girl that’s in the middle of growing up from a child to an adult. The smooth skin is slippery as it was coated with bubbles. Since this soap is made of magical materials that are gentle with skin, there’s no need to worry about rough skin. Stroking the chest from the side of her shoulder.
Lilith’s chest is a magnificent no tits. It’s to the extent that her stomach can’t be identified.
While supporting Lilith from the back, Misha asked on her ear.

「Lilith-chi does it feel good?」
「Un. When Onii-chan touches me it somehow making me shiver」

Lilith looks intoxicated by the feeling of touch.
When I lowered my stroking hand, Lilith opened her mouth.

「Onii-san, I have a request」
「What’s wrong?」
「You see, I want you to rub my breast. I heard that it becomes big if it’s rubbed by your beloved」

I remembered her quarrel with Lilith the day before yesterday. Surely I had thought that it was just a lie told momentarily, it seems that it’s different.

「Wasn’t that a lie?」
「Un. It wasn’t really from Seria-sama but from the uncle on the pharmacy.2 Since there’s no medicine to make your breast bigger, I had him teach me」
「Okay, next time I see him I’ll kick his ass」

Capo’s foolish face floats in my mind. He just told a deliberate lie.
But I guess it’s not necessary to destroy a child’s dream. Maybe it might have a placebo effect and get really big.
Thus, I rub Lilith’s chest due to her quest. No, is it better to say pushed? I stimulate her mammary gland that should be there gently with my finger

「N, Fu…it’s somewhat ticklish」

Lilith feels ticklish and frowned. It seems necessary to develop it tightly from feeling her chest.
As I gently rub her thin pink areola with my finger, I kissed Lilith once again.


Lilith’s body stiffened from tension. But it seems that she’s sensitive at the same time, her nipples get stiff little by little. I kissed Lilith again and again, her body was showered with kisses.

「Ahm nuu…」

Lilith’s body squirm in pleasure. I kissed her nipple kindly successively. Just with sucking, her nipples are already pointed hard.
It seems Lilith loves kisses. When I sucked her nipples left and right alternately, it became completely erect.

「Misha wants to kiss too」

Misha is really merciless. Turning Lilith’s face around and forcibly stealing her lips. Lilith seems to receive it pleasantly, but her reaction changed when Misha put her tongue in.

「Nー!? NーNnー!!」

Lilith resisted in surprise, but it’s impossible for Lilith to get away from Misha. Us who have no magical power is no match to the Misha whos physical strength received body reinforcement
Misha thoroughly enjoyed Lilith’s mouth, the mouth was separated after she was satisfied with the exchange of saliva.

「Puha, Mi-chan, just what was that!?」
「N, an adult kiss」
「Mi-chan is an adult!?」

Reacting on the word Adult, Lilith’s glance was sent to me. It seems she wants me to do it.
Just as she demanded, I also kissed Lilith with my tongue penetrating her. I poured saliva and licked the backside of her teeth. Then, when I stick my tongue, Lilith also extends her tongue and entwine it. I receive Lilith’s tongue and intersect deeply. Soon enough, her breathing turned rough so we separate our mouths.
Then, Lilith puts her hand on my back and she kissed by herself this time.


Lilith’s twines her tongue aggressively with her face enchanted. The sweet saliva is poured and my saliva is being stolen. Until Lilith is satisfied of doing the way she wants it.

「Lilith, how was a kiss of an adult?」
「Un, it felt really good. Am I an adult now with this?」
「You’ll be an adult if this place is done」

Saying that, I rubbed Lilith’s belly gently. If I opened this up, Lilith will splendidly become an adult.
Then, Lilith looked up asking.

「Onii-san, can you make me an adult?」

A too cunning behavior. Lilith knows the creature called man even though she’s just a child.
Surely this person survived just by using this facial expression. Then, she manipulated me too.

「Leave it to me. But, you have to loosen first」
「Un, please」

I spread Lilith’s legs and her hidden place is revealed. Her mound of venus has a beautiful vertical line. I made my finger crawl there, then a soft feeling is returned. After gently patting it several times, I opened the crack to check inside.
A beautiful pink labia and a swelling clitoris. In contrast to her chest, this one is very womanly.

「Hawawa, Onii-san is looking」

It seems that she’s embarrassed being seen. Lilith tries to close her legs.
However, Misha didn’t permit

「Lilith-chi, you can’t」

Misha moves her hand from Lilith’s back to her knee, an M posture is made forcibly. Lilith’s soft hip joint is opened splendidly.

「Yada~ Wait, Mi-chan. This is embarrassing」
「It’s fine. Master is pleased」

When Misha said that, Lilith gently asks my expression. I answered Lilith with a kiss instead of words.


While I kiss Lilith, I caress her genitals. I opened up her flirty meat and rubbed inside the labia carefully. Llith’s pussy is soft. When I rubbed harder, my finger is buried and was sucked in by the entrance.


Lilith raised her voice as she was unable to bear it. However, her vagina is seeking my finger as it swallows it deeper. Not resisting the movement, it’s been taken to the base suddenly.
Lilith’s vagina wraps up my finger gently. Despite my finger feeling the pleasure, I pulled out the finger slowly.
However, Lilith raised a voice in objection.

「W-wait. Don’t pull it out」
「What’s wrong?」
「I want to feel more of Onii-san’s finger. That’s why, don’t take it out」

Lilith looks uneasy.

「Don’t worry. I won’t pull it out」

I slip in my finger as Lilith’s request. Then I bend my finger inside and gently massage her vaginal wall.

「Wawa, Onii-san’s finger, inside me, it’s moving」
「Lilith-chi, how does it feel?」
「N, it’s rugged, it feels really good. But, I want more…」
「Then, Master」

I added another finger and turn it around inside Lilith’s vagina. There’s still a room to spare inside Lilith even with two. The flexible folds and the vaginal wall tightens well as it changes form to the finger’s shape and doesn’t take it away. It’s even swallowed further inside.
The vagina wishing it greedily, surely she feels good from the insertion. But, one doesn’t satisfy her, Lilith doesn’t want the finger to be pulled out.
But, in the end I began the finishing touch.

「Onii-san, what are you doing?」
「I’m going to do what Lilith likes」

I brought my face close to Lilith’s open pussy.

「Y-You can’t do that place! Onii-san, wait!」
「I won’t wait」

*Pukkuri*, I tasted her swelling clitoris. *Bikun*, Lilith’s body jumped.

「Hyawa, Onii-san, that’s like an electric shock!」

Kissing it kindly several times, hanging saliva and kissing it, then tasting it from the skin on the top.
The love nectar gradually overflows from the inside. I licked it, it had a faint sweet taste.
Her vagina shrinks and my finger is tightened up gently.

「Awawa, what’s this! Onii-san is sucking my pussy!」
「Lilith-chi, you’re suspending your waist. Does Master’s mouth feel good?」
「Unn! When he sucks it, when he licks it, it feels really good! Hyawa! something amazing is!」
「Lilith-chi is cumming?」
「Unn, Cumming. I’m about to cum!」

Misha hugs Lilith’s back as her waist trembles. Then, both of her nipples were pulled mercilessly.

「Hyawaaa! Mi-chan, you can’t! Nooooooo!」
「It’s to make Lilith-chi’s breast big」

Lilith’s body is making big convulsions. I also sucked her clitoris at the same time.


Lilith raised her waist violently and reached climax. My finger is swallowed up further and her vagina wind violently.
I pulled out my finger and lips from it then I kissed Lilith once again.


The vacant eyed Lilith extends her tongue as if seeking me. *Powa powa*3, her consciousness seems to be blown away.
When I looked at her, Misha seems to be interested with Lilith and began to touch her own pussy. In the end I don’t know what she retaliated but Lilith’s genitals were pinched.


Lilith wakes in an instant, Misha pretends ignorance while not removing her hand. This girl is burning in jealousy.


  1. Holding hands is definitely the lewdest
  2. Damn you oji-san! Don’t defile our Lilith-chi!