Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Misha’s Feelings

Matifa’s cursed panties has three effects.
To be able to slip through the barrier of the castle, to be able to heal wounds and recover stamina, and compulsory peerless effect.
My son got mad when I was covered with it. Despite it not reacting when Matifa caressed it earlier, because of the cursed panties, it got erect forcefully. 1

Misha noticed it of course. Then, she took action just like what a slave should take. In other words, she began to comfort it.

「Master, I’m sorry. But endure it for now」

Misha rubs my son on top of my pants. In the end, it’s the same as Matifa.
Now’s not the time to drown in pleasure. I have to know Misha’s true intention and take back Seria from Matifa.
I asked before Misha’s hand come under my pants.

「Misha, why did you stop me?」
「Because Master is trying to kill Matifa-sama. That’s why I stopped you」

Misha’s answer was simple. However, Misha’s master isn’t Matifa anymore but me.

「That’s for me to decide. It’s not for a slave like you to decide」
「It’s not. Master has misunderstood Matifa-sama. Matifa-sama is the same. Actually, there’s no need to kill」
「That’s because you don’t know what just happened!」
「Un, Misha doesn’t know. But, I know. At any rate, Matifa-sama overdid it and Master was angry」

Misha’s attitude speaks like she knows it. I wonder if this turned out as expected.

「If you know then why did you hinder me? At this rate I will die. Is that your aim?」

Though Misha is a slave, if I, who is her master dies, the binds would disappear Furthermore, Misha is strong right now. She won’t fail and fall into slavery again.
But, Misha shook her head to my question.

「It’s not. If it’s Master, you won’t die. Even if someone else dies, Master would be fine」

Misha looked at my eyes confidently.

「What’s your basis for that? Why are you saying something so irresponsible!」
「If it’s Master, Matifa-sama should know. That’s why, Matifa-sama can be stopped. Also, if it’s Master, no matter how strong the opponent, you won’t lose」

Misha is speaking absurdly. This fellow is the same as Matifa, they’re having blind belief with me. That’s why I denied Misha’s words.

「I don’t know what she’s thinking but if I lose I die! You’re pressing your own ideals just like Matifa!」

Misha shouted. It’s a shout that made me think that it tear off my eardrums.
It’s the first time I heard such a voice from Misha. Her expression is always shown by her ears and tail and she spoke indifferently in her mouth. She put her feelings in her words right now, Misha spoke with all her might to convince me.

「It’s wrong! Master, you don’t know a thing about Matifa-sama. Master. Never knew a thing about Matifa-sama! Even though you two love each other, you can’t become lovers! That’s what I don’t understand!」

Misha is pleading while crying.

「Misha you see, I know Matifa-sama before Master met her. Matifa-sama always looked so bored, so lonely, in pain. Although there’s no tears, Matifa-sama is always crying」

She cried all the time before I came. I’m sure it’s true. Matifa lived alone all this time, she had cried in solitude. Even the fool of me can imagine that.

「It changed when Master appeared. She looks like she enjoys it, so happy, everyday she kept saying that she wants to meet you sooner. When will he come again? She plays with Misha everyday while saying that」

Even so, I can’t understand. She found me and moved her expectations to me. Then she expands her delusion selfishly. Surely, during the seven days I travelled with Seria, Matifa’s delusion has swelled that it’s impossible to control anymore.

「Then, Master came, Matifa-sama is overjoyed. But, when Master came to Seria-sama’s place, she fell down. Depressed, angry, she ordered Misha to kill. Matifa-sama was serious that time. Matifa probably doesn’t know but she seriously intend to kill Master」

Maybe that’s the reason why Matifa was mad that time. Matifa’s hatred made her pour out her confined magical power, she start to move as if wanting to kill me. Then, when I got serious, I knocked down Misha.

「But, Master didn’t lose against Misha. Even Matifa didn’t think I would lose. Then, when Matifa-sama appeared, Master didn’t run away. Even bathing with Matifa-sama’s magical power, you didn’t run away nor go mad. Usually, everyone goes crazy if they bathed in Matifa-sama’s magical power. Just Master is the only one who can speak with Matifa-sama equally」

Seria said the same thing too. Certainly, Matifa’s magical power is abnormal. Especially the magical power she shoots out the first time we met isn’t normal. Understanding the strength of my opponent, that magical power can make someone go mad. Even I can’t calm down. But because everyone around me as a stronger magical power than me, I got used to fear.

「Misha, certainly, I spoke to Matifa normally.. But, that’s it. I don’t understand Matifa, Matifa doesn’t understand me either. There’s no way we can understand each other」
「That’s not true! Master should be able to understand if you took a step further. Because Master was able to notice Matifa-sama’s suffering from the first time. Also, Master hadn’t seen it. That’s why you torment Misha in anger」

That was said when I had sex with this two for the first time. That time, I was so irritated by Matifa’s long talk so I threw my resentment to Misha.
Did I notice Matifa’s true nature that time?
I should’ve…noticed. Her words were clumsy, she doesn’t understand a single thing about me and yet she spoke as if she knows me well and it was very irritating. Was I thinking that she’s a pitiful fellow? But that’s the first mistake.

「Misha you see, I thought that time that Master understood Matifa-sama. I thought that Matifa-sama’s rampage would stop. But, Master doesn’t understand at all. Master, doesn’t know Matifa-sama’s true nature. Matifa-sama doesn’t want to die in the slightest. Master, think about Matifa-sama properly」

Misha appealed to me desperately. Misha must’ve known what Maitfa yearns for. But, she doesn’t tell me. I’m sure that it’s something that I have noticed already. If I understood it, will I and Matifa understand each other?…
Misha issued a hint to me who guessed badly.

「Please remember. What kind of clothes Matifa-sama is wearing?」
「What? Isn’t it the goth loli dress?」
「Where was Matifa-sama?」
「Where? She’s at the research building. 」
「Where is it?」
「It’s in the castle」
「What does Matifa-sama Like?」
「What? I don’t know but for the time being, me. What about other magic?」
「Asides from that, did you hear anything?」
「Also, she wrote an erobook, she also likes fairy tales…」
「Something else coming into your mind?」

Misha made me remember it one by one. Where and when Matifa appears, her speech and conduct that time, likes and tastes, she combined and made me remember each and every trivial gestures and clothes. It’s like a puzzle where the piece is joined together one by one, something hidden inside is guessed logically. It’s a simple suggestion game. Then, the conclusion I arrived at isー

「…Ah, got it」

One word emerged in my head. It’s such a childish answer. It’s too childish that I laughed.
However, it is convincing given the action and words of Matifa. The meaning of all of her consistent unreasonable action she had taken.
Perhaps Matifa herself doesn’t notice it either./ No, she noticed but she looked away. That’s why it has become an inconsistent thing.
Misha had finally transmitted her smile of joy as she looks at me who arrived at the answer.

「That’s right, that is Matifa-sama」
「You, you did know this before?」
「I haven’t heard it, I noticed it. I knew it by looking at Matifa-sama」

Misha answered easily but, who can struggle against that outrageous witch to arrive to this answer? Misha is much wiser than I thought.
Though I doubted that she can read my mind before, but now I’m convinced that she really can read my mind. It’s not a magic trick, with her strange perception, she can analyze a human heart.
Surely, this is why Matifa liked Misha. Maybe, she’s expecting this to happen so she gave me Misha.

「If it’s Master, you can do it. You’ll definitely help Matifa-sama」
「Yeah, I don’t feel like losing against her anymore. It’s all thanks to Misha. Thanks」
「Ehehe… Was Misha useful?」
「Yeah, very. Misha did well」

I praised the happy Misha while patting her head. it seems that I’m finally able to move my body. Just a bit more and I’ll go to Matifa’s place. But, before that…

「A reward is necessary for Misha. Do you want something?」

A reward is necessary for an excellent slave. I’ll give whatever she want right now. If she wants half of the world, I’d go down and kneel in front of Maou.
I had those thoughts while waiting for her answer, Misha had her glance fleeting between my groins.

「You see, Misha, wants to do naughty things with Master」

Misha suddenly started pleading.

「Are you sure? We did it this morning. I can give it to you anytime though」
「Un, because Master hadn’t properly done ecchi with Misha. 2 Misha, doesn’t want to be defeated by Lilith-chi and Matifa!」

Misha shows her willingness with a clenched fist. Certainly, Misha is always just an extra to Matifa and Lilith, I hadn’t made her as a proper partner yet.
Misha can’t settle with it.
I see, Is that so? If that’s the case, then it can’t be helped.

「Okay, Misha, Strip. You’ll be my partner in front of Matifa」

The one in my groins covered by my pants went mad and I faced Misha declaring so.


  1. That’s called viagra
  2. Please be reminded that Misha is always at 3P