Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Misha’s anal experience ##

「Misha’s first time was here too」
「Un, Master was too intense」
「My bad for being rough that time. Did it hurt?」
「It’s fine. It’s fine as long as Master feels good」

Misha and I embrace each other naked.
I think it’s bad to use Matifa’s bed without permission but it’s her fault this happened. Even if she sees this, that girl won’t do anything to hinder us. If so, then we’ll show our love-love place to that witch.

「Misha is really cute. I love you」
「N, Misha loves master too.1 I love you2
「I do love you too」

Confirming each other’s love, we French kissed. The tongues entwine with each other, we exchange our saliva and drink it up. The surroundings of our mouth is already sticky, I and Misha kissed over and over again.
Misha understood me in the truest sense and helped me. There was no one who was able to understand me up until now, but Misha is different from them. She’s an irreplaceable partner.

「Misha, I’ve always suspected you as Matifa’s tool. But, it was not at all. My bad」
「Uun3, It’s fine. Misha knew that. Also, it’s natural to doubt」

Misha accepted my apology and forgave me easily. She’s really a good girl4 She’s too good for me.

「Thanks, Misha. I’m going to do you affectionately today」
「Un, Misha will do her best」

Then, we kissed again. The warmth of Misha’s chest comes through. It’s too lovely it’s irresistible.
Is Misha glad? Her tail is coiling around my waist. It seems that she doesn’t want to let me go.
I embraced her back gently while kissing. Both skins are glued together, I can feel all of Misha’s warmth and pulse. Misha also happily clings to me.

「Master, you see, Misha loves kisses. Since the first time we kissed when Master gave me the medicine, my heart was throbbing hard」
「I see, is that so? I’m going go give you lots of kisses if that’s what you want. You can just ask whatever you want」
「Unn! Master, kiss me」

Then, we kissed again. My hand caress Misha while we kiss.
Misha is developed by Matifa so she can feel it well anywhere. Just gently stroking her spine makes her body react with a twitch. I turned my hand to her round ass and enjoyed the soft flexible feeling.

「Funyaaa, Master, do you like ass?」
「I love any part of you. 5 Ass, breasts, legs, armpits, I love all of it」
「Then, what about Misha’s anus?」

Uneasy, Misha proposed anal play. I don’t have experience in that either but there’s no way I can refuse Misha’s request.

「Very well. I’ll do anything. But, why anal?」
「You see, since Misha’s pussy is small, Master’s penis can’t get all of itself in. That’s why, I thought of entering my anus. Also, I played with it this morning and it was good」

What a pleasant thing you say.
It seems that she’s dissatisfied being compared with Lilith, her vagina seems to be smaller. It can’t be helped since she’s a child, I do like to expand a tight pussy but that explanation won’t do I guess.

「Ok, got it. Then I’ll loose it firmly. I don’t want to damage Misha after all」
「Un, but Misha is fine?」

Certainly, when I thrust my penis inside Misha it won’t be on the degree of it being ripped off or breaking. But, the problem is the feeling. Even I want Misha to feel good, it’s my pride as a man.

「Ah, but what about enema?」
「Misha knows it」

Misha got off the bed, she looked for something in the shelf in the wall while shaking her healthy ass. Then a bottle with a suspicious liquid and a syringe was took out.

「I learned it from Matifa-sama. Wait a minute」

Misha said that and disappeared somewhere. She’s probably going to put on enema. I can’t move my body so I can’t help her yet so I waited for her silently.
Misha came back with a refreshed face after a while.

「Thanks for the wait」
「Should we start then?」

I lay down Misha on the bed and raised her waist. I placed a pillow under her waist and brought my face close to the anus6.

「Master, is it dirty?」
「It’s fine」

I extend my tongue to Misha’s anus. I didn’t invade it yet, just licking the area and turning it around. The anus who’s thin pink colored shut tightly. It had faint bitterness along with the sweet and sour good smell. It’s as if it is letting out a pheromone to invite men. While I enjoy the smell that may become a habit, a fine wrinkle expands from her small hole, I licked it deliberately.

「Nyaaa. My ass itches. Master, do it more」

Misha shakes her waist as she’s not satisfied. Answering her request, I made my finger crawl in her pussy while licking.
Misha’s small pussy closed tightly, blocking my finger’s invasion. I stroke her slit gently and made her body open up naturally.
Then, after caressing it for a while, I heard wet sounds from her pussy. When I pushed the meat through with my penetrating finger, her love nectar dripped. I lick her anus further.

「Nyuuuu, Master, you see, whenever Master touches Miisha, my chest goes poka-poka7 It feels way better than Matifa-sama, why is it?」

Misha questioned entranced.

「I wonder why? But, isn’t doing naughty things with the one you love feels really good?」
「Is that so? Then, Master too?」
「Yeah, I want to do it with Misha so hard that I’m rock hard already」

Saying that, Misha grasped the stiff and erect penis, then she began to stroke it slowly. It’s not a movement to make me cum, it’s a soft touch as if patting.
‘I won’t lose’, then I attempted to invade Misha’s anus. I pushed my finger wet enough with love nectar on her anus, then it was buried little by little.
Then, Misha started to make a strange scream.

「Nyo, o, o, o, o, ooooo!?」

Misha who had her mouth look like a triangle made a shriek. Her hair and tail stands up at the same time.

「Are you okay?」
「I-m-fi-ne! Something awakened!」

Misha answered as she breaths roughly. I think she resemble a shepherd but I guess it’s my imagination.
Misha’s anus opened easily, the finger went inside.
In contrast to the hard entrance, the inside feels squishy, soft and nice. Was this washed beautifully? There’s no texture of excretement. The clean intestinal wall is loosened slowly.

「Myooooooo! Master, dashamazhing!!」

In contrast to the time when I fiddled with her tail, she’s getting even more aroused with her ass. Misha shook her ass in search for stimulation.
It seems that a second finger will be no problem at all. Misha’s ass hole which should be something that takes out keeps swallowing my finger.
The shallow place of her anus had two fingers enter easily. The soft and flabby elasticity feeling is quite fresh.
Then, I piston my finger, unable to bear it, Misha raised a lovely voice and bend her waist back and forth. It’s a reaction I’ve never seen before.
While enjoying that situation for a while, Misha was unable to endure it at last.

「Myoaaaaaa!! Mashter, More!! Please give me your penis! Faster!!」

Misha used her own hands to spread her anus and begged. It seems that it feels really good.

「Got it, got it. Wait a moment」

I half raised my feet and grind my glans into Misha’s vagina hole.

「Master, wrong hole!」8
「I have to wet it first」

I thrust into her pussy just like that. The pussy wetter than ever accepted the penis smoothly. This seem to be fun even more than usual but the completely aroused looks dissatisfied. She protests as she was looking forward from her expanded anus.
I pulled out the penis that’s wet enough, then I thrust it into Misha’s anus just as she requested. Misha watched the scene with eyes filled with expectation. The glans pushed into her anus.

「Myoooooooooo!! My ass is spreading!」
「O, Ooo! This is!」

Misha loosened the constrictor and easily accepted the thick penis. When the glans entered, it was easily dragged inside. Passing through the limit of her pussy, it settled to the root without problem. The anus tightens up to the root, the intestines wrap up to the sticky glans. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before, my waist feels like melting.

「Myowaaa! Amazhing! Your penis hits so deep inside! Master, all of it entered Misha! How’s it!?」

Misha asked in unusual high tension. Her eyes are spinning and her consciousness is about to fly. There might even be a dangerous brain substance coming out. I’m also the same.

「Somehow, this feels very strange. It sticks viscously and it’s pleasant in itself」
「Misha too! My pussy goes powaa but my ass goes biribiri! Hey, master! Move, Move!」
「Okaay, Master will get to it then!」

Misha is frolic like a child in an amusment park. She’s impatient, wanting to feel good I guess. It seems she likes anal.
In response to Misha’s request, I slowly pulled out my penis. The penis put in without resistance was pulled out. Finally, it was caught in the cheerfully tightening muscle. That moment, Misha’s legs stretched and she screamed.

「Myooooo! Myaaaaaaa! It’s getting stiff and bigger! Misha’s anus is tearing off!!」

The anus strangling my glans feels good.
The anus wriggles as I pull out my penis then I buried my penis once again. When I spread the intestines that came off the anus, Misha yelled once again.
With the piledriver position, Misha supressed the back of her knee and spread her feet wide, she pushed her own ass pussy with her own weight.

「Oooooo! Misham can you see it? Your anus is amazing!」
「Myaaaa! Misha’s ass, Mashter I’m going crazy! Misha’s turning stupid!!」
「Very well Misha, become stupid! I’ll be a fool too!」
「Nyaaa! The same with Mashter! Misha’s going to be a fooooooool!!」

Both I and Misha indulge into pleasure while panting. Misha’s healthy anus accepted my piston easily, my penis is attacked in reverse.
I dig into her ass as a payback so I won’t lose. Misha’s thin stomach is being stirred by my thick penis, she turned over in pleasure.

「Haha! Misha is a pervert for feeling it from her ass!」
「Myaaaa! Because masther is a pervert too! Misha became a pervert-san too, nyaaaa!!」

Misha is sweating oil9 in her whole body. The excretion organ accepts a foreign substance, what’s normally impossible made her feel abnormally excited from the stimulus.
She’s accepting the sexual stimulus from me happily, Misha is feeling pleasure like never before. This broken midareru-sama10 is enough as a proof.

「Misha, I’m about to cum soon! I’ll make your stomach drink lots!」
「Myaaa! I’ll drink lots! Masthter, I will drink with my ash!!」

Misha tightened her muscle hard. At the same time, her intestines coiling to absorb the semen first hand.
As if sucking it up, the sperm rise up deep inside.

「Ooooooo! Cumming, Misha! 」
「Come, master!!」

*Dopyu! Byururu! Byururururu*!
Misha’s beautiful ass had a penis stuck deep inside, the semen was dumped inside. At the same time, Misha reached climax with her ass.


Her pussy blew a tide, Misha face befall. Misha sticks out her tongue while blowing out a tide, it’s lasciviously lewd that you won’t think she’s a child.
When I pulled out my penis from Misha’s anus, the semen flowed out from the anus that was left open but the absentminded Misha doesn’t mind it.

「Misha, how was anal?」
「Nyaa. It was the best. Masther, let’s do it some time again」

Misha has completely fell into anal sex. It wasn’t my fault though. I thought of doing it with Seria next time, I borrowed enema tool from Matifa’s room.
Now, then, next would be Matifa’s capture. I don’t intend to lose but I can’t be careless. I should brace myself.


  1. Daisuki
  2. Aishiteru
  3. Uun = No, Un =Yes
  4. Just like Kashima
  5. Lit: I love anywhere
  6. 菊門, this one took me hours to find out lmao
  7. Pleasantly warm
  8. Lit: Not there
  9. I don’t know why but it has oil in the raw
  10. Disordered