Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 46

Chapter 46: vs Matifa – 2

It was Lion’s copy that moved first. He thrusts his dark colored sword straight to me.

「Do you intend to repeat what happened during daytime?」
「That’s right. How will you overcome the crisis from daytime this time around?」

Fake Lion speaks with Matifa’s voice. The speed is equal to Lion, I also evaded it with my flight ability just like in daytime.
Fake Lion’s sword cuts air. Not just the speed but the movement is identical too. I’m amazed that just a double can reproduce such absurd strength.
However, I experienced this battle once. And thus, it won’t be the same this time.

「There’s no need to overcome it. There’s no way I’d lose against a fake after all!」

When I shoved my dagger, it was avoided splendidly. But, that movement was seen already. I adjusted my track according to his evasion and slashed fake Lion’s head.
It’s spouting blood.
I shouldn’t bathe in this. This has Matifa’s magical power soaked in it. Matifa was able to take control of my body easily a while ago, it was because I bathed in Matifa’s blood. When I first met Matifa, she manipulated me by sending her magical power to the cursed panties. That’s why I would be manipulated the same way from a while ago if I bathed in the blood.
However, it’s impossible to evade all the blood. So I had no choice but to be invisible.
Dirt doesn’t stick to my invisible body. It’s the same thing for blood. The blood that sticks to me fell on the floor. I moved to a position where it won’t stick and removed my invisibility immediately.
If I used it for a long time, a full blown attack will come from Matifa. That’s bad.
As soon as I returned back, I was attacked by a light headache.
Taking that advantage, fake Lion attacked with his last struggle.
This is the biggest drawback of my invisibility. My mental state becomes unstable after releasing my invisibility. My thoughts simplify and my judgement becomes dull and I make openings. Therefore, this ability can never be used when I’m alone in battle. That’s right, if I’m alone.

「Master, leave it to me!」

The slash was prevented by Misha who cut in. After Misha competed the black sword with her reinforced nails, the attack’s orbit changed and flew to the day after tomorrow. It broke a hanging flag and it disappeared at the stone wall.
There will be no problem as long as there’s Misha’s cooperation. Even if I got defeated by an enemy once, there’s no anxiety at all.

「You got down easily. Also, you avoided the blood, did you notice it?」
「Isn’t it obvious? You’re manipulating me through body fluids. There’s no way I’d bathe in it」

Fake Lion talks while bleeding. The doubles don’t die even if they’re killed1, this is really absurd. But, we have to deal with this gap. Any more than this and we can’t attack anymore.

「Fun, you seem to have raised a difficulty a bit. Look, it’s the next one. Can you endure it now that your movement is dulled?」

Fake Trovas’s magic flew next. He shot a black flame arrow that was double than what it was in daytime. It’s power is adjusted to the degree where I won’t die but if I got it, defeat won’t be avoided.
This is also the repetition of the daytime. I flew to the sky and Misha avoided it with her prided speed.

「You’ll never win by running away. Or are you analyzing which is the real one?」

Matifa provokes the me who runs away desperately. It seems that she’s thinking that she’s still in advantage.
If so, I’ll respond quickly.

「I do know where the real one is」
「…What did you say?」

This time it was fake Trovas who has a pig face wraped his face in hate.
While freely flying around the audience, I disclosed my real intention to Matifa.

「Matifa, I guess you’re envious of Seria」
「…What are you saying so suddenly?」
「You pressed your panties to me not to tease me. I guess you opposed it when I stole Seria’s panties?」

Matifa didn’t answer. Seria made a commotion instead.

「Wait!? What do you mean by that!! You, did you steal my underwear!?」
「Yeah, I just borrowed it. Don’t mind it」
「I do! Please returtn it! RETURN IT!」

Seria is worrying about something so trivial this late, I continued to talk to Matifa.

「Also, you meddled with Seria. You handed her a ero book even though I didn’t ask you to, you trespassed and showed yourself when she was having sex with me, in the end you kidnapped her. Other than me, Seria is the only one you put your hand on so far. Even if your favorite is Misha, it’s too suspicious」

Seria is special to Matifa. Since I’m obsessed with her, she’s burning with rivalry with Seria, but that’s not all.

「You’re envious of Seria. It’s because she has all what you want. But, you hid those feelings. You pretend that you’re not aware」
「…What are you talking about?」

Matifa answered feigning ignorance. This girl doesn’t admit it yet. Or, she doesn’t want to admit it?
Well it’s fine, I’m not going to talk long anyway. While I’m speaking in this way, I was exposed to all of attacks. I and Misha avoided with paper thin difference, the audience in between becomes ragged instead. There’s no need to increase Lululie’s work anymore.

「Matifa, it might be early but I’ll give you my answer. I can’t use my teleportation for more than once right now. I’ll be able to guess your real body in this one use」

Since I used it twice during Seria’s masturbation appreciation and when I escape earlier today, I’ll be able to use it only once right now.
But, there’s no problem with just one chance. I only need to make the correct answer once.

「That’s a bluff. There’s no way for you to find it that easy. Also, I know that you need time to concentrate to be able to teleport. Do you think I’ll give you that time?」

Fake Trovas’ attack increased in severity. A black flame arrow spread pursues me and attacked me from all sides. The speed and control is the real deal. If Matifa is serious, Trovas’ magical power won’t compare to her. It’s certain that her magic is the best in this country.
Dodging it to the limit, I brushed off the arrows I can’t avoid with the dagger and continued to talk. Although my body hurts from the impossible movement, I need to endure it a bit more. The chance will come certainly.

「It’s not a bluff. Also, it’s easy to buy time!」
「Is that so? Then let me hear it. Your answer」
「Matifa, you want to be found by me. That’s why those irrelevant guys for you are excluded」

I have to find out the real thing from Matifa’s challenge. In other words, she’s hoping that I would understand her feelings. I’m cure that she’s hiding restlessly right now.

「You have lived for a long time. You stayed at the Kings castle. But, your reason is not to contribute to the country, it’s clear because you’ve never done that so far. You’re not fond of this country. You don’t eye on the knight or minister in particular. That’s why, those are excluded」
「It is. I’m not interested in this country」

The knights and ministers vanished like mist along with my answer.

「Next, Lion. This fellow is the first one who attacked me in the beginning. But, this fellow isn’t important to you at all」
「Yeah, Lion is worthless for me」

It’s obvious that it wasn’t lion from the time of his first slash. This fellow disappeared like mist too.

「Next is Felix. This fellow is a criminal who, just like you, attempted to kidnap Seria. You’re eavesdropping anyway, aren’t you? If you changed to his shape, then it won’t be during the battle during daytime, you should’ve joined up during Seria’s kidnapping situation. That’s why, it’s not this guy」
「If we returned to Seria’s kidnapping, certainly, there’s no need to take this measure. You killed 21 people? Then assassins with the same number should’ve been sent in.

Felix is also one of the two marquis houses, He should’ve went to Matifa. Though he’s the mastermind of Seria’s kidnapping, he’s unrelated to Matifa right now. Felix disappeared too.

「Though Trovas is also a partner who attacked me but for you, this fellow’s magic is just a childish act. This fellow isn’t different from the others」
「True. If his face is a bit thin, his value should rise a bit」

The head of the Mark Newt marquis house, Trovas. This guy attacked me with his magic during the daytime, but it goes without saying that Matifa’s magic is above that. Even if he disappeared, the magic he shot off didn’t. Probably because he’s not a practitioner. 2

「The remaining is the royalty and your real self that hides. The second prince Desire is just a simple idiot. There’s no way you’d sit there as your pride is high」
「I completely agree. Desire is just a fool」

Desire fades away while striking a strange pose. Matifa seems to hate this fellow.

「The first prince, Radom. He’s the guy who came to deal the fatal blow on me. If this trial is to overcome my loss during the daytime, he’s the most appropriate. But, the essence of the trial isn’t there. It’s not this guy」
「That’s right. I did thought of knocking down Radom in the trial actually. But, I was angry. There’s no way this would end easily」

The fake Radom attacked me without disappearing.
This is probably the trial Matifa originally thought. Defeating Lion, Trovas and Radom, overcoming my defeat during daytime. Therefore, there’s power in me, I’m certain that she intends to say that I shouldn’t get angry to this degree.


Misha comes with just one shout. While jumping freely, the fire arrows that were moving to attack were mowed down with her nail. Then, when it reached near me, she increased her speed and all of the fire arrows that were rushing into me dropped. At the same time, I cleaned up those that leaked out of Misha and when the artillery barrage thinned, fake Radom attacked.
If it’s not a surprise attack, fake Radom’s attack is simple. Though he’s forged along with the knights, he can’t defeat me with his conventional movements. The only note to take is his herculean strength that crushed my bones lightly.
Fake Radom jumped in the air. He put up his right fist ready. I shouldn’t receive that from here. This cursed sword may not break but the impact would be transmitted to me.
To match Radom’s right straight, I rotated my body like a spinning top. Letting Radom’s attack flow and having him replace where my body is and I moved to his back. Fake Radom who can’t fly can’t do this movement. I threw my magic sword and it skewered his heart from behind.
Fake Radom that fell on the ground became mist and disappeared.

「The serious you has no mercy. Though you’re not fast, your movement can’t be predicted. …No, it’s different. Your movements betrayed my predictions. That’s why it felt faster than the original speed. Your flight ability, it’s not something that manipulates wind and gravity. The foundation is spatial control, isn’t it? Show it to me more」

Even if fake Radom was knocked down, Matifa’s composure isn’t disturbed. In exchange for the black flame arrow, this time, several small demons were summoned. Their size is estimated as the size of a small man. Big wings grow from their back, they also have a spear with three points.
Their strength is the same from the knights. There’s no need to fight so I devote myself to running away again.
Then, I resumed my interrupted answer.

「Next would be the Queen, Angela. Her hysterical point is the same as you」
「You, are you making a fool of me?」
「But, this person is a stranger who just married. A senior like yourself doesn’t care about it」
「Are you ignoring me? Well, you’re right though」

Matifa erased fake Angela easily What’s left is the shadow of King Ortiz and the Black Matifa.

「Last would be King Ortiz. He’s the top of the country but, oh well, it’s only to that degree. For you, the throne doesn’t matter」
「If so, there’s no more candidates. Are you saying that I’m my own double?」

Black Matifa steps ahead.

「Also, there’s the guy who hides in the pillar The me during daytime」
「You noticed it. Certainly, he’s hiding there. Is this your answer?」

There’s no presence but I’m sure that Mtifa’s personality won’t overlook minor details. In the end, she would just say that the last enemy is myself. But…

「That person is just a fool so leave him alone」
「Isn’t that yourself? Then, where am I?」

Matifa asked with irritation and expectation mixed in her voice. This girl really wants me to find her. This girl really has a troublesome character. But, that’s cute too.

「You know it it already. You already noticed from my answer」
「Then say it already. If you tease me too much, I’ll attack you with all members next」
「Ha, you say that but all of them are fake」

Matifa’s attacking hand stopped for a moment. Finally, the chance appeared.
I’ll charge at the real body just like that. I became invisible and sneaked in, I would be attacked if I approached I guess. It’s highly possible that I would be attacked to the extend where I won’t die. I have no choice but to use teleportation the moment I announce it.
I hang a wire on chandelier and made a sudden break. At the same time, my flight ability is cancelled and my body made a huge swing.
The low-class devils that were following me were left from a distance. Then, earning the time, I activated teleportation.

「The real one is you. You idiot!」

I dropped my fist on Seria’s seat that has nobody. There’s the feeling of feedback on my hand. Then, removing her magic at the same time, the child Matifa that’s about to cry showed up.


  1. A segi no mikata needs to talk to Matifa
  2. 術者ではないからだろう。