Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 47

Chapter 47: vs Matifa – 3

「W-why did you find out that I’m here?」

Asked the Matifa in her usual goth loli appearance. Anger vanished from her face and she returned to her original condition completely.

「It’s easy. Actually, you wanted to be a princess, not a witch. That’s why you stay at the castle wearing a beautiful dress, you’re waiting for a prince to release you from your suffering. There’s no other special seat for the princess but here. You wanted to sit down here」

Perhaps, Matifa didn’t want to be a witch., After all, she’s a girl who keeps admiring the princess in fairy tale. That’s the true form of the witch named Matifa.
That’s why, in order to save herself, she calls out to find a hero with a special ability at the beginning. It was me this time.

「J-Just that made you convinced that I’m here? Didn’t you think that it would be different?」
「In fact, I only thought that it would be here. You’re envious of Seria, Seria is the real princess that I’ve saved. Also, you pushed your own panties to me and embraced me. Also, when you came at Seria’s room, you used the other worlder topic as excuse, in truth you can’t just watch me meet Seria in silence, aren’t you? Also, you want me to embrace you on the bed of the princess and pushed me down. There’s also the insinuate to Seria. You even squeezed me to my limit that time」

She feels bitter so she took up my time, she pushed me down forcefully.
She’s conscious of all of Seria’s actions. She wanted herself to be rescued more than Seria.
However, this fellow isn’t docile and can’t ask to be saved directly, she did it in a roundabout. She tried to pull me, and tried to make me notice her real intention.
That’s why she hid herself, I knew she’s here.
Still, Matifa doesn’t recognize it yet.

「T-that’s too farfetched!」
「Are you still saying that. You entrusted me Misha who’s most important to you, you left Misha, the only one who could understand you, to me, you believed that I would understand you didn’t you?」
「Wrong! I said it that time, you were weak!」
「That’s not wrong. You’re a timid girl who dreams to be a princess being saved by a prince. And yet, you took figure of the witch and you hid your weak self desperately. I know everything」

She’s really a troublesome woman. In the first place, there’s no woman who calls herself with boku.1 If you change the wording thoroughly, such words isn’t used.

「T-then what about it!? Are you saying that you’re going to save me!? If you don’t have that ability you’re just a normal person, are you saying that you can release me from my suffering!?」
「I can. Since I can, you’re attached to me. That’s why, it’s already fine. Admit your defeat, matifa」
「There’s no way I’d admit that! In the first place you don’t even know what I’m suffering! That’s why you stabbed me to death!!」

Matifa is still whining. It seems she doesn’t forgive me for stabbing her.
That’s equal to a betrayal for Matifa that wished for salvation. Since Matifa betrayed me before that, I don’t mind it anymore, but is lip service needed here?

「You’re right. I thought that it’s best to put an end to your long life. But, I was wrong. I’ll honestly apologize about that. I’m sorry」
「Then what are you going to do? Everyone runs away from knowing they can’t kill me. Are you going to run away from me too?」

Matifa asked anxiously. She probably experienced it a lot in the past. She’s just a foolish woman for learning nothing from there.
I hugged Matifa and whispered in her ear to reassure her.

「I won’t run. Though I’m confident in running away, I won’t escape from you anymore. I’ll be with you until I die. There’s no need to be afraid any longer」
「T-T-T-Then you have to prove it!」
「C-Contract! A contract that we’ll be together for lifetime!」
「Very well. Look at me, let’s do it quickly」
「Are you really sure!? You’ll never be run away from me anymore?」
「Didn’t I tell you? Hurry up」

Matifa prepared a contract in a hurry. She prepared a cloth of suitable size with magic, she wrote a letter with a quill pen taken out from somewhere. Blood from the fingertip is the ink.
A contract of being together for the lifetime, it’s a contract where we can’t go away from each other, we always have to meet every after three days, etc, some bothersome lines were written in a row. It’s like an oath of a married couple in marriage. Just how unconfident is this girl to make a tie with this contract.
The final drip of blood dropped, Matifa presented the contract to me.

「T-this is a contract of blood. It’s the heaviest among witch’s contracts. Your life will be taken if you betrayed. Are you really sure?」

I also dripped my blood there. And the preparation was complete.

「Got it. Here it comes」

Matifa chanted some sort of magic. Then, when her chant ended, the contract burned up and didn’t leave even ash. At the same time, the content of the contract was carved in my mind.
With this, I can no longer run away from Matifa.
And, Matifa can’t run away from meー.

「Thus, the completion of the contract. You can no longer part from me. You hear?」

Matifa approached gladly. Our mood is like of newlyweds. She had a man who understands her for the first time, I can see her go round in festivity.
Seria and Misha also had relief in their faces. This girls are really optimistic.

「Very well. We’ll be together forever. …By the way. Matifa, how old are you?」2

The air froze.
It’s the number one question you shouldn’t ask a woman. Matifa worries about it in particular. Boos and Magic would’ve flied in an instant. BUt, there’s no reaction.

「W-why did you ask such things?」
「Just tell me」
「!…years old」

Matifa answered softly. But, I can’t hear it well.

「I can’t hear it」
「…1489 years old!」

Matifa shouted in desperation.
1489 years oldーーThis fellow is close to 1500 years old. Her 300 years in this country is just really a part for her. The experience accumulated is unimaginable for me, she must’ve suffered.
But, that doesn’t matter to me anymore.

「Ha, did you live that long? 1489 years?~ ~~1489 you say. Fuuun」

I annoyingly spoke her age in repetition, Matifa’s mood worsens in a moment.

「You, what’s funny?」
「No, because I guess it is? 1489 years old, if you say that I imagine an old hag. To think that you yearn to be a princessー Pupu」
「You! What do you mean by that? What do you want to do by making me angry this late?」
「I don’t intend to make you angry. I was just a bit interested. Haa, Still, 1489 years old~」
「Can you shut up already!?」

Matifa’s face is dyed red as she endure the embarrassment. However, she’s already at her limit.

「Ah, Sorry, sorry. Because, thinking that a 1489 years old witch wishing for a prince to help herー I can’t stop laughing」
「ーー!! I told you to shut up!!」

Dark magic spouts from Matifa. It’s Matifa’s real serious magical power. Bathing in it would be dangerous as it’s filed with malice. Though it’s sucked in by the cursed sword, it won’t last long.

「Are you losing your temper because I’m telling the truth? Or is it bulls-eye? Elderly are really hot-tempered~」
「Stop this bullshit!!」

Matifa’s black magic begin to take shape. It’s a shadow of an ugly woman. It’s size is double of an adult but it’s body is as thin like a dead branch. It has a disgusting appearance with it’s whole body is entwined with ivy.
Also, it’s not just the appearance. A strong thought flows nearby it.

ーーEnvious. Enviable. Beauty is enviable. Youth is enviable. Happiness is hated. I want to be beautiful. I want to be young. I want to be popular. I want it to be easy. I want to be happy. Unfair. Unfair. Unfair. Give me beauty. Make me rejuvinate. Don’t take the man away. Return the man. Break up happiness. You’re just unfair. Hate. I’ll curse you. O I curse you. Suffer. Suffer. Suffer suffer suffer. Go mad. Go mad. Go mad go mad go mad. Break. Break. Break. Die. Die. Drop dead. Go mad and fall to hellー.

The ugly woman screams envy. An ordinary man would go insane hearing it.
This true nature of suffering Matifa is is understandable even if it’s unpleasant. Matifa had lived up until now burdened with envy of women who’s not burdened.

「HI! What’s this!?」
「Mu, Master, that’s dangerous!!」

Seria used all her power and fired her magical power to protect herself as she can’t move in order to resist. Misha also came down and went to my side.

「Don’t worry. ALso, Misha, I’ll borrow it」

I removed Misha’s choker smoothly. Then, I turned to Matifa once again.
Matifa stared at me with her dark colored pupil. Her face is just as ugly as the monster in the back. It’s prominent that it’s repulsive because the origin is beautiful.

「Matifa’s true character finally showed up. It was easy to trick. Did I look like a prince? There’s no way I’d be」

I throw a joke at the enraged Matifa. Whatever kind of monster would appear, my superiority won’t change.

「I finally understood your nature. I was foolish. You merely played and teased me. I guess you not being able to use your teleportation is just a lie? Making me angry, you intend to break my mind. Your ways are cowardly. ーI don’t care, you can kill me right now!!」

Matifa’s surrounding has a cursing magical power blowing violently.
I made Misha step back and I confronted Matifa one-on-one.

「Well then, Matifa. I’ll say it again. You’re defeated by me and you’ll be mine. This is the fixed future. Then, I’ll be saving you in the truest sense」
「Don’t lie!」
「Your contract can judge whether I lie or not. If you think it’s a lie, then attack. You can’t right? If I got killed, you can’t pay me」

Matifa hadn’t paid for the information yet. And her compensation is pilled up from the start of the battle.
It’s not just the prophecy of Matifa’s defeat. Matifa who hadn’t noticed the real intention of me sharing information about my ability, I tied Matifa’s behavior with various things that became debts.
Furthermore, earlier, we had signed a contract with unclear meaning of us being together as always. It’s possible to end this one-sidedly.

「Why!? Why I can’t attack!?」
「I told you right? You can’t attack me. In my world there’s something called ‘A curse will rebound on yourself as well’, the curse returned to yourself too. Isn’t your contract also one kind of Witch’s magic? Since you bound me up, you yourself is also bound. If you think of attacking me, you must pay a compensation first. It’s a compensation to get the future you desire」
「Are you telling me to give myself up to you!? There’s no way I can do that!」
「It’s not about whether you can do it or not. You have no choice but to do it. You’re a witch that can’t break a contract. And, I already told you the information you wanted the most, the method to save you. No matter how much magical power you summon up, it’s the reason for your defeat」

That’s right, it concluded from the beginning. What’s left is the finishing touches.

「Is there such method to rescue me!?」
「Well fine. You won’t understand it no matter what I say. That’s why, I’ll do it by force」

I made a step to approach Matifa. The dense magical power’s curse can eat a heart. A magical power to curse people with jealousy and envy. My head is attacked and disturbed by an intense headache.
Cold sweat spouts from my whole body and I began to tremble.
Seeing me suffer, Matifa shouted.

「There’s no way you can! You do not understand the essence of the thing called magic!!」
「Then tell me. What is this ugly monster?」
「It’s an incarnation of jealousy. It’s magic distorts the world itself. Uncertain thing, fantasy and delusion, in other words, illusion. It takes form from collective thoughts, it’s magical power doesn’t have a form from the distortion of the world3 If the clear substance and natural phenomenon is used as basis, a realistic phenomenon occurs. Then, if pure emotions gather, an incarnation of divine spirit is born」

What’s on Matifa’s back is the jealousy of minds all over the world that was born into existence. No doubt it has a suitable ugliness and power.

「I was born beautiful. Furthermore, being the incarnation of the rejuvination magic and eternal youth, I have gathered the envy all over the world. Then, the incarnation of envy resided in me. This is my source of power and my life enemy. There’s no way an ordinary man can do something about it!」

Matifa screamed. A woman who received envy, her heart continued to be ruined. She probably broke in the past. And, Matifa asking for help was born. As she’s unable to die, she kept waiting for someone she doesn’t know when will appear.

「If you listen to it you’ll understand. It’s a noisy fellow. Annoying」
「If it’s annoying then end it!」
「I’ll do. You probably don’t know how to deal with envy from those guys. 」

If I know the true character, there would be plenty of ways to deal with it. Envy receiving praise, laughing it off, ignoring it completely, or being famous around. But, I don’t like those methods. Those methods makes you look down on your opponent. To the lowest human, does the lowest method.

「What are you going to do!?」
「I’ll do this」

Then, I covered myself with Matifa’s cursed panties.


  1. I did mention it before, she refers herself with boku, it’s usually used by young boys
  3. 形を持たない世界の歪みは魔力となり、思いを集めて形を作るんだ。