Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 1

Chapter 1: If you would have a supernatural power, which of the three do you want?

If you would have a supernatural power, which of the three do you want?

1. The ability to fly in the sky
2. To become an invisible man
3. Teleportation Ability

Please remember the ability you wished for. The journey you wished for will begin.

On my way back from school, I was alone in the bus stop, looking at the reception of my smartphone
It was a spam from unknown sender who drifted in SNS
No, I’m not sure if it’s a spam.
It was an message which is sent by an unknown account who claims to be God, It says that I should choose one out of the three supernatural powers. I can’t find any click and spread message in here.
Did they forget to write it? If so, then this is a foolish subject. They probably feel nostalgia lapses, I’m sure that the sender who called himself God is just a middle aged man who’s not used to SNS He probably sent this to make acquaintance with me. Is it our bald father?
I don’t understand their purpose, but I recalled that I’m free. I intend to trick the old man on the other side of the screen.

I imagined it casually. Me doing it.
I imagine me flying in the sky, becoming invisible, and teleporting.

If you have this ability in Japan, it would be a lot of problem. It would be good in another world.
If anything, how about fantasy world? Some swords and magic world just like in anime and games.
But if that’s the case, won’t this ability be inadequate?
I don’t understand what kind of danger is there. I might be attacked by a ferocious monster or a stupidly strong human. However, I’m just a high school student who can’t fight such dangerous people. There’s the option of running away by teleportation.
However, I don’t want that running away life.
To begin with, these three are not suitable for fighting. Assuming I have all of them I’m still uneasy. I want a stronger cheat.
I want to fly in the sky, be invisible, and teleport. If I can do thatー I can do erotic things too.
I would peep in a cute girl’s bathroom, sneak in to her bed and rape her, then escape using teleportation the moment I’m caught. It’s perfect. It’s Perfect. That’s right. Let’s do that. I will throw away my comfortable life in Japan, and go to the fantastic other word filled with pure beautiful girls to rape.

「N? What’s this?」

The moment I thought of that, I, Kirishima Ren was wrapped in Light, and was sent to Other World