Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Crumbling reason#

The battle has ended, I returned my thoughts to normal mode.
My heart was screaming *bakun bakun*1 and the shivering of my body doesn’t stop. Sweat gushed out in one go.
The feeling of stabbing a person using my hand is recalled. The weight of cutting flesh comes back to me.
The fear of killing people is attacking me…

ーーNot yet. It’s not over yet.

I hurried back to the restrained princess Seria and Lululie while enduring nausea.

In addition to being tied up, princess Seria is also gagged up. It stared at my face surprised. It can’t be helped to be surprised since the one in front of her just slaughtered around 20 people.
Lululie rolled in the ground while unconscious.
And, both of their clothes are disordered and it was unladylike.

Seria wasn’t undressed, but her dress was taken down to shoulders and her voluptuous chest spilled. The tip is barely hidden but the rain makes it wet and transparent. Since she ran wild, her skirt has been rolled up and her thighs and panties are completely exposed. To be honest, I want to attack right now and forget a lot of things.
Lululie’s maid uniform was torn off, so her beautiful white skin and her cute tits are exposed. The skirt is also torn apart, her white panties and garter are exposed in the rain. And, the bruise hit by the knight. Her face had a terrible bruise.
They didn’t have the time to rape, but I think she did well.

「You…How dare you…」

I heard a groan from my feet. When I looked, the knight commander was still breathing. The knife that run to his neck seems to be shallow to be fatal. I failed to kill, it seems I still have a lot to go. I pushed the knife with the back of my shoes to finish him off.


Princess Seria raised a voiceless scream. I removed her binds immediately.
My eyes are glued on the breasts spilling from her dress, but I have to control myself here. 2 Presence of mind, presence of mind, I persuade myself.

When the bind removed, princess Seria was startled, but immediately got close to Lululie.

「Lululie, get yourself together! I’ll use healing magic right now!」

Princess Seria forgot to fix her clothes and casted magic on Lululie. Princess Seria muttered something, then a faint light wraps Lululie then her wound was healed. And, it returned to it’s original beautiful face immediately.
I took my glove off to check her pulse and breathing.

「Is Lululie okay?」

Princess Seria asked anxiously.

「Both her pulse and breathing are stable. She will wake up soon」
「Is that so? Because I used magic while she’s sleeping, I think it would take several hours for her to wake up. But, I’m glad she’s okay」

Princess Seria’s speech is broken and it’s seen in her face that’s she frightened. Are you really scared of me? Is that so?

「T-thank you for helping us」
「No, don’t mind it」

I helped since it’s work. And I came late to help because it was somewhat dangerous.
It’s bad to leave Lululie as is, so I hold her and carried her to the carriage.
When I lifted her up, the torn clothes slipped off and her body is now fully exposed. Small chest, small body. Her ribs stands out. I’m worried that she’s not eating much since she’s light. But she still has the softness peculiar to girl, it’s luring me to molest her.

「Please don’t look so much」
「Oh, sorry. I just」

The stare from the back is warning me.

When I stood up, there was a fragrance of the forest in her leaf colored hair.
I took a deep breath, then I felt that my battle excitement feeling slightly calming down. Just for a bit.

I had a hunch that I only think of erotic things about these two recently. I peeked at the shower, I stole her panties, I peeked at her peeing. My reason is about to collapse. Just one more push and I’m confident that I will rampage already.
Furthermore, I’m desperately struggling now. Death is always next to me when I work, but there’s no sort of it this time. I did against more than 20 people, including some Imperial Guard’s Knight. Usually I don’t cross such dangerous bridge. It was good that it did all according to plan, but with just one mistake I would be dead.

My fighting style is Owata figting art. 3
Paper armor and poor offensive ability is cheated with technology.
As I fight, the fight makes me feel very close to death enough to make me unstable. I want to somehow diverge the fear of death.

I board the carriage while holding Lululie. Inside was simple design sofa facing each other. I mobilized my reason and let Lululie down the sofa. The cushion is made up of disgusting multiple rafflesia as pillow, yet this was the carriage that princess Seria boarded.

「Uhmm, thank you for everything」

Princess Seria bowed once again while giving thanks. Her big breasts shakes boldly.
But, more that that, I was more worried in her wet hair that was stained with mud.
Surprisingly I extend my hand.

「Then, I want to give you something as thanks, Hyau!」

A lovely scream leaked out from princess Seria’s mouth. The blame is my hand on her hair.

「Ah, it became dirty isn’t it? Errr, the towel was…」

ーーI touched it. Though I thought of just looking, I can’t endure it anymore, I finally touched her. I’ve held her silver hair at that time.

「Err, I’m sorry. It would help me if you release your hand…」

Release my hand?
I can’t do that.
If I let my hand go, you’d surely go somewhere. Would it be the strongest knight Lion? or would it be the Misumunto Kingdom’s prince McClane? Or is it someone different.
It’s not me at least. It’s someone other than me. There’s also the possibility that it could be the scums who will snatch her.
I can’t let you do that.

It’s no use.
I can’t stand it any longer.

Looking at princess Seria’s face, our eyes met. Since I was touching her hair, I see her afraid through her upturned eyes.

It’s impossible.

I held princess Seria’s shoulders with both of my hands, then attacked her as is, I stole her lips.
A sweet soft feeling was transmitted.
Princess Seria opened her eyes wide, and her surprised body turned stiff.

「!! Nー! Nー!」

What princess Seria is trying to say doesn’t matter. I will do what I want.
I pushed my tongue on her lips invading her mouth. I poked princess Seria’s tongue, sucked it up, and entangled it.
We’re cold because we were hit by the rain. Princess Seria’s lips are cold. But the inside of her mouth is so hot that I’m melting. The heat is melting my reason and turned me to a man.
I was absorbed in sucking that even our breathing became hard, so I separated our mouth once.

「A, a,a,a,」

Princess Seria opens her mouth wide like a goldfish. More than fear and bewilderment, her face shows surprise.
Once again, I kissed her beautifuly pink colored lips. This time I entangle her tongue from the beginning and tease it stickily.

Princess Seria’s hands move around as we Kiss. Her hand was stroking my back, confirming that there’s no resistance, I put my hand on her ass.
When I stroke her from the top of her dress, princess Seria’s head finally caught up and began to flail her hand.

It’s troublesome if you resist. I separated our mouths, grasped her hand and pushed her down the sofa. I took her hands above her head, then tied it up with a wire to the degree that it doesn’t become painful. She can’t use her hands with this.


What? Isn’t that obvious?

「I’m going to rape you. I’ll take everything from you and make you mine」

I reached her breasts while speaking. It’s quite big as expected. The tension is moderate, it’s elastic, and massaging it feels soft.

「Hyaaa! S-stop this. I beg of you」

Princess Seria shakes her head while speaking words of refusal. But, that response is wrong.
The correct response is to shout out with a loud voice and escape with all your power when you’re attacked by a man. With such a weak response, it’s like you’re telling them to attack you.

I buried my face on the nape of her neck and crawled my tongue on the skin wet with rain, it tasted like sweat. I did not forget to caress her chest at the same time.

「Nuu…Stop, I beg of you. This is bad. I want to thank you properly so please think of a different way」

Do you think you’ll make my reason come back with such words?
I separate my face, I also separate my right hand that was rubbing her chest. For a moment, there was a face of relief showing from princess Seria.
I lowered my right hand, then caressed her lewd body.
From the abdomen to the navel, and further lower.
The complexion of princess Seria changes at once.

「That’s no good! It’s an important place, You shouldn’t touch that place!!」
「That’s true」

Princess Seria shouted.
I know. This is an important place. That’s why I will save the fun to the last minute.
I evaded her important place and moved to her waist and thighs.
Princess Seria relaxed as her guard as she was relieved once again, but she noticed that it was a mistake.

「My skirt, wawawa, please wait! You’ll see my underwear!」4

I ran my fingers on her thighs to tease her, then I rolled her skirt up little by little. Her beautiful legs become bare.
I pulled the hem of her skirt, then her pink panties were exposed.
Princess Seria wiggles her waist to cover it desperately, but I only see it as inviting.
If you do it like that, it can’t be helped.

I silenced princess Seria’s mouth once again and moved my hand on her thighs. I run my fingers over her sticky thigh and move it little by little to the top.


When my hand came to touch her panties, her resistance become violent.
On physical build, I’m easily the top, but princess Seria has the upper hand thanks to her magical power. But, oh well, since I restricted her tightly, there’s no problem. I naturally know the art of pinning down people without using power.
Since I blocked her mouth, her breathing became rough, princess Seria’s face become dyed red.

「Puhaa, haa, haa… Please stop this already…」

When I separate my mouth, she said that with teary eyes. My answer is obvious.

「I won’t stop」

I want to enjoy her breasts more, but the dress is obstructing. Her arms are bound…let’s cut it.
I pulled out a dagger from my waist and pressed it on her cleavage.
The blood of the men whom I murdered a while ago was sticking on the dagger.


The scared princess Seria makes me feel good. Should I threaten her incidentally?

「If you don’t want to be in pain, don’t resist so much. Behave yourself」

When I said that, I ripped her dress cloth from top to bottom. Finally, I showed the tip of the dagger with the blood.
Well, I don’t have to hurt her anyway. I’m doing it by force, but it’s not my hobby to beat up. 5 The only pain I engrave is the pain of deflowering.
But the effect seems to be too outstanding that princess Seria shrank completely.
This is bad. I must loosen her.

I began to caress her again. Since she became quiet, her arms that were bound in the carriage were freed by my left hand.

The outset exposed breasts were felt with both of my hands. The skin I stick to are soft and elastic breasts. It’s the best massage feeling.
While I was massaging, her small pink colored nipple changed it’s color faintly. I flicked it with my finger lightly.


The body of princess Seria trembled. It seems that she’s weak on her nipples. As I knead, her small nipples became stiff.

「N, not there. Hau, I feel strange…」

A sweet voice was leaked. She seems to be feeling it. My right hand moved to her pussy and stroked it gently on top of her panties. While that happens, I also stroke her nipples slowly.

「Ahn, don’t tease my breasts. …Hey, please forgive me already. Any further than this is no good」

Even if you say no, princess Seria’s resistance is weak. At least she closes her legs to prevent my hand from invading. But that doesn’t mean anything.
When I rolled my tongue on her nipples, a trembling reaction is returned. Princess Seria’s eyes are glazed.
I removed her panties, and I caressed her small pussy directly. With no hair, it has a slippery feel. I slid my finger and stroked her gently.

「Fuaaa…My important place is, Nn, being touched…」

Her slit is wet with love nectar. After stroking it for a while, the love nectar increased a little.
With this, we should be able to go to the next stage, I feel for the entrance.
I found it immediately, then I put a single finger slowly.

「Hyaaa, W-what are you doingーNuuuuuuu!!」

It’s just one finger, yet it’s squeezing so hard. Princess Seria closed her eyes and is trying to endure the stimulation. I haven’t put the first joint yet. I wonder if I can’t do it myself? 6
I fiddled around her entrance. After caressing it, it loosened little by little.

「Ah, Ah, Don’t, What’s this? My voice is leakiing out! Ah, Ah, Aah!」
「What’s wrong? Does it feel good?」
「I-I don’t know. Hyaa!」

It seems she never masturbated. I stopped the simultaneous attack on to her breast but, it would take time before she get used to it.
Because I was bored, I decided to check other places and play with it. This entire body is mine. I must examine every corner.

From her shoulder to her arm, from her arm to her finger, I taste and enjoyed every corner of her young skin. After the arm, her body. The gap from her underarm to her breasts, her navel, her side…
I removed her hand restraints and loosened her upper clothes, I caressed her whole body.

「Nn, aah, I’m being licked, Ahn, I’m dirty」
「I’m marking you as my thing」
「Yaan~ That’s」

Her vagina became loose, and the finger buried deep. I put the second joint and her vaginal wall combs back. I looked for a place with good reaction while paying mind to her hymen.

「Ah, inside, finger, moving, I told you not to! Ah, there, hyaa!」

While feeling her vagina closing tightly on my finger, I searched another good place for reaction Her love nectar is overflowing inside endlessly.
I finished capturing her upper body with my tongue, I moved to her lower body. I lifted one of her legs and made my tongue crawl. There was some mud sticking, but I didn’t mind it.

「Nnnn…aa! Haa…N, Ah, Ah, Hyaau!!」

Princess Seria’s panting voice echoes in the carriage. Princess Seria became quite docile and is accepting my caress.
Meanwhile, the base of my finger came to enter. I brought my face close to her wet private part thinking that it’s about time.

「What a beautiful pussy」
「Noo, Don’t look at that place…」

Princess Seria is embarrassed and tries to close her legs, but she doesn’t have the power to shut it.
Her pink g-string panties were wet with the dripping love nectar. And her smooth slippery pink meat genitalia can be seen from the other side. This small hole has my finger going in and out.
It’s a new pussy that’s never been used. I will love it firmly.

I pulled my finger and opened her genital area, I confirmed her hymen properly.

「As expected, you’re a virgin」
「Nu, I haven’t done it yet」

It seems she’s forbidden. I brought my mouth close to it and tasted her immature labia politely.

「Hyaaaa, don’t lick that place!」

Her innocent reaction is irresistible. As I make kissing noise, I continued cunnilingus.

「Aaaaaah, Don’t, that, don’t! It feels good but please don’t!」

It seems that she can feel it.
My tongue invaded her small hole. It’s pushed back to the entrance, but I pushed it and licked the insides. Her insides is overflowing with love nectar so I drank it.

「Ah, Ah, Don’t, Don’t!」

Princess Seria kept speaking some useless ramblings “don’t don’t” Is she educated that she shouldn’t do this until marriage? It’s possible in royalty.
Princess Seria’s vagina kept on twitching since a while ago. She’s finally feeling good. I separate my mouth and caressed her with my hand again.

「Look, You’re about to cum」
「Ahn, cumming7… Cumming8?」

Princess Seria tilted her head.

「What, you don’t know? Then I’ll teach you」

I inserted my finger in her vagina and moved it deeply. I rubbed the points where she had a reaction a while ago. At the same time, my left hand grabbed her breasts and I knead her solid nipples.

「Aaaaaaah, this is amazing, this is amazing! It feels so good, my body, is going crazy! Ah, Aaah, aah!」

Princess Seria is ascending towards climax. Her vagina shuts so hard not letting my finger go, and she’s leaking a voice that’s not a word from her mouth.

「Look, you’re close. Don’t endure it」
「Noo, What’s this, no, no. Aaaaahn! it feels goood, this, I don’t know! This is cumming!?」
「It’s close. Surrender yourself to pleasure. When you’re cumming say it」
「Ah, cumming!」

My right thumb presses her clitoris that is hidden in her skin then stimulated it.

「Fuaaaa! Not there! I’m feeling numb, Hyaaaa, ah, ah, don’t, doooont」

Her words can’t be understood. In addition, I sucked her nipples.

「aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Not my breaast!! Something’s coming, my head is going blank」
「That’s cumming. Hey, cum!」

I pinched her clitoris tightly.

「Ah, This is, cumming, Cummiiiiiiiing!」

Her body bent greatly and she was convulsing. Her vagina is tightening and is pressing my finger hard.
Apparently she reached it. Princess Seria breathed heavily for a while, and she was looking above absentmindedly. Her big chest moves up and down matching her breath.

「Haahaa…So this is cumming… Somehow, it feels amazingly good…」

The cutest princess, was muttering that as she was half-naked and discharging love nectar.


  1. Trembling
  2. Just how long will it be before you lose control
  3. 俺の戦闘はオワタ式戦闘術なのだ。
  4. Princess Seria is too pure for this world
  5. Poor Cathy, she’ll be missed, MC found his best partner now
  6. 自分でしたことはないのだろうか?
  7. Ikasete
  8. Iku