Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Princess Seria’s Chastity ##

You may be completely immersed in the aftertaste of the climax, but sorry, that’s just the preparation phase. Her vagina got pretty loose, I want to do her soonー, while I was thinking of that, princess Seria said something outrageous.

「That’s the end right? Could you untie the wire in my arm soon? Uhm…It’s embarrasing…」

Princess Seria’s head seems to start working again, she blushed at her own unsightly appearance.
However, it’s too early to end.

「That’s not true. The real thing starts now」

I unfastened my belt and took out my cock from the trousers. The cock that has been released from prohibition rose like a tower.

「Kyaa! W-what are you taking out?」

Princess Seria bent backward a little to her surprise.

「Is this your first time seeing one?」
「Err, when I was small my father’s… Then, onceー. But, it’s too big…」
「That’s probably true. Someone who gets aroused to their own daughter is just a pervert」1
「No, it got erect, but not to this…」

Hey, what do you mean by that? Aren’t you just a great pervert father? 2 King, I despise you.

「*sigh*, we’ll it’s fine. Then do you understand what will happen?」
「!! Don’t!! Don’t!! That’s absolutely no good!」

Princess Seria curled herself on the corner of the carriage with her legs closed tightly. With both her arms bound, 3 I put up a knee and separated her from the edge of the sofa.
Apparently she has the proper knowledge. If she wasn’t taught and made a child it would be a big problem, it’s not that strange.

「It would hurt at first. But I will violate you, so give it up」

I put both of my hands on princess Seria’s knees and forcefully opened it.

「Noooo! Please stop!! Stooop!!」
「Be quiet!」

Pressing down the rampaging princess Seria, I applied my erect cock on her pussy. I removed her panties, then her drenched genital glans was rubbed blending with the love nectar. The feeling of her squishy mons veneris 4
Seeing that scene, princess Seria’s face distorted in fear.

「No, please stop it! Impossible, that’s impossible. It won’t enter!」
「It’s not impossible. It would only hurt in the start」
「Noo! That’s really impossible. You aren’t supposed to do that. I’d do anything else so please stop!!」
「I don’t care about that. Also, you may have felt good but I still haven’t. So you’ll go along with me until I’m satisfied」

Princess Seria screams that she seriously dislike it.
That reaction is fun and makes me want to tease her a lot.
Especially her face dyed in fear when my penis touching her vaginal hole is irresistible. It’s a face as if she saw the world ending, her facial expression loosened for a moment when my penis slips over her pussy. Then, when I placed it on her vaginal hole again, she was in fear.
I repeated it several times, then her clitoris got hard. Even she’s afraid she can still feel it, wonderful.
The moment I thought that it was the good moment push my waist, I felt a rise in magical power.

「I-I’ll use magic! You might dieー」
「Do you think I’ll let you?」

I buried my penis with the force of my waist. I stopped once I felt some resistance.

「…Eh? No way, you inserted…」

Her concentration was cut off and her magical power having no shape disperses. She can’t use magic in this kind of situation.

「I’ll be taking your virginity right now. It’s a once in a lifetime moment. Remember this well」
「Eh? Uhm, Eh, Eeeh?」

Princess seria turns her eyes down to her belly as she was confused. What’s there is my penis’ tip spreading out and was being accepted by her own vaginal hole.
It’s the moment where we celebrate her loss of virginity. Look properly.
The erect penis mercilessly pokes and inserts to her small virgin pussy. As I push my penis I felt that I was breaking her hymen. Her intravaginal walls are so hot and sticky. Without hesitation, I pushed it up to the base.

「It hurts!! It hurts!! Wait, it hurts! It huuuuuurts!!!」

The part connecting us had red blood flowing. It’s the proof that she was a virgin a while ago.
Her vagina just had it’s virginity taken away, she’s tightening my cock painfully. The vagina’s wavy folds entangles my penis, it feels so good that I might ejaculate even if I don’t move.

「It hurts… Please stop, it hurts… This is…just cruel…Uuu, hiku5

Princess Seria cries as I pierced her with my cock. The tears falls down from her cheeks.

I finally did it. I did it. At last, I became one with princess Seria. She’s the cutest, her breasts are big, A kind beautiful girl, I thrust my brutal cock and took her virginity. It’s the best feeling.
I can feel that my penis is delighted as it’s pulsating. ‘Hurry up and rampage’, it was insisting to smear the insides of princess Seria.

「Uuuu, you’re…the worst… This, doing it forcefully, hiku」
「I’m fine being the worst. I’m the lowest among the worst, and I live on the bottom of the ground」

I licked the tears running on her cheeks, it was a bit salty. 6
Princess Seria had calm down when I stopped moving. I can feel her vagina getting used to it. It should be fine now.

「I’ll move」
「Fuee? It hurts, it hurts. Don’t move, Aaaa!」

I pulled my penis out slowly. Her vagina is sucking up my penis like it’s begging for more.
I stopped when I took out half, then slowly inserted it again. Every time I push my penis inside, my glans is rubbed and my waist trembles.

「Aaa! You inserted it again, nnnn, take it out, Please take it out!」
「What are you saying? It’s just the beginning. Hey, you move too」

Even though princess Seria is in pain, the sweet appearance mixes with her voice. I attacked her vagina with a monotonous slow movement.

「Nn! …Haa…Nn!! …Fuuhaaan! …N, it hurts…」

Her small vagina tightens around my cock. If I get careless, I might ejaculate immediately.
Princess Seria is enduring the pain with a desperate face. I want to move more intensely, but I’d be a bit more patient.
I kissed princess Seria as I move slowly.


Surprised, her vagina tightened for a moment. Incidentally, I stretch my hand on her breasts.,
As expected, the feeling of rubbing this chest feels good. My hand sticks on it and doesn’t want to leave the softness.
I knead, and rub it stickily.

「Fuaa, not my breasts. I’ll feel good」

When I separate my mouth, that’s what she said. Her chest seems sensitive. Did you massage it yourself? If this was natural then it’s likely to grow more. 7
Love nectar also increased inside her vagina, so it became easier to move.

「I’ll be increasing my pace」

The pace I move my waist was raised gradually.

「Ah, Ah, Ah! Wait, Hyaa! More Slowly」8

Princess Seria desperately trying to endure the stimulation. I sometimes hit a good place then she returns an interesting reaction. It doesn’t seem painful to her anymore.

「Ah, there, good! Hyaa! Ah, Ah, Fuaaa!!」

When I changed my angle, her body started trembling. I focused on the same place and rubbed my glans.

「Ah! There, it’s amazing there, it’s making me tremble, this, this is…sex?」

Why are you asking? It might be another form of sex, but rape is different. The implications are very different.

「Yeah, that’s right. Right now you’re having sex」
「Ahn! Don’t. If I have sex I’ll be pregnant with a child, aah! that’s no good!」
「Do you hate children?」
「That’s not it. Naah! I love children, but right now!」

Even though princess Seria is saying no, but whenever I thrust her vagina heavy breathing leaks out.

「But it feels good isn’t it? An unknown man penis’ thrust, you can feel it right?」
「I don’t know! It hurts, but strangely, I feel good! But, I shouldn’t feel good, not unless it’s a special person, I don’t know!」

She’s quite confused. It’s understandable.
She was attacked on her journey, betrayed by the knights that were supposed to protect her, a stranger slaughtered them to help her, and right now she’s being raped. Even I would say that it’s the worst.

「Even if you say no you can feel it right? What a lewd princess」

I further accelerated my piston. Her vagina became slippery that my penis feels good whenever I stroke.

「Yaaa! That’s wrong, It’s not like that! I’m telling you no but you’re not stopping!」
「Even if you say that, but isn’t your vagina excreting love nectar as if wanting my penis?」
「Don’t say it. It’s no good that I feel good! Even though I don’t want it. I’m going crazy!」
「Then go crazy. Look, you’re going to cum again right? Your pussy is trembling」
「Cum? yes, cum, I’m about to cum. What’s this?」

Princess Seria shakes her head saying no.
Did she notice that she’s moving her own waist? Even though she pleads, her waist is moving lewdly.

「I told you that you’ll feel good right? I’m about to cum soon too. I’ll be releasing it inside your small vagina so accept it all」

I gripped princess Seria’s waist and strike my waist with all my strength. I finally piston seriously. My erect penis rampages inside princess Seria’s vagina.

「Releasing it inside…? Naaaah! Too intense! Inside, my insides feels amazing!」
「I’ll pour my lots of semen inside your womb」

I stuck my cock deep and knock the cervix with my glans.

「Aaaaah! Naa! Aa! Ah, Se-semen?」
「That’s right, Semen. Sperm, Semen, seed, 9 It’s the seed of a child」
「Semen…!! Don’t!! Don’t do that! I’ll get pregnant!!」

It seems that she knows how child are made. However, her body can’t resist. The interior of her vagina is attacked mercilessly.

「That’s right, you’ll get pregnant. Look, I’m cumming!」

I nailed my waist with all my power. Being squeezed nicely tight by her vagina, the feeling of ejaculation rose up quickly.

「Aaaaa! Don’t! Don’t poke me so much! Amazing! It’s taking me away!! Aaah, no, I’m cumming again, Cumming! Cumiiiiiiiing!!!」

Princess Seria’s back jumped up with great force. Then, her whole body began to spasm.
The vagina that reached it’s second climax, princess Seria squeezes my penis tight. And my glans were pushing against the mouth of her womb.

「I’m going to ejaculate!」

At the same time, sperm runs out my urethra.
*Splurt**Splurt**Splurt*!! I magnificently threw it inside princess Seria’s womb.

「Aaaaaaaa!! Something’s coming in!! Somthing hot is coming out!!」
「That’s semen. Enjoy it」

I thrust it once again while ejaculating.

「Hyaau!! Dooon’t! Semen, I told you not to release it inside!! Yet you came!!」

*dokun dokun* my semen was injected inside and princess Seria’s body was trembling.
The princess is finally my thing. I defiled her with my own hands, the indescribable sense of achievement and euphoria is rushing into me.
My semen is overflowing endlessly. My ejaculation lasted very long.
Princess Seria’s body is shaking as she was taking it all in her vagina.
For a while until princess Seria settle down, I soaked myself from the aftertaste while connected.
It’s a dreamlike event, but the heat that’s being transmitted to from my penis tells me that it’s not a dream.
The color of sanity returned to princess Seria’s eyes eventually.

「Haahaaa, a…What was I…」
「Did you calm down? How was your first time? You didn’t look in pain, did my penis feel that good?」
「Eh, Ah…No way I wasー」

Princess Seria’s face turned pale. It seems like she recalled her own foolishness.
When I pulled out my penis from her vagina, mixed blood, love nectar, and semen flows out.
Princess Seria can’t belive the spectacle she’s seeing.

「No way…Did you release it inside? Was I pregnant?」

It might be.

「No way, why did this…」

It’s because I want to, there’s nothing else to say.

「Why am I, that thing…」

I really wonder why. Isn’t it because you’re easy to drown in pleasure? Or you might be weak against advances. The conclusion, because you’re an easy woman.

Princess Seria repeatedly mutters to herself. Despair and and bewilderment appears on her face. Despair for being violated and defiled, the pleasure that she can’t control. The complex feelings mixed together that her mind was tortured. Unable to bear it, tears flowed from her eys.
But, it’s still too early to be in despair.

「It’s not over yet」

That’s right, it’s not over yet. My son is still energetic. There might be no more second chance. It’s impossible to end it with just one round.

「No! Stay away!」

Princess Seria exclaimed. It’s not like a sweet talk like earlier, it was a serious rejection.

「Do not touch me! Don’t do strange things to me!!」

It seems I got hated seriously. The beautiful girl who’s dress is broken is trembling in fear. I wonder how good if feels if I do her by force.

Since princess Seria’s arms are tied up in the carriage, she can’t run away easily. But, that’s as long as she doesn’t use magic.
Princess Seria was in standby, waiting to be able to fire up her magic. If she attacked, it would end already, but I have a countermeasure.

「Go out! Don’t approach me anymore!!」

The enraged princess Seria. She’s pretending to be tough, but I can see her body trembling. It looks like a small animal before being eaten by a savage beast. Originally, the difference in power is reverse.

「I refuse. I’m not satisfied yet.」
「Please stop this! It should be enough already. I’m grateful that you helped us, but this…is too much…」

Princess Seria speaks in a shaking voice.

「I know that I did a cruel thing. But, I don’t intend to stop」
「It’s not possible to return anymore. I’ll only do what I want to do」
「…By all means, can’t you hear me out?」
「Then…I’ll attack you. 10 You won’t be able to prevent this」

Princess Seria’s magical power swell up. Even without your easy to understand threat, I know that I’m no match against you. Butーー.

「Even with this?」

I pose my dagger. Not to princess Seria, but on the one sleeping on the other side of the sofa, Lululie.

「Wha! Stop that! Lululie has nothing to do with this!」
「I haven’t received her gratitude after all. If I get killed as a result of helping you, I tell you that I only helped you for myself」

I only intend to threaten her, I don’t plan to really kill you. Also, I helped you because of work, and there was a reward. But, the effect was outstanding.

「Don’t do that! Lululie is my friend. Don’t kill her!」
「Then subdue your magical power. Then we’ll resolve it all」

Princess Seria suppressed her magical power reluctantly while grinding her teeth. Then, she scowled at me.

「You’re the worst as expected」
「I know」

Let’s continue then if we already reached to an agreement.


  1. Hentai
  2. Dosukebe
  3. I really don’t know why was she still tied up, I may have made a mistake on translating the previous chapter
  4. The “Mound of Venus” or vulva.
  5. Crying sounds
  6. It was the taste of a liar
  7. “Massaging Chest helps it grow” stuff I guess
  8. Motto Yukkuri, can also be interpreted as slower
  9. 精子 -Seishi、精液-Seiki、ザーメン-Zamen」
  10. Not in a sexual manner