Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Princess Seria’s cumming game #

「How was it? Your first taste of semen?」
「Err, Uhm…」
「Tell me honestly. If you like it, then I’ll let you drink to your heart’s content」
「Hii! It’s bitter, it stinks, it’s syrupy…It’s really difficult to drink」
「I see, is that so? Was it bad? By the way, you felt it from your breast a while ago right?」

Saying so, I raised her breasts.

「Ahn!…That’s not…True」

Princess Seria averted her eyes while denying.

「Is that so? I can see your nipples standing though」
「You’re, mistaken. …Please don’t touch it」

This time, I pushed her nipples with my finger. I grind and fiddled it, then her reaction gradually changed.

「Nnnn…There, don’t touch it so much」
「Where is ‘there’?」
「Uhm…my, nipples」
「Why I can’t touch it?」
「That is…It’s embarrassing…」

Princess Seria almost cried on my sadistic questions.
ーーI want to bully her more.

「N, What are you…?」

I lifted princess Seria’s lap and and hold her legs open. I hugged her from behind and extend my hand on her chest.

「Prove it to me that you’re not feeling it from your breasts. If you can endure this, then I’ll believe you」

I began to slowly and carefully rub her breasts.

「Hyaau! That’s, nnn!」

I adjust the power of my palm so I can play with her to the degree that it doesn’t hurt
Other than the touching feeling, it’s interesting to see her make a reaction easily.

「What’s wrong? Since you can’t feel it there’s no problem right?」
「That’s, ahn, besides, how long?」
「I’ll stop if I get satisfied」
「That’s impossible!」
「Then do you admit? You’re a lewd girl that feels good when you serviced my cock earlier」
「That’s not…true」

It seems that there’s still pride. She denies it with a vexing voice. Well, Cathy would be joyous for this shameful title.

「Then, let’s do this. I will only attack your chest from now on. I don’t care what you do, but make me cum. The first who makes the other cum wins. If you beat me, then I will end this」

If it was other women, it’s a condition that they can’t win. But this child may be able to do anything.

Princess Seria was lost in thought. She was able to make me cum a while ago. Based on the criteria, can she endure it? She’s probably simulating if there’s a winning chance.
That’s right, she’s imagining herself servicing me to make me cum or she herself would cum. Surely, her body starts to ache. She doesn’t know that she already fell for my trick.

「Hauuu… I understand. I will accept that challenge」

It seems that she was able to win in her delusion. Her red cheeks becomes redder than before.

「Is that so? Then, let’s start. Do your best」

It was the signal of the game.
I gently massaged the chest of princess Seria. I didn’t touch her nipples yet. I’ll wait till her sexual excitement rise.
Princess Seria bent her body a little and extends her hand on the cock on my crotch. My son who’s docile as he just released a while ago is rubbed by her fingertips

「You can go stronger」
「Nm, composure」
「Rather than composure, I want more stimulation」

There’s still some modesty on princess Seria’s manner of hand. It’s by no means bad. But, speaking frankly, it’s no match.
She doesn’t seem to want to change her way. Do you plan to make me cum with your hand? Paizuri is out of the question, do you think you would win by sealing off fellatio? 1

「But, n, it became big」
「It’s expected. You can suck it again, if you’d like, you can use your pussy too」
「!! I don’t know such a thing!」

While exchanging a few words, both of us were slowly raising each other.
I moved my fingers, then I felt a point from her soft breasts. Even though it’s big, it’s sensitive, it’s worth the work.

「Nnn, your hand moves lewdly…」
「But, it feels good right? Your pussy is drooling again」

Princess Seria’s pussy where I put it in had it overflowing again. It entangles in my penis on the bottom and becomes a lubricant.
Princess Seria’s hand became stickily polluted, then she stroke my penis.
However, she seems to be paying attention to something else, so her power is weak

「That’s, Hyauu, your fault. You, let out a lot after all」
「that’s because it felt good. It was the best so far so I was glad. Have more confidence」

I didn’t think that she would squeeze me twice so far. I would run out of ammo after the next one ends.

「NN…just how many did you do so far? Hau, you’re the worst as expected. You.」

Was it a slip of tongue? princess Seria’s voice had anger in it. She implies it with the power of her hands that’s grasping my penis.
Huh? Even though she’s angry it feels better than earlier. What does it mean?

「Even though you’re shaking your head and calling me the worst, you’re beginning to do it without consent」
「Still, you can just, nnn, go out with them. Don’t you think it’s bad?」
「I’m not going out with anyone. But, well, I think it’s bad. You may have someone you like too. Even so, I have no intention to stop.」

Cathy isn’t a girlfriend but a sex friend. My heart is devoted to princess Seria. Although my lower body isn’t devoted at all.

「Then why? Why are you doing this to me?」
「Didn’t you said it already? It’s because I’m the worst」
「That’s not it, what I want to hear is your reason! Aaahn!」

Since she’s too persistent, I rubbed her chest strongly. The main point is understood already, so I’ll let her know her standpoint.

「My breast, suddenly, nnn, stronger… That’s, my nipples, don’t touch it…」
「My reason is. because I can’t endure it anymore, nothing else」

That’s just it. I came here because of work. I intended to repay the favor, I had no intention to attack.
However, my reason was cut completely. And the result is this current situation.

「Y-you’re, Hau, saying that you can’t endure it and attacked a woman」
「That’s it」

There’s no room for excuse, the wrong one is me. However, I as a human that’s living in the underworld isn’t bound by law have no path to return to.
For me, returning means death. If I can apologize even for a moment, I would befall on all the sins I’ve committed until now. If so, there’s only one place I will arrive at.

「Why, nnn! Even though you did wrong, if you say that」
「That’s the nature of men. I don’t intend to make excuses. Also, I’m not an innocent human. Once I commit a sin, I’ll carry it to the end」

That’s why I decided to make princess Seria mine. I will do everything for that sake.

「That’s absurd. aaah!」
「I know what’s logical and not. Incidentally, I know what’s moral. But that’s just it. It doesn’t matter to me. Are you okay with that? If this continues, I would win」

From the outer circumference to the top, I squeezed her breasts. When I peeked at the top, there’s a point that’s seemingly rising from desires. But, I didn’t touch it yet. I won’t touch it. It might end if I touch it.

「Naaaa! Why’s my breasts, why can it feel it so much?」

Princess Seria curled her back, grasping my penis while enduring it desperately. Oh, this might be nice.

「What’s wrong? You’re giving up already? If you’re giving up then tell it immediately. If you do, I’ll insert it again」
「Not yet, nn, not…yet」

When princess Seria said that, a slight magic power rose up. I was cautious for an instant, but I realized that it’s not an offensive magic. If anything, it’s the reverse. It’s a wave that heals her body.
I was hesitating whether I’d stop it, but I was interested on what she intends to do so I weakened my caress to see how things are.
The magic accumulated on princess Seria’s hands and heat flowed into my penis. At the same time, a terribly pleasant feeling attack my waist without my permission.

「Uoooooo! What’s this! Feels great!」

I raised my voice instinctively. The stimulation exceeds Cathy’s fella, her small hand is stimulating my pulsating son.
I never knew this magic!?
It can cause me to ejaculate in an instant. Because I knew she’s about to do something I was barely able to endure it, but If I was careless I would’ve ejaculated. All of my composure was blown away with just one move.
I won’t lose here, I kept rubbing her breasts then pinched her nipples.

「Fuaaaaaaa! My nipples, amazi, aaaaaa!」

Princess Seria’s magic scattered. However, my son doesn’t have the room to spare. I’ll finish this quickly.
I turned my face from the side then sucked on her breast. I rolled my tongue on her small erect nipples while sucking.

「Aaaaaa, don’t suck my breast! It’s coming, not yet!」

She said that she can still go on, but the moment I attacked her nipples her reaction changed.
As expected, this child is sensitive on her breasts. Among them, her nipples in particular are sensitive. They said that those with small breasts are much more sensitive, but this child is sensitive even with big breasts.
I bit her standing nipples with my teeth.

「Aaaaaaaah, Cumiiiiiiiiiing!!」

*gush* her pussy blew a tide even though I didn’t touch it. Princess Seria was trembling as she curled on her knees.
She’s certainly exhausted.
I won, but it was an unexpectedly close battle. Is it the evidence that I take magic too lightly? It might have been effective if I had no resistance, but I was stronger.

「Haahaa, it’s my win」

Princess Seria released her hand from my penis before she collapsed.


I supported her by catching the center then slowly let her down. It became the posture where she sticks out her ass.

「Even though I told you no. I have to stop this… Even though I thought I won’t lose…

It seems she’s crying on her loss. Are you really that shocked that you lost?
That time you want to forgot that you’re doing naughty things but, As expected I’m not so insensitive. 2 Let’s carry it out.
For the time being, let’s rub her back and start a conversation.

「That was close. What was that magic from a while ago?」

That magic earlier made my son rage. Furthermore, that’s not all. My balls that’s almost out of ammo began to swell again, and my penis got slightly bigger. If such magic was used on a ordinary man, he’ll become a savage beast and will attack at random.

「Hiku…It’s a kind of healing magic, it’s a secret from the royal family. Since I learned that you can use it on men while having sex, I though I would be able to… But…It was no good」
「Is that so? So you don’t know the specific details. Well, it had an awesome effect. But, don’t use that anymore. It’s too dangerous」

Even if it’s a magic that’s passed on the successor, if used poorly, the reason of men might be blown away. If used on someone with unique fetish, the result would be disastrous.

「Yes. It’s insignificant after all…」
「No that’s not it, the effect was too much」

Well, it’s fine.
Rather than that, let’s hurry up and continue. Hurry up!


  1. フェラも封じて勝てるとでも思っているのだろうか?
  2. さすがにそれを言うほど無神経ではない