Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Thus, the shadow began to move.

At last, my reason returned.
The heavy rain has stopped already, then the sky starts to darken.
God knows how many shots I did to Seria, the amount, I splashed on her unable to settle down. 1 She’s currently on top of my lap turning sideways. It’s not inserted.
Although, Seria won’t be aware if I have sex with her. I don’t know whether she still conscious.

「I did it…」

I ended up doing it. Midway, my nature slept on the bottom and my brutal beast rampaged.
That was what I wished that time. That time I wished for a superpower and rape, looking at the scene, I remembered.

Furthermore, what’s that disgraceful sight.
My character clearly changed midway. The old meー is just an ordinary high school student. Super embarrasing.
I said that I was an out of sight human, that looks like a dark character, would they find out that it was just an act? With this, I’m just an embarrassing chuunibyou guy.

I had experienced this same failure once in the past.
My partner was Cathy. I lost my sanity from the recoil of the invisibility and ran wild that time. And when I noticed, the Cool Beauty Cathy Senpai turned to a masochistic hentai. I didn’t know what happened.
I took responsibility and she’s now my sex friend.

Seria eyes looked like Cathy’s. I don’t think I have to worry about it for now, but in the future, support will be necessary.

Seria’s eyes lost it’s light, sometimes sobbing leaks and she’s trembling. It’s natural. She’s a girl that just became 14 years old. If she was raped, it’s impossible to be not shocked.
No matter how she disliked the feeling, this penis kept thrusting her2, rather, she’s a person with strong spirit. She did some counterattacks midway.

But, it’s also possible that it carved fear and pain,
Fear is a chain that strongly binds people. Humans who had it engraved in their heart can’t defy the other company anymore.
After that is just taking time to dominate them.

I, whose mind came back should think about this.
I accomplished the request of master, then somehow I made Seria mine.

First, let’s make today’s attack incident clear.
In this case, this was a kidnap for ransom, and the assailants were dressed well. In addition, even an adventurer joined them, I’m certain who’s the employers. I can only think of their true purpose isn’t money but to detain Seria.
The employer’s aim is to interfere the exchange with Misumunto Kingdom.
They dislike to have an exchange with Misumunto Kingdom the most, the one who raises deed of arms using the war is the Will Gantt marquis house. If the war disappears the power of their house weakens. And this is the territory of Will Gantt’s house. I hardly have a doubt.

But when that happens, master’s request’s contradiction would be born. Master’s request is to guard Seria. My guess is it would only be on the direct level of risk. I only agreed to keep her secure this time.
Should I think that the enemy this time is a favorite? In fact, I who is guarding is much more dangerous to Seria.
Besides, I’m curious since they used forced methods. Is there a reason for Will Gantt to forcibly secure a single person which is Seria? If so, then there’s a possibility that there’s another enemy.

No matter how I think I can’t reach certainty. Let’s resume master’s request.

Aside from that, my problem is how do I make Seria my thing?
There are several choices, but I think I’ll return Seria as is.

First, surrendering and running away is out of the question. It’s obvious that that master would have a hard time than me getting caught and die, but most importantly, Seria would be unobtainable.
Though the idea of kidnapping Seria and keep her as a pet is exciting, we would be found out immediately so that’s rejected.
It’s possible to send her to the Misumunto Kingdom, but I don’t want to entrust Seria to that disgusting prince McClane. Do you think you’ll be able to touch even her hair? It’s good if you just wait in the fort for eternity.

Therefore, through process of elimination, I decided to adapt the plan where I would forbid her to speak and send her back to the kingdom. I’d have her herself on her own room while I continue my investigation.

「Oi, are you listening?」
「…uu,…yes…What is it?」

Seria was weakened, but she gave a firm reply. Her body doesn’t move, but her eyes looked this way. It’s fine if it’s just a conversation.

「I want to talk about the future, but how much do you understand from the situation?」
「…Err, we’re attacked…And you helped me?…But you did horrible things to me. It hurts, but it feels good, but it really hurts…Also I might have a baby…but, no good… Ah, you’re going to do it again?」

She’s not okay at all. She’s calling out to me as if she’s speaking to my penis, I’m certain that’s how she perceive. In relation to the rape, even though she doesn’t like it, her body doesn’t seem to move. Royal Family, do your sex education properly.

「That’s a charming proposition. But that’s not it, did you know anyone else about the dead people outside?」
「Ah…Yes, You’re going to hold a funeral? That’s bad…」
「I’m talking about them trying to kidnap you. ーーWell, are you okay with it? Do you even understand why are you being aimed at?」
「I’m sorry, I’m not too familiar with politics…」
「That’s your answer as expected. You’re famous as a prodigal daughter after all」
「Uu…I’m ashamed」

I think your current appearance that’s covered in semen is much more embarassing.
However, she really don’t know.

「What’s the purpose of your travel to Misumunto Kingdom?」
「We were invited to a party by the Misumunto Kingdom’s second prince McClane. Father said that it is to strengthen the exchange」

This was expected. They intend to give her as bride. Furthermore, it’s that disgusting narcissist prince’s place? King’s eyes must be bad.

「Cancel that. Don’t approach McClane. It’s an order.」
「…Can I hear out the reason?」

I have to make her stop asking. 3 My answer was obvious.

「I don’t like him」
「!!…I understand」

There was a mix of bloodlust for a little while, but she became obedient. It’s a good thing.
I’ll present rough information with this. Then I’ll put it in action after. I lay down Seria on the empty sofa.

「You can’t move right? Sleep for a while」
「What about you?」
「I’ll prepare to send you back to the castle」
「Are you going to send me back!?」

Seria raised her voice surprised. She was like a corpse a while ago, but she lifted her body in surprise.

「It’s obvious. What do you think would happen?」
「Err, I thought that you would kidnap me…」

And spend everyday drowning in lust? I want to do it if possible.

「Stop that kind of thinking. Since it’s almost night, recover your strength until then. If you can use it, then use healing magic. Your inside still hurts right?」
「…Yes, I understand」
「Don’t think of killing yourself because you were raped okay4? You’re already my mine now. If you do selfish things, the surrounding people would be in rage」

Since it’s common for rape victims to suicide. I gave her a warning just in case.

I collected the knives and wires that was used in the battle outside. I inspected the corpse, but I didn’t find any identification.
I was worried that someone would come here, but fortunately, nobody came.
Then, when we were ready for departure, Seria recovered to the extent where she can move.
She changed her torn dress and the appearance of the neat princess returned. Lululie was still sleeping but I changed her torn maid clothes into common maid clothes.
I passed the drinking water and apple that was taken from the luggage to Seria. I thought that it’s a good idea to have her stomach filled with semen but, there’s not much time this is the only good thing that I found.

「Eat it」

Seria bites the apple around. Such a bold princess.

「When you return to the castle, say 『We were attacked by unknown group and only I and Lululie escaped.』 They might be suspicious about a lot, but it’s not necessary to answer any more questions. Leave the contact to Misumunto Kingdom to the king. Don’t tell anything about me. Lululie too」

Our talk ended with this. She returned back after eating the apple.
I wrapped the sleeping Luluie with the blanket I borrowed, then secured her body using wire. The wondering face of Seria followed me when I go out.

「Is the carriage unusable?」
「The horse doesn’t listen to me, I’m not a good coachman」

Horses in this world are beasts that judge their partner through magic. They don’t let people with weaker magic than themselves ride them. Horses with high magical power are remarkably faster, so the person with higher magical power rides a better horse. Horses nor donkeys doesn’t allow me to ride them, so these beasts have nothing to do with me.

Finally, destruction of evidence, I made Seria set the carriage on fire using magic.
If the evidence of rape remained, when they conduct an investigation, they would discover that she was raped. The national idol was raped, it would become a rumor in the country fast. She’d be troubled.

The memories in the carriage blazes up and the darkness of the night came.
Seria who looked at the flame is completely wrapped in blanket from the beginning and I’m doing princess-carry on her.
She might be a petite girl, but carrying two people is quite difficult, so I have no choice right now. I concentrated my power on my feet and jumped in full strength.
That moment, the weight of our body disappeared. I can neither feel the weight of Lululie who is carried on my back nor Seria who I carry in front.
This flight ability, is an ability that adapts if I hold something other than myself. If I can take-off, then It’s possible for me to fly with other people.
We continued to fly on the night sky.

「Kyaaaaaaa! Fffffffffffal, falling, we’re falling!!」
「You won’t fall unless you separate yourself from me. Since it’s one of my trump cards, never tell anyone else okay?」
「It’s scary! Please let me off!!」

Seria clings to me tightly as she’s anxious of her first flight. While I enjoy the soft feeling of her breasts, I continued to advance quickly.
The sight is bad so night flight is dangerous. Furthermore, it’s cloudy so there’s no light.
If I was alone, I would go above the clouds and rely on the stars, but I can’t afford to take the sky, that might freeze the sleeping Lululie.
I reduced my speed and flew in low altitude reluctantly.
Fortunately, the clouds cleared up as we pass over the mountain. Since the visibility was better with starlight, I go above and slightly raised my speed.

「Slow, slow down please. Hyaaa!」

Seria is talking about something under my arm, but I touched her ass to shut her up.

「Keep quiet. What would you do if someone found us? I don’t need to seal your mouth to silence you right?」
「Au…Yes, nnn」

We continued the air travel since he became quiet. Usually, fly-traveling is boring, but this time I have a good toy so it’s not boring.
Approximately 6 hours, we took a rest on the way, then the flirtatious voice BGM of the beautiful girl kept returning until we reached the Imperial Capital

The imperial capital is already asleep after the seventh day. Even the light can be seen in the sky, there’s no burning light, so they sank into darkness.
I landed on the unpopular back alley, I let down Seria and she collapsed from my shoulder, I made her sit to a wooden box. Seria looked around the surroundings restlessly, it seems she know the area.

「Have we already arrived?」
「It’s faster than horses isn’t it? Aren’t you glad that you can return to the castle?」
「…Yes. Thank you very much」
「When you return to the castle, don’t forget what I said. After that, some troupes will come for you. Shut yourself in your room for a while. Don’t tell a thing about me. I’ll be watching you」

I put some bloodlust on the last reminder. The overwhelmed Seria nodded.

「U-Understood. I’ll do as you say…」
「That’s good. Later then」

I pushed Lululie and Seria, then left that place.
I turned to a corner then hid myself to monitor the surroundings of Seria.

She held Lululie while crying. In an unknown back alley at night, she clung and cried to Lululie that’s wrapped in blanket.
The emotions that she had accumulated so far was released.
Insecurity, Fear, Pain, Humiliation, her heart finally realized that.

Seria stopped crying after a while. She began to use healing magic on herself, stood up, and carried Lululie back to the Royal Palace.
I was hesitating that she would get lost from the complicated back alley, but she found the castle wall immediately.
I turned around the castle wall, then turned my foot on the side gate of the castle. The moment she saw a guard, Seria stopped and her foot began to tremble.

「Ah, Ah, Ah, …Iyaaaaaaa!」

The scream echoed to the place and extends to the midnight guards.

「Seria-sama!? Luluile-san too!? What happened?」
「Don’t come!」

Seria is confused, the guards doesn’t know what to do and was flustered. They closed to Seria then she shouted. With that said, they can’t just leave her alone, but the male guards can’t do anything.
Soon, the guards have gathered and caught her. Several people directed their suspicion, they haven’t heard an explanation but they held her down one-sidedly
False charges might be done in a moment. It’s terrifying.

After that, Seria was taken by a female knight and went inside the royal palace.
Seria might have developed androphobia. They’re sure that it’s the knights who betrayed her. I clapped at the result.
There wasn’t any rejection on me, but since this situation is special, it doesn’t become a good reference at the moment. On our next meeting, I should consider the possibility that It might be the same as that guard
I’ve really done an awful thing.

I was worried and was about to follow Seria, but let’s hear the findings of Cathy first.
I don’t think Seria will speak to me in that state, it won’t be a problem even if I leave her alone for a while.
I transferred to my workroom under the cover of the night.
The workroom didn’t change in particular after 7 days. It’s the usual plain room.
The report for the 7th day from Cathy was at the desk.
I’ll skim through it in order. When I opened the parchment to read, a shocking thing was written there.

『According to the results, you can guess that the two great marquis families will play a central role in the civil war that’s about to occur. Furthermore, the chances that they will use the pretext of the struggle of the first prince Radom and the second prince Desire is high. Of course, with this the position of the first princess Seria according to this is completely afloat, so both marquis appears to be moving to ensure that they have the princess as spare.』


When I continued reading, the battle of the two great marquis were more violent in paper than what I imagined. It seems that they’re preparing for war behind the scenes. This movement become active especially in this seven days.

The situation of Seria was worse than what I imagined.

I was expecting her as a sacrifice for interaction with the Misumunto Kingdon from the King.
The candidate bride will be the hostage of the Misumunto Kingdom.
The two great Marquis family is a scapegoat of the Rasuhairu Kingdom’s prince.
And the two prince of Rasuhairu Kingdom enemies as they were contending on the next seat.
Incidentally, the perverted rapist stalker that attacked is also aimed at. 5

Everything is inconvenient for me 6 And Seria has no worth anymore.
You can say that it’s the role of the royalty but, this is something that has no clear solution.
She won’t understand this situation at all.
What would happen if I told her?
What would she desire?

She might be willing to be engaged to the role. 7 On the contrary, she might reject it all.
I won’t find out If I don’t ask her.

However, her response doesn’t matter.
I have decided to make Seria mine.
For that reason, I would do everything. Even if I have to challenge the country in this case.
I will handle this situation behind the scenes, then I will move it to the direction I want. And if necessary, I will dominate everything8
What? It’s easier from escaping master.
I can’t retreat afterwards. If there’s no choice but to die, then I’ll resolve myself to die.

First, let’s start by securing the surroundings of Seria.


  1. 、収まりきらない分はぶっかけた
  2. こんなにされてもちんぽを突っ込めば感じながらも嫌がるのだから
  3. 何か引っかかるところがあるのかそう尋ねられた
  4. You’re the last person I want to hear that from. lmao
  5. ついでに変態レイプ魔のストーカーに襲われつけ狙われてもいる
  6. 不都合である
  7. もしかしたら喜んで役割に従事するかもしれない
  8. And you people still think that our MC is morally corrupt? He’s fucking devoted to the princess that he will rule the world just for her