Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 16

Chapter 16 : Matifa Prologue.

I found it. I found it. I found it.
Since when did my heart got this excited? For these past hundred years, it never happened.
I never thought that he would invade my1 barrier that easily. Furthermore, it’s a surprisingly no magic nonetheless.
It’s too amazing that my uterus seems to ache.

「Matifa-sama, what’s wrong? You look so happy」

I can’t I can’t. My beloved kitten noticed me. Can’t I do something about my feelings leaking out immediately?

「I found someone interesting. Does Misha want to see him too?」

I projected to Misha’s eye what I’m watching. A lone black man flew in the sky, he disappeared, then appeared again.

「Who’s this?」
「I wonder who. I just found him a while ago. He suddenly appeared inside the castle’s barrier」
「A normal human?」
「He’s not normal. That human doesn’t have magical power. Originally, it’s impossible for a zero to exist. Surely, he’s a perfect existence」
「Doesn’t have magic? Then weak?」
「That might be. He’s surely weaker than anyone」

Misha doesn’t seem to be interested. The proof is that she’s minding other things is the nekomimi on the top of her head facing the other way.
Rather than that, the problem is him. He’s an existence more than what you see. Even he has no magical power, he flew, he disappeared, just what kind of principle is uses? I need to clarify it’s true colors. Especially, when he disappears, his existence can’t be sensed anymore. This isn’t magic, is it? It’s different from a racial trait. I’ve lived for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve seen one.

「Matifa-sama is ill?」
「Oops, Sorry Misha. Don’t mind me and continue」
「Un, okay」

Misha’s rough tongue licks my secret place. Each time I feel the pleasure, I feel numb. I also extend my tongue and licked Misha’s secret place too. Normally, that place is a forbidden place to touch as Misha is just 9years old. However, she’s just like me. Because this body is just 10 years old.
Even though it’s young, it can still feel it. The proof is Misha’s childish hole is greedily twitching and trembling. The further I roll my tongue the more her love juice overflows.

「Nyan~ Matifa-sama it feels good. I love it」
「Misha’s got obedient. Different from me. Do it Misha. Make me feel it」

Misha licks my genital area. Somehow, it feels better than usual. My head is getting fluffy, and my waist moves naturally.

「Still, Matifa-sama today is weird. Are you really that curious?」
「Sorry Misha. Nnn… When I’m thinking of what should I do about him, I get excited. Nhaa…」

Even now, his appearance is reflected in my eyes. The appearance of the man who lurks in Ms. Seria’s bedroom.
Usually, I would try to catch him, but with his abilities it seems he will be able to run away. Rather, I hope that he escapes.
Just what is is origin? I’d also like to try a lot of things on him. What should I try first?
If I throw him in the hellish fires of hell, even he would die. It might be good to seal him in Ice. But before that, I should perform autopsy first, I need to firmly examine him. How would he react if he saw me? He might get embarrassed to the beautiful me. Or would it be fear as expected?
What’s next is, hmmm. It’s a waste to throw him away, I might want to get some child. What kind of rough brething he would make? It seems that he has a high sexual desire, he might even attack me.
I can’t. My head is getting filled with him. Anyhow, whenever I see him, my womb aches. A man who has no magical power. A perfect man. If it’s him, it might beー.

「Aaahn! Misha, that’s unfair」

Misha sticks and sucks my clitoris I jumped because of her rough tongue. My head got blank, I can’t think of anything.

「Haaan! It’s coming. Ah! I’m about to cum! Coming! Cumiiing!!」

I lost my control over my body and shivered from pleasure. Misha’s attack on my clitoris make me cum. My insides had gone numb, I wasn’t satisfied and I’m aching for more.
This is probably because of him.

「Matifa-sama came. She came earlier than Misha」
「That’s right. You and he made me cum. …Good, I’ve decided. Misha, your new master is that black haired man」
「He’s surely an amazing man. I just had a feeling that he is. That’s why Misha, you have to confirm it by yourself」
「Okay, but Misha doesn’t want to kill」
「I know. I don’t intend to kill him so be relieved. Entertain me more」

That’s right, entertain me more. Humans break easily after all. For the time being let’s make this cute kitten cum.

「Nyan! Matifa-sama!?」
「My return gift」

I licked Misha’s cute clitoris. Since it still hide itself, I bit the clit then sucked it then bit it againー.
The opening of her vagina convulsed after attacking it persistently.

「Myaaaaa! Thash amazhing! Mi-sha’s cumming! Cumiiiing!!」

I continued licking even though Misha bent back and it was easy to understand that she climaxed.
Misha’s tail stood straight and is shivering from the pleasure, then she lost her power and collapsed in bed. This child remembers it quite well.

「Myaaaa. Matifa-sama really looks so happy」
「That’s true. I might have fallen in love.」


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