Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chibi pharmacist Capo

In a windowless dark room. I ran a quill pen on the desk while relying on the candlelight. I’m writing information that that happened and I’ve obtained in this past seven days.
Of course, I didn’t write that I raped Seria. I’ll never reveal that.
While struggling on the otherworld letters that I’m not familiar with, I had been writing for more than two hours.
It was already morning. The seven days of travel, fight and the stuff I did to Seria, the fatigue was rushing.
While sipping coffee, I endured a little more writing the parchment.
I’m writing with my brush with sleepy eyes.
I want to finish this as soon as possible so I can investigate the inside of the castle.
I’m the only one who can invade there. But I can only go in and out using teleportation, so I can’t do that frequently. I have to do things outside the castle before that………


A sound of water. Footsteps…No, it’s from the upper area?
That reminds me, my crotch are itchy.

「Is here good?」


「Yes, It’s your seria. *kiss*」


「*Churu, jurururu…Jubobo…*」

She’s awfully active today Did I teach her Irrumatio1?

「I’ve studied. How is it? *Juru*…」

It’s good. Amazingly good.

「Fufu, you can let it out anytime. I’ll drink all of it」

Yeah, I’ll release it in your throat.

「Yes, Leave everything to me and just rest. *Jururu*…」

Yeah, Amazing.


It feels good. I’m about to cum soon.

「You can do it anytime. Please release it inside this meat toilet’s mouth pussy!」

Yeah, in this meat toilet’s mouth pussy…Eh?

「Ren! Ren’s penis! Ren’s semen! *Jubo…Jubo…Juriyuriyuriyu*!!」
「Hey, isn’t it Cathy!!」

When I noticed, Cathy had sneaked under my desk and she’s sucking my penis. It’s quite lovely.
It seems that I’ve fallen asleep before I noticed.


*Dokudoku* I woke up and released at the same time.
Why did I wake up? At least in the dream it was Seria’s mouth, I would’ve been a bit more happy.

「N〜Ren, your morning semen is delicious」

Cathy looks pleased about it. Her voice sounds happy under the desk.

「But, today’s semen is thinner. Ren, did you attack the princess?」
「What do you mean」

Hey, what criteria did you use? Are you analyzing my sexual life using my semen? Are you my semen manager!?

「Because your penis doesn’t taste like you, and the semen is thin, you did someone didn’t you? Then, you were guarding Seria-sama. That’s the only thing I can think of」

Yup, that’s it.
But, why do you know? I haven’t entered the bath yet, but I intend to clean myself properly. The thickness isn’t much because it’s just a half day after I was emptied, it can’t be helped.
But, I won’t admit it……

「…………That’s not true」
「Also, you called Seria in sleep」

I can’t retort to that. The words to persuade Cathy does not come out.
When I hardened, Cathy showed a tired face and sighed.

「It’s not that I care. I won’t meddle on who you do, nor I will tell master. If you want me I can even help Ren」

It seems like she forgives me. I thank this generous Cathy.

「…Haa, don’t tell anyone」
「Of course. But you have to do me too. If you don’t, then I’ll tell master」
「If you didn’t have to do that you’re really a nice woman」

Let’s put away my son from Cathy for the time being.
Cathy was unsatisfied. But, right now is impossible. I did Seria too much.

「I’m not saying anything」
「Let’s postpone today because I’m tired. Today, Just today」
「Ah, neglect play2? It’s okay. I’ll endure to my limit」
「It’s not neglect play. …Well it’s fine. So? What are you doing here so early in the morning?」

The day is just rising, and the people above are just beginning their activities.

「That’s because I smell Ren」
「Are you a dog? Then? What’s the work?」
「Gosh, you’re cold. ーーWell, it’s okay. It’s real that I smelled Ren. It’s just the eight day after you departed, what happened?」

Cathy changed back to work mode. She straightened her posture, she changed back to the cool woman
It’s good if there’s no droll dripping from her mouth…
I coped as my head finally woke up.

「We were attacked by someone. It’s probably Will Gantt house. The guards were annihilated. I exterminated the assailants too, but I judged that it’s dangerous to continue the travel so we returned. I silenced her temporarily」
「Will Gantt house is it?」
「Yeah, they intend to make Seria a puppet just as you reported. They’ll get power as much as they can. I think that they’re also planning to worsen the relationship with the Misumunto Kingdom. For more information, read what I wrote」

I passed the report I’ve written before I slept;.

「I read the report Cathy had gathered. It’s the conclusion, but I think you should read it. However, there’s too many enemies, I can’t squeeze it. That’s why I will solidify Seria’s foothold first. Then, while buying time I will analyze the weakness of each camps. If there’s none I’ll make one」
「That’s true. In this situation, just protecting her from sides won’t help. Would assassinating the prince be too early?」

On the fight of the two great marquis, the two prince play the key role. It’s easy to crush. I’ll just slip inside the castle while they’re sleeping and stab them. I can always do that.
But, what’s left?
If I were to kill one of the prince, the killed faction’s noble would aim to kill Seria.
If both are killed, then Seria would be the next King. That’s the devolopment I hope for.

「Even so, we should consider the means. But, it’s a priority to reduce the power of nobles」
「However, if you weaken it too much, Misumunto Kingdom might attack?」

That’s right, that’s the problem. If exhausted from civil war then the outside would attack. In addition, if they focus on outside too much, the interior would collapse. Balance is important.
But this field is master’s specialty.

「I know. I’ll only do what’s possible. In case of emergency, master would stand out」
「That’s true. Ren has master as a piece3
「That’s what it is…4

That’s right, I’m sure that master is aware of all that’s happening now. With that in mind, I’ll just carry things that’s convenient for myself
It’s even possible that me laying my hand on seria is according to master’s plan.
It’s also probably accounted that Cathy and I would rack our brains.

「There’s no use thinking about that person too much. Let’s do what we can」

I agreed to postpone in this regard.

After the briefing session with Cathy, I went out to the town to take a nap.
The town’s hot topic was the incident that occurred in the gates last night. The town merchants, the gossip ladies, the children playing in the plaza, everyone was talking about it.
And, the accomplice is here.

「I’ll never forgive the culprit! I’ll hit him if I see him. Hey, aren’t you thinking of the same thing too Ren?」
「Hell yeah. I’ll even pay to find him」

My favorite pharmacy’s old man yelled. He’s the storekeeper, and a Hobbit tribe’s pharmacist, Capo. His arm compounding is certain and his attitude is also good. He’s a good guy that even treats me as guest even though I am a No Magic.

「I’m told that when Seria-chan saw the guards she started to cry. She must have experienced something scary. Seria-chan’s smile is everyone’s treasure. You hear? Well definitely find and punish the culprit! You’ll participate that time too!」
「It’s obvious. Whatever happens don’t get cold feet old man. That said, this is my share today. I’ll ask for the usual medicine」

I hand a bag of medicine materials to Capo. Inside is a dried mushroom with magical power and purification effect called Kakyuia.
It’s not possible to take it if you didn’t enter the deeps of the deadly poison swamp, local specialized hunter drains it into the market, if an adventurer picked it up by chance, it would be circulated as a treasure.
It’s possible for me to take them easily because I can fly. That’s why, sometimes I pick it up and collect them casually.

Magical power purification medicine can be made from this Kakuia. It has the effect of removing the impure magic that has accumulated in the body, it’s for those with weak magical power.
I have to drink this periodically, someone who has low magical resistance, would easily be eroded with a disease.
In addition, there are other medicine that temporarily increase magic resistance, I’m using those medicines and alike.
Instead of me compounding the medicine, I hand it over to Capo. It’s convenient to hand it over Kakyuia to Capo periodically than the market which is price is unstable. This is a give and take relationship
Before invading the castle today, I looked around the town and thought of replenishing my medicine.

「Yeah, you always save me. The circulation of Kakyuia has been reduced recently. The price is too damn high」
「Yeah, I’ve heard that. That’s why I brought some」

It was listed on Cathy’s report. The sudden price jump of magical potion and other related products. This is one of the omens of the civil war that will occur.
This kakyuia is said to be a cure-all material that heals all diseases, it would be exhausted if war happens. And it’s a fatal problem for someone with no magical power like me.

「Is that so? Still, your body is sure adapted well. Well done」
「There’s no monsters there since the poison is too strong. Also, I have a trick」

So we were talking while waiting for the medicine to finish, *Karan Karan* the sound of the door bell ringed as the door opened.

「Oji-san, hello! Onii-san too」
「Yea, welcome」

A girl who’s covered with broad brimmed hat came. Her pink hair is twin braids tied on the neck part A cheerful adorable greeting.
She’s a frequent on this store too. I saw her on the orphanage the other day.

「Oji-san, do you have the usual medicine?」
「Yeah, wait a moment. That bro over there just gave me the materials」
「Is that so? Onii-san thank you」
「You’re welcome」

The girl smiled pleasantly.
I hardly feel any magic from this girl. She definitely has the constitution called magic deficiency just like me. In short, a human oppressed human.

「Aren’t you always alone? Are you okay when you go out?」
「Yeah, since it’s near, it’s okay. Onii-san is the same with me? Can you share me the medicine?」

The girl sat on the chair and *purapura* her feet5. I’m worried about her turning to adult.

「Children shouldn’t worry. You shorty」
「Waーdon’t take my hatー」

When I pressed and stroked her head, the girl was happily squealing.
Since I’m always bloodthirsty, this kind of skinship heals me.6 This was my ordinary before.

「You guys get along well. Ren is surprisingly a lolicon. I thought that Cathy was your type however」
「Hey, what do you mean by that? I love all beautiful women, Cathy is a bit different」

If you know Cathy’s true nature, you’d hesitate to say you like her.
If I had to say then I prefer Lolis.

「What? It’s you have no loyalty. Be careful little lady」
「Okaaay. But I’m not a little lady anymore. I’m even taller than oji-san~」

The girl jumped from the chair and puffed her flat chest.
She undauntedly stood up against Capo.
I compared the two people.

「Old man’s defeat」

The girl was taller by a narrow margin even if you removed her hat.
No, should I say that Capo was shorter? They’re the same if you compared their height anyway.

「Haa, I was surpassed by a child again」

Capo hang his head and resumed his work.

「It’s a racial difference. Don’t mind it」
「That’s right, Also, I’m able to grow thanks to oji-san’s medicine」
「Well, that’s true」

He got well after two people cheered him up. Well, it’s not that he was depressed.
This and that, we killed some time, then the medicine was completed.

「Look, it’s done」
「Thank you. Okay, here’s the money」

The girl pay money in exchange for the medicine. Capo checked the amount, then he shook his head.

「Thanks for the purchase」
「Bye-bye, see ya. Onii-san too」

The girl waved energetically.
We sent her off then I talked to Capo.

「Aren’t you affectionate?」

I watch the coin put in the tray.
The amount is half the usual pay in the market. He certainly won’t be able to give it on half price if I didn’t harvest it for him. Also, it’s quite a large sum of amount to pay for a commoner.
Capo said while cleaning up the mortar.

「I’m a pharmacist after all. I hand medicine for those who are in need. And since you’re giving it to me, I can make it less expensive」
「I see. Then, I’ll bring some again」
「Yeah, I’ll ask of you」

I also received the medicine and left the shop. Still, that girl from a while ago, I feel like she’s familiar but I guess it’s my imagination.7


  1. Fellatio wherein the majority of movement is performed by the felatee
  2. 焦らしプレイ
  3. レンという駒を放ったのも師匠ですし
  4. そこなんだよな
  5. Dangle
  6. Watch GochiUsa, Kiniro Mosaic, or Wakaba Girl
  7. Matifa? Is it matifa?