Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Royal Palace’s conspiracy plot tour.

The plaza in front of the royal castle’s gate. In daytime, it’s packed with people.
Some people are sightseeing, some are waiting to enter a castle inspection, and some just use this as meeting place.
But, it was different today. A lot of people have gathered to ask about the incident that happened last night, or rather protesting.
In short, spectators have gathered.

The knights have come out in response, when asked, they just said that it’s still under investigation, but they pointed out that the princess is safe so there’s no need to worry.
Well, the mobs didn’t respond, they ignored them and advanced.

My objective isn’t to hear such an obvious story. I came here to invade the castle for the second time.
Teleportation is my trump card. I don’t want to use it frequently.
That’s why I will try another method of snaking1 in.

I used invisibility and went towards the main gate of the castle. There’s a baggage wagon carried into there.
The neighboring gate that isn’t open unless for time of parade opened it’s roadway to let the baggage in.
The wagon advances slowly while the guards are strictly guarding it. And I used my invisibility and followed it.

This passage is covered with layers of magic. Things without permission, poison, curse, they can detect those with magic.
I don’t know the stealth performance of my invisibility if it could pass through. Since nothing is perfect, you’re not supposed to be overconfident.
I pass through the tunnel that’s approximately 10 meters nervously. Somehow, when I felt magical power while passing through, I feel bad, but I can’t stop.

When I got outside the tunnel it was snowing and there’s a guard, It seems I’ve passed through safely. That was anticlimactic.
However, the degree of freedom increased with this. Today, we I will properly explore the castle2 I’m looking forward to see what kind of evil deeds will appear.

I pass through the palace while investigating people’s magical power. First of all, let’s intrude the same private room as Seria’s from the other day.
This time, I peeked from the balcony instead of the entrance.
Seria is sleeping peacefully on the extravagant canopy covered bed.
On her side is Lululie grasping her hand. She seems to have woke up safely.

In addition, the genius knight Lion is standing next to them.
He has a neutral look, his smooth blonde hair is tied from his back. His body is wrapped in luxurious armor, a sword with a divine atmosphere is on his waist, his vigilance of the surroundings and his stance has no gaps. With this, I can’t do anything but to give up invading the room.
Lion and Lululie were talking. I listened to the conversation by installing a tool such a glass stethoscope.

「Lululie-dono, Since you’ve been finally freed from the questioning, how about resting for a moment?」
「No, I’m fine. Taking care of the princess is my job」
「However, your complexion isn’t good either. Entrust this to me and take a rest」
「The princess was betrayed by the knights and is shocked, you know I can’t do that」

It seems that she’s stubbornly not leaving Seria, Lion is worried about Lululie.
However, Lululie refuted quickly and Lion withdraws. Lion is weak.
As for Lululie, she remembers that the knights betrayed her. That betrayal of the knights was splendid. Once you experienced that, you don’t seem to want to be beside a knight.
Lion also knows that so he can’t insist himself.
Lululie adds insult to Lion’s injury.

「I’m being patient here because you were instructed by the king to appear here, in truth, I want you to leave the princess’ room immediately. It was your companions that did it aren’t they?」

She completely lost her nerve. It can’t be helped to say that Lion is to be blamed for this.

「I feel deeply sorry for that. But, I’m different from those knights that lost their pride. I’ll never betray Seria-sama」

Lion denied it flatly. But, Lion, that’s a bad move.

「I wonder? Since you’re strong you didn’t experience that, but if you were cornered aren’t you going to betray us surprisingly easy?」
「That’s notー」
「To begin with, a man like you shouldn’t be looking at the princess’s sleeping face. If you would guard then isn’t it fine to guard the entrance? Isn’t it rude to enter the princess’ bedroom?」
「…This is because it’s a state of emergency」
「This is the royal palace. Outside is different, but the enemy can’t invade here. Besides, you can do it outside can’t you? Rather, you entering all the way inside is suspicious. Or is there a reason that you have to watch the princess?」
「I’m not thinking of such a thing!」
「Then there’s no problem right? Since you’re unrelated please get out」

Lion left the room depressed. Since there was a presence that the door opened, he guarded outside just as he was told. Rather than guarding, he look like a student made to stand in the hallway.

Lululie definitely won’t lay a hand on her so I don’t have to do anything here. I should probably leave Seria to Lululie.
I decided to come back at night, then resumed my search at the royal castle.

There’s a room located in a remarkably high place in this royal castle. I was able to look around the castle from this room
However, in contrast to the refreshing wind shaking the curtain, there was a heavy atmosphere in the room.
There were three people talking there.

「Is princess Seria still sleeping?」
「Yes, she’s sleeping soundly」

The first to open his mouth is the King of this country, Ortiz. His age wasn’t at his prime of life, but, fatigue can be seen in his face.
Then the one who answered is the prime minister, Pienta, An gray haired old man that looks tired.
It’s not fatigue done overnight. The worries of these two people never ends.

「Is she not injured?」
「Yes. However, the princess can use recovery magic, so it’s possible that she used it to heal herself」
「For now, I’m glad that she’s safe. However, that’s a problem」
「It is so」

The two people sighed deeply.

「A personal letter from Misumunto Kingdom. Let’s pretend that she felt ill on the way. Let’s see how they move for now」
「That would be fine. If they knew the internal trouble, how will it turn out? The special marriage proposal will be lost」
「That’s surely their aim」
「It probably is. Really. People with empty brains can’t keep their hand out」

YareYare, Pienta shook his head, Ortiz looks troubled.

「Don’t say that. Dealing with it somehow is your job as the prime minister. I understand your feelings, but」
「I’m sorry for being rude.」
「What about the shadows?」
「The communication is cut off. Perhaps they were attacked by the people of Will Gantt」

I want to tell them that those people died without permission. Just how incompetent are the secret agents of this country? They’d be greatly troubled if they knew.
This is because master pulls out the talented people.

「Those guys. They interfered us just to wage war. Those guys would go to war and plunder. What’s wrong with being friends with Misumunto kingdom!?」

*Don* Ortiz hit his desk. The teacup mad a noise by vibrating.
The woman sitting beside him, Queen Angela rebuked it.

「Calm down dear. Also, we hadn’t confirmed yet if it was an act of the Will Gantt house」
「But, there’s no one else but them!」
「However, we still don’t know how Seria returned safely. In the first place, the report from the event had occurred yesterday afternoon. No matter how fast Seria run, it’s impossible to come back here in half a day」

Angela explained how the situation is unnatural.
I did that, but they don’t know.
My super ability can’t be perfectly reproduced with this world’s magic.
Because long-distance flight requires an extraordinary amount of magical power, it’s basically impossible. The flying dragons are a race that’s able to fly in the sky originally, they’re a rare race and normally it’s not usable. As for teleportation, it’s magic theory isn’t complete in the first place.
There’s no one who can move a long distance in such a short time other than me.
However, that impossible phenomenon might really happen. That’s why I have to understand this situation correctly.

The talk continued without reaching conclusion. I’ve eavesdropped for a while, but I understood that they don’t have good information.
I feel uneasy if the top of the country is incompetent.
I’ll just leave them alone and move on the next place.

A dark room where curtains is closed even though it’s noon. A lone man was shouting in frustration.

「Dammit! Why did Seria come back!? It’s impossible!!」

The man hit the wall to vent his anger. A crack appeared on a magic reinforced wall. He had quite the power3

「Radom-sama, please calm down. You’ll break it」

A middle aged man dressed as a knight tries to calm him down. I’ve seen this face somewhere.

「Dammit! What is that Felix doing! He still hadn’t contacted me yet!?」
「I sent a messenger, but it would take two to three days…」
「Can’t it go faster?!」
「I’m extremely sorry」

The first prince Radom shouts his frustration to the old man.
Felix is the name of the present head of Will Gantt Marquis house. He’s the top in the military, and he’s an excellent knight. His territory is on the west, adjacent to Misumunto Kingdom, it seems that they have returned to their territory today. It’s for the sake of kidnapping Seria.
With this, it’s concluded that Radom and Will Gantt marquis house conspired this.

「Just what happened!? Why did she come back after the seventh day? Isn’t the scheduled attack yesterday? Even a fast horse would take a day and a half on that distance, how did she return in half a day? Also, what happened to the attack? Didn’t the maid say that they came back safely together? Why did they return safely?」

He began to kick the floor. He’s a totally restless man. If this man become the next king, I’d feel uneasy.

「How is Seria? Did she say about anything!?」
「No, she seems to be asleep」
「Damn! It’s making me puke!」

Radom can’t wait and began to walk to the door. The old man stopped him.

「Please wait! If you do something right now, Sir Desire would surely take that opportunity. It’s necessary to conceal this instead」
「Don’t speak that name in front of me! I’m better than that damn brother of mine, why Is he talking like he’s going to be the next king!!」

Suddenly, Radom began to rage. He seems to have a complex for his brother4. It can’t be helped that brothers are always compared, but it’s not that easy if you’re a royalty. Or he just wants the kings throne.

「That’s not all! The people selfishly want Seria and Lion to be the king! Additionally, getting friendly with Misumunto Kingdom? I’ll never allow it! The one who will crush them is me! When I become the king, I’ll crush all the nuisance」
「Please do not worry, the only one suitable for the throne is Radom-sama」
「Dammit, I got frustrated just because you mentioned his name!」

Aren’t you irritated at your roots? I swallowed my tsukkomi5
Radom knocked the man blocking him.


You wont be let off safe with that incredible strength. Still, he endured it without fighting back.
Ah, I remembered. This old man is Felix’s little brother…somehow. If I remember, he has a status as a knight.

「Radom-sama. Please calm down」
「I don’t care. Who do you think I am! I’m the next king! I won’t forgive what they’re doing!」

Radom declared.
Looking at the swelling face of the old man, Radom shooed him and got out of the room.

「I’ll be going to the training area. Clean up the room」

The old man muttered in a tired manner, then he used healing magic on himself for a while

「Yareyare, can I have some room to spare?」

「Radom will be ruined」

Daytime is about to end soon. The younger brother drank wine with a woman joyfully.
Second prince Desire is together with the daughter of Mark Newt Marquis, Ophelia. Her loud attitude and evil like ringlet blonde hair bounces.

「Yes, it’s a big failure. The one who did that is being talked about. I can’t stop laughing as he showed his true colors so fast」
「Really. When I met him and fanned it grandly a while ago, he’s already boiling in the head. It looks ungraceful」

Are these guys doing an imitation of bad magistrate?
Apparently, they’re laughing at their rival’s failure. If you want to thank someone, then thank me.

「Then? How was the attack prevented?」
「Ara? Wasn’t it the shadow of this country?」
「I’ve never received such a report」
「Me neither. …Father must have done something」

Are these guys really laughing without assessing the information? Are you really just playing?

「Well it’s fine, we’ll know it soon. With this, it’s possible to advance this time. How is the plan going?」
「It’s doing well. Since all the royal court magicians and the overpowered witch is with us, it’s just a matter of time before completion.」
「Oh, you won over that witch? But her reputation is quite odd」
「She’ll do anything for her research. I’m glad that we have the same interest this time」
「If that the case, it might be in time. The day I become king comes near!」
「Yes, I’m looking forward to it」
「Anticipate it」

What’s this farce?
A plot done by two idiotic people? …It’s unlikely. Besides, this guy’s plan of using the whole country is annoying.
I can only sigh.
This country might be done already.

「I will be writing the details. Thus I will be going for now」

Saying that, Ophelia presented a sealed letter.

「Oh? Aren’t you going to keep me company? My Fiancé」
「I’m sorry. I still have things to do. I’ll come back at night」
「Yeah, I’ll look forward to it」
「Yes, then, see you soon」

When Ophelia left the room, Desire opened the sealed letter and began to read. I sneaked behind to steal a glance too.
What’s written there is human experimentation.
It seems like they’re making an army corps using beast people. The performance and estimated completion is written in details.

Beast people with features of animal fused in their body. There’s an exception, their superior in physical ability, but they’re low in magic fitness.
If you released the abilities of the troops, you’d be able to overwhelm the enemy in infantry warfare.
They seem to intend to use it on the civil war that’s going to happen.

In this country, the royalty are humans. Therefore, the thought of human supremacy is widespread. They even have a thought to say that humans should rule the world.

Desire and Ophelia belongs to those.
If he becomes the King, the small sub-races that were ashamed under normal circumstances would be in more trouble. It’s not a problem for me, but I’m not so sure about the Dark Elf Cathy, Elf Lululie and the Hobbit Capo. This is quite an issue.

After Desire finished reading, he put the document away on the bookshelf. After that, he immersed himself in thoughts with a wine in one hand. He had a serious face, then he slightly grinned, then turned expressionless. Is he emotionally unstable?

I searched for the document which Desire put on the bookshelf on his back, then I found some other similar documents. Since it’s special, let’s borrow it.
30% of theft happens when you’re at home Because you’re off guard when you’re in your own room.
Let’s invade when he’s absent and look around. Various things would come out.

I’ve taken some useful information here. When I was satisfied with the result, I left Desire’s room


  1. “Kept you waiting huh?” that’s intentional
  2. Since he took his time peeking to Seria last time
  4. Not the complex you’re thinking
  5. retort
  6. Ohohohohoohohooohohohoh