Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Seria and her night in the royal castle ##

I entered Seria’s room when it was night.
Peeping at the sunset from the window, Seria woke up this time. She straightened her negligee on the upper part on the bed and she was talking with Lululie.
And just like earlier in the morning, I can feel Lion’s magical power on the other side of the door.

I wanted to play with Seria if possible, but as expected I have to deal with these two people somehow.

When I thought how to threaten them inside my head, Seria faced the window.
I moved on the position where I’d be seen by Seria.


Seria made a small scream as if seeing a ghost.
Lululie noticed it and gazed at the window. But, there’s no one there.

「Princess, is there something wrong?」
「N-nothing. I was just surprised to see my face reflected in the window. Lululie, I’ll be sleeping soon so you can retire today. Look, Lilith must be worried about you so show yourself」
「Sorry, I want to think alone for a while. Tell Lion to not let anyone in until tomorrow morning」

Seria forcibly expelled Lululie out of the room. Then, when there’s no one else in the room, I appeared once again.
When I beckoned her, she quietly got out of bed and came to the balcony.

「Hey, you’re much more energetic than I thought」
「How…are you here?」

Seria was somehow able to squeeze the words while trembling.

「I have various methods. Snaking1 inside the castle isn’t particularly difficult. I came here when you were asleep earlier

Seria’s face turned pale then shed tears. She knows that she’s not safe even in her room.

「Be quiet. Lion might notice」

Lion stands on the other side of the door. His overwhelming magic power scatters in all directions, it’s foolish to fight him.
It’s a fight that’s impossible to win. The difference level of power isn’t just in sword stabbing and swinging. Even if I used poison, it’s meaningless against his magical power.
Frankly speaking, I’m no match. It’s useless to fight. It’s a waste of life.
I don’t even know if I would have time to cast teleportation in time.

「Because…you came here…
「Of course I will come. I need to confirm if you kept your promise」
「I kept my promise. I never told anyone so please leave already」

Seria weakly petitioned, that appearance looks erotic that it stimulates my sadistic heart.

「You know I can’t leave you alone」

I hugged Seria and stroked her back. Then, Seria had settled down a little.
But, she’s mistaken. I’m not soothing her. I let her understand by pressing my groin against her stomach.


Did she find out my intention? She started to tremble again.
The hand stroking her head is lowered, then caressed her exposed chest. When I rubbed it against her thin negligee, her small nipples stood up immediately. At the same time, I massaged her ass.


I remember Seria’s pleasure points and I won’t go easy on her. When I attacked her weak points, Seria put her hand on her mouth and desperately endured her voice.

「NN…a,nn! Please stop」

After caressing her for a while, her skin under the negligee blushed and is sweaty.
I gently reached for her crotch and it was wet.

「You seem to be feeling it well」

I go under her panties and touched her pussy directly. I tried insetting a finger in her vagina and it was accepted smoothly. Her insides are wet with love nectar already and she’s tightening on my finger.
I start to thrust as it reminded me the feeling from yesterday.

「Because you’re touching it, ahn」
「Be quiet. But if you want to be seen by Lion, I don’t mind」

Seria said in a weak voice. As one would expect she don’t want to be seen doing naughty things with a man.

「Are you not going to ask for help from Lion?」
「…Lion, will die. N~」

Seria said something ridiculous.
No matter how you think of it, it’s impossible. The existence of Lion is on a level that I envy, he’s a subject of respect and awe.
Certainly, I might have killed more than twenty people in front of Seria, but I would be troubled going against someone like Lion.

「That’s impossible as expected. If lion found out, I’ll run. …I don’t know what he might do after all」
「I have a feeling that you will win against Lion」

It seems that Seria overestimates me.

「Also, if I refuse you, you will do cruel things to someone else?」
「You know it well. It might be Lululie, or maybe someone you don’t know at all. However, I won’t listen to whatever you say」
「That’s why I can’t send you away…」

Seria muttered as she gave up.
I affirm her words. Be obedient to me, be my thing. You’ll protect others that way.
Seria looked down as thinking of something. Then, she spoke in a small voice.


At that time, the wind blew.
Seria’s silver hair waved, it sparkled as it reflect the starlight. Seria looked up, and looked at me while trembling in fear.
Her strong willed eyes is directed at me.
The environment suddenly became quiet. Even the magical power of the fearful Lion is off from my consciousness.
This moment, I was surely charmed by Seria.

「Still…I will say this to you. ーーPlease stop this already」

Seria said it clearly even though her eyes were wet and her voice is thin. Although her words were filled with fear, her will got through.

I stopped my finger in astonishment. I was overwhelmed by this woman for a moment.
Is this the personality of a royalty?
Suddenly, I felt that this girl became an excellent existence.

I became glad at the same time.
Seria is a woman who’s not broken in fear.
I don’t like an obedient doll. I’m not interested in something broken.
But, I can do her body freely. I want to have my way with a woman who’s shaking her head.
Therefore, I laughed and replied.

「I said it yesterday right? I refuse」

This time I’m somehow convinced.
I’ll never be able to completely break Seria.
I thought that she was an easy girl before, but she was not like that at all. She’s a strong girl to the core.
As I keep violating her by force, Seria keeps refusing me. I thought of how will I violate her each time we meet each other, I thought of how Seria will stop it.
That’s the relationship of me and Seria. It has been decided that moment.

「However, I won’t give up」
「I know. You’re fine as you are」

Any more words are unnecessary. I want to rape her so bad right now.

I put my hands on Seria’s panties, then removed it from her legs.
I took out my erect penis.

「Nu…As expected, you don’t intend to stop…」
「Isn’t that obvious. That’s why I came here after all」

Seria began to weep again. Her personality from a while ago vanished and her face returned to what’s suitable for her age.
I sit down as is, then held her ass.
Seria clinged to my neck. Was she afraid that her feet was floating? The feeling of her voluptuous chest forcing on my chest stirs up the excitement.

「It’s a bit difficult to insert」
「Please stop this already」
「Don’t leak your voice」

I slowly put her ass down. The glans sinks to her vagina, it’s crawling inside Seria’s vagina. The penis exposed in the cold night is now clamped hot.

「You endured your voice well. It doesn’t hurt anymore?」
「…It feels really strange」

Seria answered bashfully. She’s quite used to insertion already Still, her vagina tightens up my penis, it feels good.

「I’ll be moving」
「…Please take it out」

I ignored Seria’s words and began to move up and down.
A night on the balcony, we lift and embrace each other under the starry night2

「Nn…nn…Don’t, move… Ahn, Ah…n…」

A lovely voice leaks out every time I thrust her pussy, even so, Seria desperately tries to hide her voice so Lion won’t notice.
I’m the same, however the reason is different. I’ll get killed if Lion found me. My chance of running is 50/50. However, the thrill is irresistible.
If Seria raised her voice it would be a problem. However, I want to hear Seria’s panting voice. I want to challenge it’s limit.
Got caught? Or to not be Caught3, life or death?
Only fools bet their lives in sex4 But it’s fine. I’ll bet my life to raise the excitement in sex.

「Na…You look happy」

Seria said when she saw my face. It seems my thoughts are leaking out.

「Yeah, this is great. I’ve never tasted this thrill」

There’s no excitement when you fight to death. That’s why I rape her for the pleasure.

「Nnaaa!…even you were…nn, fighting?」
「It’s different from this」
「Ah! Is that so?」
「Yup, that’s how it is」

*Zun Zun5* I push up Seria’s small vagina. The folds entangles comfortably and draw my penis in.

「Nnn! …Ah, ah, Ahna!!」

The voice of Seria gradually grows. Lion might hear about it soon, it makes me worried.
The one over that door that has a ridiculous magical power might attack as soon as he see me.
However, I’m a little interested on what reaction Lion would make if he saw this scene.

「Lion will hear you. Or do you want to be seen?」
「No…n…I don’t, want to show this to anyone, ahn…」
「Yet you feel unusually pleasant」
「That’s not. nnn, it’s because you’re moving…」

Inside Seria’s vagina is overflowing with love nectar, it shows that she’s excited. She herself feels that she’s accepting a man.

「Do you like getting forcefully pierced by a dick?」
「You wro, nnn!!」

Seria raised her voice so I sealed her mouth with mine. At the same time, the other side of the door was knocked.

「Seria-sama, I heard something, did anything happen?」

It’s Lion. He heard it as expected. It seems that he doesn’t know the details, but he noticed something unusual.
Seria’s body stiffened.
I stopped moving where I and Seria are connected.

「Deceive him」

I ordered on her ears, Seria nodded;.

「Seria-sama? Is something wrong? Can I come in?」
「N-nothing happened. I’m…just got outside for a breath of air」

Seria answered somehow while being connected to me. She feigned calm desperately, but her voice is trembling.

「Are you really okay? I heard a voice a while ago. Also, your magical power is in disorder」
「I’m fine, really. Do not worry about me. NN!!」

I moved my waist lightly, then Seria’s vagina tightened. A sweet tone mixed in her voice.

「That voice right now!? Is there someone in there?」
「There’s, no one, don’t. worry!」

When I restarted pumping, a gasping voice was added in the voice of Seria. Her vagina began to twitch finely, I see that she’s about to cum.
Seria looked at me with teary eyes. It stirs up my excitement again. I can’t resist and pierce my penis deep.

「Seria-sama., your voice is strange. I’m entering!」

The doorknob is turned. Seria’s body jumped up, my penis is being squeezed.
I prepared my teleportation that moment.

「Wait! I remembered something harsh so I’m crying!」

Seria said it in one breath. The door stopped half opened. Our appearance isn’t seen yet.

「I don’t want this face to be seen. Nn, somehow, please close that door」

Every second feels so long. I know that Lion is hesitant on the other side of the door. Then he answered not long after.


*Bam* The door was closed again. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I did not stop moving.
Then, Seria questioned me.

「Why did you move?」
「It’s obvious, because it feels good. Aren’t you glad? Nice follow-up」
「Ah! Please stop already, nn…nn, haun!」
「I won’t stop. Aren’t you getting even more wet when you were about to be seen by Lion? You’re about to cum soon right?」
「Don’t say that…」

Seria’s vagina is twitching as if asking for ejaculation. Trembling different from fear, it was a trembling that coils around my penis. I felt this sign of cumming a lot yesterday.

「Cum without reserve. I’m about to cum soon」
「Ahn, Ah, Ah, ah, Haha, …nnnー!」

Unable to endure the intense movement of the waist, I stick my tongue to Seria’s mouth.
Seria, with a melting expression, entwines her tongue with mine. Her hands and feet are clinging to me, our bodies stick together.
Seria says no in her mouth, but since she’s about to cum, she fawned and it was charming. The body moves without her permission and isn’t stopping.
In response, I moved faster.


Seria clings harder. She’s near her limit. I’m already at my limit too.
I moved my waist stronger, then the waves surged quickly.


*Splurt Spluirt Splurt*!! Semen entered Seria’s insides. Seria’s body convulsed greatly at the same time.
Both the top and bottom connections felt pleasant. Seria hides herself so she won’t be found by Lion while feeling the body.
After the ejaculation, I separated our mouths.

「Fuaa…You came inside again…」
「You’re quite used to sex already」
「That’s your fault」

Seria arranged the clothes on the floor.
There’s no reason to stay here after doing that. Finally, I decided to reveal my true business with her.

「This is a present for you. Take a look」
「A letter?」
「It’s not a letter. What happened to you yesterday, what is happening in the castle right now, and what’s going to happen in the future, all summarized there. I’m still investigating, but you should be able the situation you’re in. After you read them, think over what you would do in the future. If you fail you’ll suffer」

Seria doesn’t know the current situation. There’s one around telling her.
She’s merely being swayed around.
She can run and escape before, but she can’t now.
I also do not want to be swayed by such a worthless plot.
I can’t protect all all the time, if possible I’d like her to be able to protect herself. If so, she can overcome situations.

Seria received it timidly.

「Err…I understand. Thank you very much」
「You have more enemies than you think. There’s also those from yesterday. Take care」

When I was about to get out of Seria’s room, I stopped walking.
I remembered something I was doubting that I wasn’t completely convinced.

「That reminds me, when you saw the guards you shouted, but you’re calm with me?」

Seria rounded her eyes on the sudden question, then shook her head.

「I’m not calm. When I saw a man, betrayed by the knights…I remember the scene where they were killed. A person might die in front of me again, It’s frightening…… But, you’re the killer」

Instead of her virginity being taken, the shock of the knights dying seems to be much bigger for Seria. What’s that…

「That’s a bit disappointing」

My answered leaked out unintentionally, and Seria answered amazed.

「What are you saying? You’re even scarier. But you’reー…」


  1. Yes, this is intentional once again. Thanks MGS
  2. It sounds so romantic, if only he’s not raping her. lmao
  3. That is the question
  4. Death by snu-snu bet
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