Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Guilty of being a partner of the Princess ##


Along with the sound of the rain on the roof, there was also the sound of meat banging and a lewd voice of a woman echoed.

I did an irreversible thing just now
I’m naked on my lower body, and I’m poking this country’s first princess Seria on her back by force.
That’s right, It was rape.
My angry and brutal penis is forcing itself on the small woman’s vaginal hole, I’m attacking her to my heart’s content.

「Nn! Ahn! aa…aaaahn」

It seems that Seria is desperately trying to endure, but her voice is timing my thrusts on her inside Furthermore, her vaginal hole is tightening, it brings a pleasant stimulation on my cock.
Seria’s vaginal hole is first class. Her small hole tightens firmly, it’s stick fast and doesn’t want to separate. Just putting it in, countless folds entangle, trying to squeeze out my semen.


Enduring the boiling urge to ejaculate, I raise the pace of the piston.
My penis thrusts to the root, I roughly push up her uterus.

「Aah! There, don’t. Aahn! Stop…Nnnn!

Seria felt it deeper inside and reacted. A faint light causes her silver hair to shine as she shakes her head in refusal.
Despite ejaculating twice already, the figure of her disliking it still arouses me. It’s wonderful (TN: SUBARASHII!)

「Ah…It got bigger again…」

It’s worth bullying if they resist. My son is suddenly showing motivation.
Then, I have no choice but do my best too.
I extend my hand on her small clitoris and stimulated it. At the same time, my left hand is rubbing her big breast in spite of her age.

「Naaaa, There, don’t tease it! I’m cumming again! Cumming! Cumming!」(TN: Iku, Iku no!)

She’s completely drunk on it, I also don’t know how many times Seria had climaxed today.


The moment I pinched her nipple and clitoris, Seria bent her back on a grand scale and reached climax *bikun bikun* her body was convulsing, and her vagina was tightening my cock.
I’m also about to reach my limit. Not minding Seria who reched climax, I continued my piston.

「Aaaah, wait. I say, I’m telling you! Stop! Please! Stop! My head is going crazy!」

Seria’s body convulsed continuously after she came back from her climax
I surround my arm on Seria’s chest and waist, then hold her upper body from behind. When I brought my face close to her nape, Seria faced me and there were tears on her eyes.


I stole her lip away immediately, then invaded her mouth with my tongue. Saliva was poured, and the tongues coil around by force. I violated Seria’s mouth without her resisting.
I hammer my waist on that posture. I’ve already reached my limit.
I strongly pushed my cock in and held both of her hands to restraint.

「I’ll cum inside your vagina!」
「Don’t! Inside is no goood!」

I thrust my penis into the depths of her vagina and *Splurt Splurt* ejaculated forcefully I don’t know how many times I ejaculated inside the beautiful princess’ deepest partー I forced to cum inside her womb.

「Aaaaaaaaa!!! It’s coming again! Inside! Your hot stuff!」

*Doku Doku* it pulsed repeatedly, Seria herself can’t believe the amount that has been poured inside her womb. I put it out a little after I ejaculated, then I pinned down the body of the princes that was convulsing desperately.

「Aaah…again, you let it out again…」

Seria who’s relaxing by leaning her body muttered. Did she finally give up resisting at last from the continuous ejaculating on her waist?
I pulled out my penis and hugged her from the back, I confirmed that Seria’s body was dropped on the bed.

Her beautiful silver hair extends to her waist, having a sweet looking blue pupil is the maiden of the Rasuhairu Kingdom Her age isn’t 14 years old yet. Her petite figure reaches 150 cm, but her boobs are huge, it doesn’t fit her age. (TN: Ginpatsu Kyonyuu petite) Her elegant small pointed nipple self asserts her.


Her breasts are sensitive, and whenever I massage it, soft elasticity and a sweet voice is returned. It’s the breast I want to rub forever.
My hand extended to her bottom, but her ass isn’t that big.
White and red body fluid dripped from her small pussy.
Of course, it was my sperm and Seria’s love nectar, mixed with the proof that she was a virgin.


It overflowed sideways when I poked my finger in. Her vagina’l hole is so small that you won’t my penis was inside that up until now. I just put a finger in, and it’s tightening already.

「Uhm, please…let me go already. I can’t move anymore」

Seria pleads me to stop with shiny tears on her eyes. But, that only brings the opposite effect. I’m a human that continues after if I’m told to stop.
This girl hits the bulls-eye. My penis who just calmed down regained it’s spirit once again.

「Ah…It got big again」

Seria faced down as she noticed it poking her ass. Are you telling me to violate you more?
I took a seat and changed Seria’s position to face me. Seria really lost her power as she doesn’t resist at all.
When I carried her legs, her well shaped breasts shook greatly

「Please. Please stop this! I’ll be pregnant with with your child. Really, please don’t」

I ignored her words, and I rubbed Seria’s belly with our body fluids using my penis. You like your clitoris to be included? Your body trembles slightly.

「Having a child doesn’t sound bad at all. Another round!」

I grasped the ass of the reluctant Seria, I adjusted it’s location then my glans expands her pussy. *Zuru* I inserted it up to the base.
Though I just raped her a while ago, the tightness of Seria’s vagina didn’t change much

「Aaaaaa, again, you put it innnnn…」

Unable to withstand the stimulation, Seria embraced my back tightly. It’s seems it was an unconscious behavior.
Her soft breasts are being pressed against me.

Seria shakes slowly while I feel the peasant elasticity.
A different gentle pleasure dominates my brain. Though I’m raping her, it’s strangely calming.

That’s bad. I have thought carelessly.
Why have I turned this way?