Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The night attack in the royal castle

I went out Seria’s room, then I moved out to get away from Lion as far as possible.
The other side of the door has a magical power giving off an incredible pressure. Actually, I want to be in the bed, but it was impossible for me to invade the interior because of that magical power.
Therefore, I was quite stubborn in front of Seria, but I was scared in reality. I really thought I would die when the door opened. Can I win against him? Just what is Seria thinking?
I honestly want to do more naughty things with Seria, but it’s impossible in front of Lion. It would surpass my body limits. If I kept showering from Lion’s magical power, my body would be polluted with magical power, I’d collapse and die. The palpitation hadn’t stopped yet, my back is still sweating.

I hide myself for the time being and take the Magical power purification medicine especially made by Capo. After a short rest, the effect appeared.

I stared at the sky while thinking of what I should do next.
Even if I say so, I decided where I would go. However, since I don’t want to go there I postponed it.

There are three people I must not defy in this country.
First is my master, Second is Lion, and the third is the Imperial court magician who’s called witch of supreme time.

That witch of supreme time is rumored to have lived for more than 300 years. She already exists when this country was found as a nation, she receives money as she is the imperial court magician, but she only does as she please and doesn’t take any orders.
There was a time where she caught a powerful fantasy class dragon, it is said that she used it as a sacrifice for an experiment in magic. There’s also that time where she didn’t like a duke family for some reason and crushed them. When Misumunto Kingdom attacked them for the first time, she was the only person who cut off the state of the war.
Even the royalty can’t oppose her. She’s an unexploded bomb that’s about to explode anytime, I want to leave her without touching as much as possible.

According to the talk of Desire and Ophelia earlier, it seems that this witch us doing human experimentation of fusing beast slaves.
Moreover, according to the material stolen from Desire’s place, their first experimental should be completed soon. If they begin their secret maneuvers, I don’t know what kind of damage they will cause. That’s why I will investigate ahead, if possible I will crush them.
However, the enemy is too strong, that I’m not willing to.
As I was expressing my feelings, the clouds came out and the stars appeared.

When I finally settled down, a shadow appeared in the moon.
The royal castle is covered in pitch black And then, that moment, my sixth sense sound like a bell.

I fly sideways on full strength. In addition to the accelerated flight ability I took some two, three steps distance. *zazaza* I slide as I land, when I pay attention on the place where I hid a while ago, there’s one figure appearing.
It’s dark so I can’t see well, but the silhouette is of a beast girl. Judging from her triangular ears, she’s probably from the cat race.
A golden eye from the darkness is looking straight here.

I thought I was discovered by the guards, but it seems I’m mistaken. She’s probably someone on the same job. In addition to that, the security inside the castle is only human. That’s why there’s only one answer.

「Did you came out from that place? Are you a remodeled beast human?」

I was about to look for the experiment site, but it seems that they came for me instead. This has the heaviest atmosphere.

「Kill… Black Hair…man…kill!」

The girl forcibly attacked. The distance that exceeded 10 meters was cut down in an instant, a line spectrum ran in the night’s darkness. There’s a trace the girl wielded her nail. It’s too fast that I only see the line.
I evaded it using intuition. But, I wasn’t able to evade it my arm was grazed. The clothes I wore were blade material proof, but it was cut easily and there was a shallow cut to the arm.
She passed through with a certain kill speed. I threw a knife backhand, her cat ears twitched, then she looked at my direction and dodged by sidestepping.

The physical strength’s difference is too much. The girl run one again in full speed, chasing me again. I can hardly evade it.
The sharpness and length of her fingernail is longer than usual, it’s abnormal. It is perhaps modified to become stronger.
In addition, her attack perception is too high that I can’t land a hit.
It’s the worst compatibility.

「You dodged? Don’t run!」

The crazy girl attacked once again. Her talk has no signs of extreme hostility.

This place is the corner of the castle, the research building of the imperial court magician is near, no one is around right now. There’s an attack barrier around the area, and I’ve been isolated from the surroundings.
The only one who can do this in the caste is the witch of supreme time. It seems her bad hobby is peeping. If so, then I can’t use my super abilities.
I can teleport when it comes to worst, but that’s my trump card. I’ll try to run away first.

I hold a dagger on my right hand and prepared a low stance, waiting for the girl. The girl running on all fours flew in front of my eyes, then it jumped aiming her nails on my face.
I bent myself backwards while matching the dagger on her nail and escaped using that chance. The dagger was cut into five parts while scattering sparks. But in that fraction of time, I was able to evade.
I made a backflip and kicked the belly of the girl who is in the air at the same time.
The speed of the girl and the flight assistance was used, the girl turned to a flying cat. 1

The girl’s small body was thrown in the air, then she fixed her posture with her amazing sense of balance2.
I threw the sliced dagger, the girl deflected it in the air.
However, she didn’t seem to notice the wire hidden in the dagger. She’s weak against feints.
The wire coiled itself on the girl’s foot, then when I pulled it, the girl lost it’s balance and fell.
I pulled one dagger to stab the girl.
The girl intercepted the attack with her nail and made a shallow cut on my cheek. At the same time, the dagger was sucked in by her neck.

I accurately aimed at her vital point, but it deflected like a steel.
It’s not body strengthening through magic. I thought my blade pass through from the strong magic, but I only made a scratch.
Is this the reinforcement modeling of that supreme time witch?

The girl who landed on her feet perfectly put her hand on her neck and looked at me in surprise.

「You’re strong」
「Thanks for that. Hey, can we talk for a moment?」

I hope that she becomes a bit calm and try to talk. However, that was useless.
The girl cut the wire on her foot and shouted happily.

「But, I wont lose!!」

She seems to take it seriously. The planar moves of the girl became three dimensional.
She’s running around on the trees and the castle wall as she pleases.
From behind to the side, she attacks on where it can’t be defended.
I make full use of prediction of feints and evade them all. I threw a knife to obstruct her, then created a wire course. Pretending to dodge to the right then running to the left, sometimes It’s impossible to dodge so I roll on the ground clumsily.
The cuts in my body had increased.
I contrast on me who has no composure, the girl keeps speeding up. It’s impossible to catch with my eyes. I can grasp her location with her magical power, but I don’t know until when I can do that.
At first it was just small cuts on skin, but she starts to cut to the muscles. Is it a matter of time before I get tormented to death?
It’s not fun to be seen by the witch, but I can’t hold this.

I lowered my posture and jumped to evade the girl.
When I passed through the girl, I hang in the air waiting for purrsuit3


It’s reversed. As I move in the air, the girl can’t take me down to kill.
I used my hidden flight ability at full force. The extended nail of the girl cut the air and doesn’t reach me.
I grasped the hand of the shocked girl, then got on her behind in a moment. I held her joints and sealed her movements.

「Let go!!」

The girl flails wildly, but I completely sealed her so it’s futile. I flew in the sky with my flight ability. I jumped out the barrier while increasing my speed. Then, I turned without killing momentum, adding the acceleration of gravity, we’re dropping vertically to the ground.
We’re approaching the ground rapidly. Though there’s the fear of death, I didn’t lower the speed.

「Don’t think bad of me!」

And, before we hit the ground, the girl shouted and kicked.
*doon* a loud sound and the earth was blown off.
I have cancelled the Vf=Vi+at4, but I’m unable to stop the F=m(deltaV/deltaT)5 In addition, rolled on a trunk of a big tree a lot of times until we stopped.
My whole body aches. I could’ve been fractured somewhere.
I observed the ground zero6 without letting my guard down


The cloud dust cleared up, then there’s a girl rolling her eyes in the center. I might have caused a cerebral concussion. Still, judging from her looks, she doesn’t look like injured.
I approached the girl while whipping my aching body. She doesn’t look like she’s going to attack. I tied her up before it’s too late for the time being.

A young girl can be seen near. The age is about ten years old. I thought it was a tiger or leopard from her response, but when I saw her tail and ear, she was an ordinary catgirl.
Originally, the cat girl from the cat race are gentle and timid, but it doesn’t apply to this one a while ago.
I wondered and examined her body, then I saw the cause immediately.

There’s a dark magic coiling in her body. It’s a proof of magic pollution. This magical power is gnawing her body and spirit out of sense.
When I found it out, I can handle it easily. If I make her drink my usual magic purification medicine, the girl’s sanity would return to sanity.
I took a small medicine vial from my pouch, then poured it into the girl’s mouth.


However, the girl has vomited the medicine. She can’t drink well if she’s unconscious. She will attack once she wake up just like this. Since it can’t be helped, I decided to transfer it mouth to mouth.
I won’t hesitate even if the other side is a girl. I held the medicine in my mouth and kissed the girl.


I poured the medicine little by little, then she swallowed it. I separated out mouths after the medicine is poured.
She’s still unconscious, but she’ll wake up soon. Then, that’s all.
While I’m at it, I looked for injuries, but there’s no problem in particular. Though I threw her to the ground with a considerable speed, there’s no fracture. Don’t I have more damage?
I pulled the cheeks of the girl for being absurd. It’s squishy and soft. While I’m on it, I also touched fluffy ears.


The girl looks like she feels good for some reason8

I played with the girl who doesn’t look like she’s not going to wake up soon, then a sign of someone appeared from the back. A presence that made my whole body have goosebumpsー

「You’ve finally come」

The instigator finally appeared. I turned around and shifted to battle mode.

「Don’t be so cautious. I came here to praise you on your fight」

What appeared is someone in goth dress and black mantle, it was a girl wearing a black triangle hat. She’s the witch-girl. Her long white hair shines on her black clothes. Her face is well featured like a doll, it has a eerie atmosphere somehow. She looks like a 10 year old.

However, her abnormal magical power fitted in her body above anything else.
The magical power amount exceeding Lion’s scope. It’s something dark that crawled out of the darkness of the abyss. From the way it persistently coils around the body, she’s more dead than alive. It’s certainly a level of monster that’s the same as master.
It’s the person that you should never antagonize in this country. ーーThe witch of supreme time

「You’re the witch of supreme time. What’s this behavior?」

To my utter cry the girl shook her head.

「I don’t like to be called by that name. Please feel free to call me Matifa」


  1. No, she’s not
  2. Cats
  3. That’s intentional nyaa
  4. Flight ability momentum. I just want to science
  5. Hitting the ground
  6. Fall point.
  7. Cough Cough
  8. Maybe because you’re touching her ears