Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The first slave

「…Matifa, what do you need from me?」

Matifa kept nodding then began to speak joyfully.

「No, I just though that you were interesting so I meddled with you. I wouldn’t have thought that you’re a pervert that enjoys smelling Seria’s1 panties」
「…What are you saying?」

Why does this fellow know that I’m sniffing panties? That was in Seria’s bathroom. I confirmed that there’s no one around. I was alone in that room. I didn’t even tell Cathy about it. That’s why no one should know that…
But, as if ridiculing my hope, Matifa began to speak.

「You want to hear the details? Then I’ll tell you. That was the evening eight days ago, a single man appeared suddenly in the royal castle. The man appeared from nowhere, flew, then disappeared, then he was running after the first princess Seria. After he invaded the princess’ room, he disappeared again when the maid had come. Next, the man appeared on the bathroom where the princess is showering. Then the man picked up the freshly taken off panties of the princess, then brought his face close, then sniffedーー」
「Daーーー! I got it! I got it already so stop. I was wrong. But, don’t tell more than that!!」

Shit. I don’t know the means she used, but she knows everything. I infer that it’s a magic that I can’t use. This is why I hate absurd magic.
Matifa laughed as she see me panic.

「That’s why you’re interesting. That man was enjoying the scent of the princess’ panties, enjoying the flavor, he was having a trip in world of delusions while rubbing his crotch, then unexpectedly disappeared from the castle」
「I didn’t lick it!! Don’t add lies on it!」

Matifa continued to talk with an innocent look. Furthermore, she’s making an exaggerated gestures like a drama.

「Well, well, calm down. I still hadn’t finished my story yet. What’s mysterious is that man has no magic at all, and there were no traces of using magic. I can only think of the events as magic. ーーYou, just what are you?」

An indescribable pressure is emitted by Matifa. Her silence tells that she won’t allow me to lie.
Though, she looks laughing cutely, I feel like I’m being stared by a monster.
However, I can’t tell her anything. Therefore I only have one answer.

「I don’t know either」

Matifa wants to know my super abilities. I don’t even know it either. However, I only use it because I can.
But, will Matifa be convinced by just that?
When I thought about it, Matifa quickly subdued her magic. The pressure from earlier disappeared too.

「Is that so? Then it can’t be helped. It’s not like I’m going to bite or eat you. I don’t intend to arrest a suspicious person so be relieved」
「Is that so? If you’re not going to arrest me, then something else? Did you really come here just to praise my victory?」

If you know what I did eight days ago, then you should be aware of today too. I don’t understand her reason to overlook me.
Despite that, Matifa declared indifferently.

「That’s true. Misha is strong isn’t she? I just ordered her earlier but it seems she enjoyed it. Misha is my work of art that I have confidence in, but I didn’t think that she would lose. Even this child has a B-class physical strength. However, just physical strength is useless isn’t it? She has no techniques, and since she lost her calm, it’s easy to turn the tables. No, since your attack can’t pass through, I thought that you would win even if I closed up the barrier and escape route, so I stepped in. I truly admired the attack that you did to defeat Misha. It was wonderful」
「…Thank you for that」

Matifa spoke in one breathing then clapped her hand. However, why do I feel that I’m not being praised at all?

This cat eared call seems to be called Misha.
She said that Misha has a B-class physical strength. Just how was it evaluated in actual combat response?
The battle ability evaluation is commonly used to evaluate the battle ability of an adventurer or a knight. Common knight are D-class, Imperial guard is a C-class, and lastly, those with official position like a captain is a B-class. By the way, Lion is A-class A-classs is a class that’s already called a monster, there’s a gap below the B-class.
In short, Misha is still not ten years old, yet she equal to a trained skilled knight. Thinking that this will attack the corps, Just how much threat they will make.

I won because Misha simply has no technique. She’s deceived by feints, she doesn’t seem to be fixated on winning against me and was just playing.
The difference between deciding victory and defeat is the tactics, My ability has not reached B-class I only have the strength of a D-class, except when I use my super abilities, which makes me C-class.

When she stopped clapping, Matifa continued her story.

「I’ll give you a reward for pleasing me. You can take Misha. It’s a slave, a slave. You’re a man so you like it right? Misha is cute. She’s docile and obedient, a good child. She hates to lose, but bear with it. She can do cooking, cleaning, washing your clothes, she can help you with your daily needs. Of course, even at night. She meows when teased, and she’s sensitive too. She’s a bit young, but you like it right? Ah, be relieved. I trained her for a bit, but Misha is still a virgin. Her hymen is clean. She’s strong as you’ve experienced. She won’t hold you down. If you want it she can be stronger. If you buy her from a slave trader, 50 gold coins would be silly. If you let her grow a bit, it would reach a hundred gold. I want to go along with you. How’s it? would you receive it?」

Matifa listed her words like a salesman.
If I was asked if I want a slave, I will answer without hesitation. However, if I believe Matifa’s words, Misha is a no good anymore.
But I don’t know what this witch is thinking so should I trust her? If I take her, would this girl kill me on sleep?
…Let’s try asking her a leading question.

「isn’t Matifa affliated with the second prince Desire? If you know me, then you also know my purpose, right?」

My objective doesn’t agree with Desire’s Although, I don’t care if Desire became the king, but if Desire is an enemy of Seria, then he’s also my enemy.
And, Matifa is currently in the Desire and Mark Newt faction right now. I don’t know her reason to overlook me and even help me.

「Yeah, that one? It’s true that I cooperate with Desire and Ophelia, but our contract is only me handing the results of the research. Misha is just one person so there’s no problem. In addition, I’m opposed for him to become the next king. I don’t know what he’s saying, but he won’t be the next king. The two sons of Ortiz are exceedingly heartless. I recommend Seria as the next King. That’s why I want to help you by all means」

Matifa relies on me. However, that’s a misunderstanding.
It’s not like I intend to make Seria the next King. Rather than being the king I want to make her mine. I don’t mind having someone I don’t know being the king, if Seria became the King, she’d be forced to work her duties. The suitable one is Lion, my bet is on Lion. In that situation, I’d be troubled.
I want to grasp the weakness of the next king in hope that Seria can live in the royal castle without getting sent off to marriage. If that time happened no matter what, I’ll use a husband puppet applying for the family name, but the real married person doesn’t exist. My goal is to go to that extent.

But, it seems that Matifa is serious. In the first place, Matifa intends to kill me, so she can just use force here. Though I will run away alone. ……Is she giving me Misha to prevent that?
Thinking about the various ideas is a pain in the ass. She loves to talk, so it’s probably better to throw a straight ball.

「I’m telling you this already, my intention isn’t to make Seria the king. Also, I don’t understand the reason why you’re going to help me. What’s your real objective?」

When I asked, Matifa put her hand on her chin and thinked.

「Fumu, it seems you’re on guard. Well, it’s natural. Then, I’ll tell you honestly. My interest in this experiment had already moved to another thing. That’s you. I want to know about you. From a piece of our hair to the drop your blood, I want to know everything about you. When did you begin to have that ability, what theory does it have, how you manage that ability. What’s the true nature of that ability? Why does that ability exist. And, what are you doing with that ability. I want to know everything about that. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my heart is already captured by you.
However, your power isn’t decisive enough. That’s because you can’t live in this world that’s filled with evil spirits2 Furthermore, I can feel that you’re being called by a ruining desire. That’s why I’m troubled. What’s why I lent my power to you.
In reality, after taking your combat data with Misha, I was planning to catch you to look up, but I changed my mind. I want to see how far can you go. However, it would be unfair if i help you out directly, so I will give the one you knocked down, Misha as a present. How’s that? Did my feelings get through?」

From what I’ve heard, it’s just a declaration of love. However, appearing and disappearing on my back is an abnormal attachment3 She surely won’t let me go, she’ll observe me struggling from every corner She might have given me Misha for free on her whim.

「…I want to hear Misha’s opinion. It was futile to ask her when she attacked earlier after all」
「True. Compatibility is important. If she got conscious, you should talk to her clearly. I’m sure you’d be pleased with it」

When I turned back, Misha’s radiant golden eyes is watching me quietly. She cut the wires while I was unaware, and the frenzy a while ago disappeared, she’s sitting quietly.

「Can I talk to you?」
「…Yeah. Misha will become your slave」

Misha doesn’t look like she hate it. On the contrary, she looks like she’s happy.
I love cute cat girls. I want to play various things with her. But…

「Are you really okay with it? Just to tell you, I’m a scum. I’ll forge you to be a murderer. I’ll even rape you」

I emphasized that I’m harsh. I would be troubled if she said no, if she resisted It’s unlikely that I win.

「It’s okay. I’ll do as Master say. I’ll do my best in work!!」

Misha’s eyes are happily sparkling. Since she was trained by that witch, I thought that her common sense was blown away, isn’t this a little abnormal?

「Why do you look so happy?」
「Master is strong and cool! Also, you made me drink medicine. Misha is okay being Master’s slave!」

She seems to like me because of that. It’s like a grade school girl that fell in love with a fast runner boy.
Also, the purpose of making her drink medicine was to gather information, but…
No, in the first place, she might be thinking that I treat her better than Matifa.
With this suspicious witch, it’s possible. Furthermore, since she did human experimentation the possibility is higher.

「Do you hate Matifa’s place?」
「I don’t hate it. However, the experiments hurt so I don’t like it」

Misha frowned slightly. However, I can’t see the true feelings why she hate it.

「OH? What did they do?」
「Unnn… I don’t know」

Misha answered downheartedly. The big ears in her head faced down apologetically.

「Hahaha, It’s impossible to find out about me from questioning her. My research isn’t on a level where that child can understand. How is it? Even if you can’t trust me, Misha should be okay. That child is a slave that came to my place without knowing anything, that’s why you shouldn’t worry. Misha seems to have taken a liking to you」

Before I knew it, Misha already curled her back, when Misha stood up, she pressed me in one go.
I thought of refusing, but when I saw Misha’s expectant eye, words don’t come out.
And suppose I refused it, I don’t know what Matifa would do next. I know too well that she’s a monster that’s on Master’s level that doesn’t follow common sense. If I unskillfully displeased her, my life can’t be guaranteed.
I can’t do anything but to get on it.

「Okay already. Best regards, Misha」
「Uhn, best regards!」

I stretched my hand, and Misha grasped it happily. Thus, I obtained my slave.


  1. The author must have mispelled Seria to Misha
  2. 魑魅魍魎 – Evil Spirits of the mountains and rivers
  3. だがその裏に見え隠れするのは病的なまでの執着心。