Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Witch girl Matifa’s semen exploiting lesson #

「Now then, since this matter has settled, I’ll give this to Misha」

Matifa took out a choker with a small jewel.

「When invading the hall, you should wear this. It’s a convenient item that can let you pass through this castle barrier. With this, you can freely enter the main gate from the wall. Hey, you should put it on her. A slave contract magic is included in it incidentally」

I received the choker from Matifa and coiled it on Misha’s neck. No matter how you look at it, it’s a pet cat collar.

「You passed this easily. Isn’t this a valuable?」
「That’s true. It’s valuable that only one exist in this world. Because I just made it right now」
「What a load of bullshit」

Why are you making accessories with such valuable effects in your spare time? If you do that, the craftsmen would be driven to close their business.

「Don’t say that. I had some trouble reaching all the way here. ーーOh is that so? Could it be that you want it too? It looks like there’s some restriction and risks on your power right? The risk of the disappearance is mental damage. This is related to the time you disappear right? However, there’s no mental damage during the invasion 8 days ago. The way I look at it, there’s another ability. But you have reasons why you don’t use it much often. How’s it? Was I right?

This fellow is tricky. She read my abilities easily.
I was mortified but the apprenticeship is different1 This should be expected from someone who lived for more than 300 years.
But, If I can’t keep it as a secret, I’ll maximize it’s use.

「You’re correct. I want to have one too. It’s true that I can pass through the barrier but doing it every time is a pain in the ass」
「N, Are you thinking of something rude?」

Matifa’s cheeks bulged. Despite the cute appearance, a hateful magic is leaking.
I hastily followed-up

「I just thought that Matifa is a cute and an amazing girl. Leaving that aside, can you give me one?」

Matifa breathed out air, I felt that she lowered her arms. That’s was fucking scary.

「Well it’s fine. Let’s see, is this good for you?」

When she said so, Matifa teasingly laughed and reached for her skirt.
Then, a pure white panties was taken down from the inside smoothly. She pulled it from her legs, then presented it to me.

「I’ll give this to you. If you wear this on your head, you can slip through the castle’s barrier. Yes, you can wear it as underwear too. However, it’s no good if you just put it in your hands. How’s it? You’re glad?」

Matifa presented her panties while smirking. The underwear is filled with frills and has a small lace.
She told me to put this on my head? That’s like a punishment game. For a moment I thought that it would be nice, but I can’t bring myself to do it on a daily basis.

「Wait. It’s too early for me. I have yet to throw my pride」
「Are you dissatisfied? Then I’ll throw an extra. With this, you’ll have unparalleled energy. Even girls are saying ‘hiihii’ and get pregnant, your penis will never run out of juice」
「That’s just a mere pervert! Don’t put that effect!」

What does this one want me to be? Does she see me as a pervert that much?

「You’re too demanding. Then, this is the last one. If you wear this the wounds in your body would be healed. Your physical strength is restored incidentally too. I think you should save this for emergencies」
「Well, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. First, let’s heal the cuts in your body」

Matifa opened her panties with her two hands and slowly slide it. I was worrying if I should run away, or I should receive the it obediently. Yup, that’s good. Let’s receive the panties Let’s do that.
But, my decision was too slow.

「I can’t move!」
「Sorry but I restricted you using magic. But if you use force, you can get through」

Certainly, If I used force I can get out. But, I feel that I will lose.
Also, isn’t it dangerous to use my abilities in front of her? Even if I got lucky this time, she’d make a measure for the next and I would have a bad time.
Let’s set it aside for the real trouble.

「What, aren’t you going to resist? Is it okay for you to put my panties on you?」

Matifa reached my front, then used both hands to cover my head.
If this continued, I’d be covered in her panties. I feel like I’m going to lose something important if I do.

「Wait! Before you put that you must absolutely hear this!」

Matifa stopped moving when I shouted. This is my last struggle, so I raised my voice.

「Why is it white?! Your clothes are red and black! Is that really your fresh panties?!」

Silence ruled the place.
Matifa is blinking in surprise, while Misha’s mouth fell open.
However, I must make this clear. Black goth, black panties. That’s common sense. Red is barely okay. But, if it’s white then it should be pumpkin print panties. Yet, why is it a white lace?
The one you’re going to cover me, is something you made with magic and you didn’t actually took off your panties, am I wrong?
If you want to know why, it’s because I’m black haired. Black panties doesn’t stand out in black hair.
Furthermore, someone who presents her own panties to a man is just a nympho. She must have at least a slight sense of shame.
That’s why, Matifa created that white panties.

「…Fuu, ahahahahaha! Of all the things, that’s what you’re going to ask? Very well, I’ll answer you. It’s as you say, I’m using a black lace」
「Then, that’s not the panties you’re wearing」
「That’s wrong. This is certainly the panties that I was wearing. However, I changed it to white using magic to match your black hair. You don’t have to worry about something like color」
「Wh…at? Then you’re saying that it’s certainly your panties? But it can be said that the biggest identity of your panties, which is color is lost? No, but…」
「You’re too persistent. Look, it’s done」

When I noticed, my head was covered with panties.

「Aーーー! What have you done!」
「Ahaahhaha, Misha, look at him. Look at the pathetic face! This is your new master」
「Uhm, Misha is master’s ally!」

Misha is really a good child. On the other hand, Misha’s abnormal character is a waste on her cute face.
Shedding tears while imagining her girlish appearance, my crotch feels sudden discomfort.

「This seems to work now. Your penis seems to be energetic as well」

Matifa looked at my groin and began to stroke it on top of the clothes.

「You, did you really add the unparalleled energy effect!?」
「Isn’t that obvious I’m a witch you know? A witch keeps the contract by all means. That’s why I put all the effects I said a while ago so be relieved」

She said something outrageous.

「Wait, release this magic. Take off the panties.」
「Don’t say something so cold. After all the trouble I did just to play」

Matifa ignored my cries and happily took out my penis from my shorts.
It’s already erect because of magic, and pre-cum is already expected to flow forward

「Misha, this is my last lesson. I will demonstrate it so watch carefully」
「Don’t ignore me!」

Matifa began to squeeze my rod while wearing black gloves. Her perfect use of power makes precise stimulation and it feels good.

「Isn’t this quite an excellent thing? The length and thickness is bigger than norm, if you got violent it might damage a woman. The hardness is good too, and the shape is well. The vaginal walls sticking to it would feel good」
「Hey! This isn’t the time to be criticizing a man’s thing! Misha, stop listening and help me!」

I feel that my pure heart is being trampled. Why did this happen!?
t would have been good if Misha is flustered. But, Matifa doesn’t care.

「Misha, you don’t have to listen to an impossible order. Other than that, let’s continue the lesson. You remember the sensitive point of a man right?」
「You have to stimulate it this way…this happens」

Matifa began to stroke my penis with her hand. In addition her other hand is holding my glans, rubbing my sensitive part.
She’s captured the weak point of a man precisely and quickly, then moving the gloves with a smooth texture, In addition, with the effect of the unparalleled energy the feeling of ejaculation rose up in no time.


I can’t endure it and released my semen. The black gloves of Matifa caught the my cloud of children. She didn’t let any spill and fall to the ground
It didn’t even take one minute…


Misha was fascinated by the spectacle. ーーThis humiliation2

「Don’t ‘oooh’! Help me Misha! Why are you getting familiar with me, Matifa!」
「Me? that’s because I’m a witch. In this experiment, sperm is necessary, and so I will exploit a lot of semen. Fresh is better」

This girl said exploiting semen!

「That’s quite a treatment! Are men just livestock to you?」
「No, should you tell that to yourself? You just did Seria a while ago, am I wrong? I’m just giving an innocent boy a sexual lesson. And everyone is satisfies, I’ll go back. I obtain my materials and I will be helped. Look, there’s nothing bad isn’t it」

Dammit…I can’t retort
Meanwhile, Matifa fills up a small bottle that she got somewhere. She licked the remaining drop on her palm at the end.

「Yup, it’s has a man’s scent. Now then, Misha, it’s your turn next」

After satisfying and silencing me, Matifa gave the place to Misha.
Misha asked Matifa on how to do me.

「But, master told us to stop…」
「Oh, that, you don’t need to worry about it because he didn’t mean it. He should already disappear from this place if he really wants us to stop. With your master’s power it’s possible. But he’s not doing it, your master is waiting for you to make him feel good」
「Master, is that true?」

Misha looked up at me uneasy. You won’t face someone who’s face is covered with panties and his penis erect.
If she don’t she might cry. I like to make women cry, but it’s not my hobby to make children cry.
Act blindly!

「It’s true. Do it Misha」

Misha’s hand stretched to my cock while laughing suddenly. Her squishy hand firmly grips my rod.
The power is stronger than Matifa, it still feels good. She pressed the point well.
She began to move her hand back and forth.

「How is it? Master」
「It’s good. Where did you learn it?」
「Matifa taught me」
「Did you play with a boy together?」
「No, just the method」

Well, what does that mean? It’s impossible to grow from matifa…grow?

「Matifa, you’re a girl right?」
「What are you asking so suddenly. I’m a genuine girl!」

Sorry to say Matifa, but you’re not a girl acting your age. 3

「I just thought that you can do something about it using magic」
「Since Misha is interested I helped and trained her. Don’t worry, since the beginning I’m a real thing」
「Is that so? Then it’s fine」

While I was speaking with Matifa, Misha continued to move her hand. I can’t deny her lack of experience, but the technique was certainly inherited. My penis just released just a moment ago, but the magic is filling up one after another, and it’s ready to launch again.

「Misha, I’ll release it. Receive it through your mouth」

Without any resistance to my order, Misha followed it immediately. *dopyu dopyu* a cloudy liquid plunged inside the mouth that has a fang.
Misha caught it to the last drop, *aahn* she displayed the semen I released

「It’s okay to drink」

Misha drank up the semen when I ordered her to do so. She’s trained well.

「How’s it? Did you like Misha and my panties?」
「Aside from Matifa’s panties, I like Misha. I’ll receive this thankfully」
「Then it’s good. Since you healed your wound, should we change locations?」

…? Change location? It’s not the end4?

「I thought you’re going to release me?」
「I had a change of heart because you were interesting. I’ll offer you a place so make sure that we’re both satisfied. Look, come here.」

Matifa said and she began to walk, my body started to move without my permission. With a panties on my head like a certain rider5, I followed Matifa like a puppet. I seem to have no free will.

Misha embrace my arm while walking. She’s behaving a spoiled child as she press her small breast that’s starting to swell.
I really don’t understand why she liked me. Do the beast people have a tradition where they obey if they lose?
Or is she seducing me to make me treat her good as a slave?
Well, she’s cute so it’s fine.

We soon reached a research building and gone upstairs. I was nervous that I would be found my someone, but I didn’t see anyone. This research building is exclusive for Matifa.
Then my body finally became free after we entered the second floor.


  1.  悔しいが年季が違う。
  2. please don’t turn to a masochist, I will drop translating this. fuck femdom
  3.  Matifaは心外だと言わんばかりに答えるが、お前女の子って年齢じゃないだろ。I know I translated this one wrong
  4. It’s never the end, you know that
  5. actual line is a “Hentai Style”