Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The witch and the cat eared girl 3P ##

There’s only one thing to do after my body became free. I took off the panties that’s covering my head.

「You took it off already? It suits you quite well」

Matifa complained looking dissatisfied. But a man who’s happy having his face covered with panties is just a Hentai1

「Give me a break. Rather than that, we’re going to continue right? Misha, come here」

I strip Misha’s clothes as starter. Even if I say that, it’s just a slave cloth with one hole so she just need to raise her arm.
When I took her clothes off, Misha’s young limbs become bare.
The flexible muscles peculiar to beast people has a wild charm. Her chest only has a point but it’s beginning to swell.
I thought Misha’s hair is black, but when I saw it in an well illuminated place her color is bluish purple just like a dawn sky. A big cat ear appears from her short cut hair. When I remembered the feeling when I touched it, I moved to flap it. Very interesting.

「Oh, sorry. It’s because you have a good hair」

I stroke the head of the perplexed Misha to fool her, I continued and reached out for her panties. Lowering the low-rise panties in order to avoid the tail, a hairless land appeared.

「Hey you, don’t just be preoccupied and play with me too」

After stripping Misha, a sulkish voice sounded. What I found is Matifa sitting on bed and puffing her cheeks bored.

「No, Matifa has no panties right? Aren’t you prepared already?」
「Oh, that’s it, so that’s how it is. But, I think you can just show a bit of interest in my body right?」
「To be honest, I don’t know how to strip that Gothic Lolita Dress」

Matifa wears a black goth loli dress and her clothes are frilly. A man like me can’t imagine how to put it on nor take it off.

「For the time being if you pull our the ribbon on my back, it will come off. You should study this well」
「Is that so? Then allow me to study now」

I worked hard to strip Matifa. But the complex structure of Matifa is easier said than done. After struggling, I was somehow able to expose her chest.

「That’s because you’re not observing the structure well. I’ll ask you to do better next time」

Matifa remarked. Why should you be preachy when on stripping clothes? 2 This lolibaー.

「You say something?」

However, I feel in awe when I looked at Matifa once again.
I can say that she’s doll-like, Matifa’s beauty is like a doll itself.
Her face parts are arranged perfectly, blue eyes like jewels, straight gray hair with no split ends, white skin like ceramics, a line representing the girl’s peculiar danger. Everything seemed to be an imitation, but it was certainly a body of human.

「How’s it? It’s beautiful right? Because I can rejuvenate using magic, this face and body is born. Do you understand that this is the best happiness from holding such a beautiful girl?」

Matifa said filled with confidence. She can really be confident with it.

「Yeah, I can’t object with that」
「Matifa-sama is beautiful as expected…」

Not just me, but Misha is also charmed by Matifa’s beauty.
My body is naturally drawn and I kissed Matifa.

「Nーー you’re quite agressive. It’s a good thing. Men should lead at such a time」

I pushed Matifa down to the bed and creeped my hand on her small body. The fresh and young skin sticking to my fingers feels good. Her chest is a bit fluffy, when I touched it it returns a squishy sensation. A pink small bud is picked up and stimulated kindly.

「Nn~ You’re polite despite you’re appearance. Others jump in when they see my body. Oh, a child with no delicacy will probably return」
「I intend to be gentlemanly for the time being」
「Ahaha, what a funny joke」

I’m not going to tell her that I’m familiar with Seria. No matter what, they’d rage if they hear another woman’s name.

「Do you really bring men that frequently?」
「Don’t say that. It’s almost 200 years since I did a real thing. I found a promising boy that time and taught her how to sleep with women. That child seems to be happy with another woman after becoming a hero. Though I say that the child whom I trained hard wants it more recently, with that said, I’m not so cheap to let you do it. Even though I look like this, I’m a person with good moral. Since you’re interesting and I’m having future expectations so I permitted you especially」

The digit was ridiculous. She surpassed the human life-span as expected. But, I don’t understand how old Matifa is.
I feel that she’s just 2 or 3 years by me. 3

「I’m honored. Enjoy it by all means」
「You too, feel me」

Matifa is surely thirsty. In the first place, Matifa’s personality is out of standards that there’s no matching man. Even if there’s one, it’s just in appearance. You can’t get away with just laughing and talking to each other.4
For that reason, she likes me who took a life threatening practical joke without escaping.
I reflect on what I handled sloppily some time ago and caress Matifa seriously.
I feel bad on leaving Misha to wait, but then Misha also participated.

「Misha will join」

Misha licks the free nipple. Since it’s rare, I did the opposite side and her nipples gradually got hard.

「Nnn~! You two work smoothly together.」

Matifa leaks a pleasant voice. I was uneasy because her body is too young, but it seems that she can feel it properly.
My hand reaches to her forbidden area and invaded her zettai ryouiki5. She didn’t resist even if I rub her inner thighs, when I touched it, it was a little wet.
She also has a childish slippery pussy like Misha. I pat her genital as a greeting kindly.

「Haan! It’s good. Touch there more」
「Where is ‘there’? If you don’t say it clearly I won’t know」
「That’s the place where you’re mean. That’s my pussy. Will you touch my pussy more?」
「Your wish is my command」

I rubbed it bit by bit just as she told me, then finally a sweet voice leaked.

「Fuaa! Haa! Un, that’s good. Somehow my body got hot. You can go a bit more violent you know」

I understood her indirect demand and speed up my finger’s movement. I exert some force on her slit, then rub the labia that’s been hiding. In addition, love nectar began to leak as I stimulate her clitoris with my thumb.

「It got wet」
「Un, your hand feels good after all. If you’d like should I do it too?」
「You just did a while ago. It’s my turn this time」
「Is that so? Then I’ll leave it to you」

Matifa’s handjob made me cum instantly so I’ll refrain for now.
I left her chest to Misha and took off the clothes and moved between her legs.
I spread the legs that’s been wrapped with knee socks, then her white skin and a perfectly closed genital area appeared under her skirt. The white and black contrast brings out the spice.
When I opened the meat kindly, the labia and a small erect clitoris appeared.
I peeled her clitoris and rubbed it with my finger directly.

「Aaaa! That’s, that rhythm! Do it more!」

In response to Matifa’s demand, I raised the level of caress.
I let my finger invade her small child hole quietly. Matifa’s small hole swallowed my finger smoothly, sucking it tight. I grind inside, it loosened a bit.
Meanwhile Misha is fiddling with Matifa’s chest. She sucks on left and right alternately, fiddling with her finger, then licks it with her tongue. She’s quite used to it.
Is Matifa gradually feeling it? Her breathing turned rough.
On her entrance, it’s flapping seemingly filled with desires, when I added a second finger, the love nectar increased quickly.
She’s probably close to climax.
When I bent my finger and rummaged her vaginal wall, she raised her waist.

「Haaaa! Haaーhaaaー! It’s good, you. You’re more skillful than I thought. I never thought that you’d make me feel good so easy」

Matifa seems to feel quite good. She clench the sheets firmly with her small hand and her eyes’ gaze is in trance.
It should be fine.

「Matifa, I’m going in」
「Nnn! …Your timing is huge? Fufu, you’re quite a brute aren’t you? ーIt’s fine. Mess me up with your cock!」
「At times like this you should beg for the penis!」

I opened Matifa’s legs wide then forced my glans on her small vaginal hole. As expected, with her body size it’s quite tight. Still, I crack open Matifa’s small entrance and embed my dick little by little.

「Nuuu! It’s really big! And it’s hot! Ahahaha, I’m getting broken!!」
「I won’t stop anymore. Just a bit more so endure it」
「Okay! Hurry up and give me!」

Matifa clenched her fists on the sheets enduring something.
I pushed my waist steadily and the tip settled somehow. From there, I pushed my meat through and got further inside.

「Uaaaaaaaa! It’s coming in! Your penis! This is no good! I can’t endure this! Cumming!!」

Matifa’s body shook as she feel she got penetrated. I stopped and thrust the remainder quickly


After I reached the deepest, Matifa climaxed. Her small body jumps, and her small vagina shrinks further.

「Do raw dicks feels so good after your first time in 200 years?」
「Yes! This is what I wanted!」

The walls of her vagina tightens around my cock.
I haven’t inserted all yet but it seems impossible to take more. Let’s accept and settle on this loli hole.

「Master…Misha too」

While feeling Matifa’s loli hole, I heard a lonely voice next to me. A wistful Misha can be seen there.

「Come here Misha. I’ll do you by hand」

While inserted into Matifa, I beckoned Misha to kiss. Misha willingly included her tongue.


I crawled my finger on Misha’s round ass and genital area, it was wet already. Just like what I did to Matifa, I slid it and stroke to loosen it.

「Nmyaaa…Master’s hand feels good」

Misha’s face is melting from pleasure. While fiddling with Misha’s loli pussy, I want to be stimulated too.

「Matifa, I’ll move. Endure it」
「Haa, haa… Fufu, Even though I just came you’re going to move already? Okay, it’s fine, come here」

Matifa’s pussy got dripping wet, there’s no more trouble to move even if it’s tight. I moved my waist slowly, her folds sticks tights and it feels good. When I intensified my movements a bit, Matifa screamed.

「Haaaaaa! aaaaaa! Amazing! You’re amazing! You’re forcing my vaginal walls, it’s been a while since I felt this! Haa! Haa! Haha! I just came a while ago but I feel I’m gonna cum again immediately!」
「Haa, I won’t stand for long, so just cum as you like」
「Okay! You’re the best as expected !! I want to take you away from Seria!」

Matifa shakes her waist while saying so. I rotate my lets to suit with the movement of her waist according to her movements.

「That’s impossible. I have no intention to give up Seria. However, If it’s Matifa I’ll think about it」6
「Fufu, that’s already fine. You healed my suffering after all」
「Even if I declare you as a mistress you won’t get angry? If you’re okay with it, then I’ll be your partner anytime!」

Matifa may be apathetic. I wonder if she has that mind because she lived for long.

「Nn…Master, I’m feeling numb again」

Misha seems to begin to feel it too. When I stimulated her underdeveloped clitoris, her reaction was different.

「Nnn! It feels good there!」
「Do you know what this is?」
「Yes! Clitoris! Matifa taught me!」

She seems to be taught about it too. Just how far did you go?

「Then you do know what to do right? Do it to Matifa」

Misha extended her hand on the part where we are connected and reached to Matifa’s genitals. And pinched the clitoris without hesitation.

「Haaaaa! I’m feeling from my clitoris! Misha! More! Do it more!」
「Nyaaaaa! Misha too! Master, please!」

I surge into Matifa’s vagina intensely. Attacking them both at the same time, Matifa’s doll-like face is enchanted, and changed into a lewd girl.
A finger shoved in and opened Misha’s unripe vagina.
My limit is close already. I moved my waist faster.

「I’m about to cum! I’ll let it out inside your vagina」
「It’s okay! Come! Come inside my vagina!」
「Misha too! Cumming!」

I go on my last spurt.
My waist and hand attacked without holding back.

「Guu! I’ll ejaculate! I’m gonna blow!!」
「Haaaa, hurry up and make me dirty!」

Matifa clinged and put force on her feet. Her vagina shuts hard at the same time and the sperm welled up came out at once.
I thrust my penis inside her small vaginal hole until I reached my limit, *Byurururu* my burning desire was spit out.

「Aaaaaaaaaa! It’s coming! Something hot is coming inside my vagina! Ah, I’m cumming again! Ah, Ah, Aaaaaaaaaaa!!」

Matifa and Misha climaxed at the same time. My penis and hand is being clamped that it hurts.
I stared as Matifa’s body reached the climax of pleasure.

「Haa, haa, haha, you let out a lot. ーーWould you kiss me?」

Matifa acted like a spoiled child and project both of her arms I kissed her deeply while being connected.


Matifa’s tongue technique is good. Sweet saliva entangles, our tongues are melting together. My son who lost strength a while ago got energetic again. It seems we can start round 2 immediately.
But unfortunately, I can’t take Matifa as partner forever. I have another partner today.
When I separate our mouths, Matifa understood and nodded lightly.
Matifa reluctantly pulled out her vagina from my penis. A cloudy liquid dripped from the hole that has been spread a little.
Misha asked me when she saw that.

「Nn…Master’s semen…*picha*」
「Misha’s great isn’t she? It’s your turn next. I hope your new master fill you up」

Matifa stroked Misha’s head adorably. The two flirting makes me feel jealous.


  1. Kamen
  2. Oh you Ren, you don’t know the art of stripping yet
  3.  もしかしたら俺で言う2,3年くらいの感覚なのかもしれない。
  4. 笑い合ったり軽口をたたき合うような間柄にはなれないだろう。
  5. Exposed skin between top of knee-high socks and hemline of skirt
  6. だがMatifaも一緒なら考えてやる」