Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Witch girl and Cat girl 3p part 2 ##

It’s boring if I’m just watching the two beautiful girls flirt. I extend my hand on Misha’s shaking tail in order to mix in.


When I opened Misha’s genitals, her inside is sufficiently wet already. It seems we’re good to go just like this.

「I kept Misha waiting. I’m going in」
「Okay! Please insert Master’s penis!」

Misha sticks out her butt asking for it while raising her tail.
I stick my penis to Misha’s hole that’s smaller than Matifa’s. The lubricant is enough, but the entrance is so small that I feel uneasy entering it.
Was my hesitation seen through? Matifa advised Misha.

「Misha, relax, relax yourself. If you strain power it would be hard for your master」

Matifa persuades Misha while patting the line of cheek from Misha’s neck. With that alone, Misha’s body lost power.
When I force my glans, the meat is spreading along the way. But I still can’t insert it easily.

「Nyaaaa, my crotch is spreading!」

Misha is surprised by the sense of first time.
Power enter Misha’s body and my glans were repelled. It might be an influence of body reinforcement, her resistance is stronger than I thought.

「Misha, it would be fine so calm down」

I persuade Misha while stroking her ass, but she doesn’t relax easily. Then, Matifa interfered.

「You, try to grip her tail. You’ll see something interesting」
「Like this?」

I caught the blueish purple tail in front of me just like I was told.

「Funyaa! M-master!?」

Her hair stood up for a moment, and it thickened round enough. In addition, Misha’s body jumped, and she collapsed and fell limply.

「Cat person’s erogenous zone is their tail. Misha is no exception. By the way, Misha can feel it if you stroke her tail like how you stroke your penis. I trained her that way」

I stroke her fluffy tail just like Matifa said, Misha’s sticking out her small ass and she’s melting completely like a mascot from somewhere.
I began to invade the young vagina that lost it’s strength once again.

「Nyaaaa…master’s penis…big…」

Even if relaxed, Misha’s vaginal hole is still tight. She’s still too young as expected. Still, my glans manage to be buried and I felt some strong resistance. It’s her hymen.

「Misha, it will hurt but endure it」
「Okay, Miーsha will endure it」

*Gugugu* my penis thrust in. While tearing her membrane, I screwed her small vagina by force

「Nya, nyaaaaaa! Master!? It hurts!」

As expected, loss of virginity is painful that Misha is disillusioned for a moment.
It tightened up that my penis seems to be torn off at the same time.

「It hurts, it hurts! Misha relax!」
「Nyaa! Nyaaaaaa…」

I gripped Misha’s tail while ordering her, then Misha’s body relaxed again. You can really control her by a single tail. If I know this, then I could’ve won the battle earlier.

「Hey, it’s interesting right? Since I can’t train inside this child’s vagina, I developed her mainly there instead. It’s possible for her to cum with just her tail now. Now, it’s your role from here. Don’t just make her feel pleasure from the tail but also in her vagina」

Matifa began to caress Misha while saying that. She kissed Misha then fiddled on her flat chest as revenge from earlier.
Misha melts as it happens.

When I looked at the connecting part, there’s quite an amount of blood flowing out. But, Misha doesn’t look to be in pain anymore.
I began to piston while settling on only half inside her vagina. I pulled my waist and her folds sticks on me. On the contrary, a hard muscle shrinks tights and my begins to contract on my whole penis.
Every time I thrust, the Illusion of Misha’s meat is being scrapped of is remembered. She’s an obedient cute kitten instilling the image of her master.

「Misha, how’s it?」
「Nyaa, Master is warm. Master is melting Misha once again」

Misha’s been embraced by Matifa’s chest feeling pleasant. She’s delighted that her expression loosened.
Looking at Misha’s state, Misha loved it and loosened her cheeks.

「Misha is cute. I want such a daughter」
「On the outside both of you look like children. However, I agree with your opinion」
「Fufu, you’re a bad papa for mating with your child」
「Yeah, I’m a bad guy after all. I’m a murdered and a child rapist」

Matifa expresses a smile after hearing me.

「You’re an unusual type aren’t you. You commit a crime but you still hold good sense. And you’re not laying out an excuse such as trivial sense of justice or false truth, you hold your will to the end.
You recognize the world as is, normally, you don’t insist your ideas. The only person who can do that are from outside of this world, someone who has been called by a god. Just like me for instance.
I’m in that age, besides, I admire how your body lasted without magical power. I seem to fell in love with you seriously」

Saying so, Matifa separated from Misha and crawled her hands on my body. She sucked at my nipples and rubbed my testicles with her fair delicate hand. My crotch reacted to the stimulation and Misha raised a groan.

「I’m not that amazing. I’m just a selfish man」

Every time I hear Matifa’s words, an indescribable frustration wells up inside. I thrust my waist so hard to vent it out.

「Funyaa! Ah, master, it hurts」

Misha looks suffering, but it doesn’t matter. It’s the slave’s role to accept it. Matifa kept talking while not minding Misha.

「That selfishness, everyone is just as bad, you now that you’re the same as them. There’s no such thing as righteous. Law is just to make the society stable, it’s not something to protect a person. Since you can’t expect to be protected, you should protect yourself」
「I’ll do that even without you telling me. I can no longer turn back」
「That’s correct. I will support you on that」

Thus, Matifa’s long talk was over.
I’ll do what I want to do. Right now, it’s Misha. I’ll fill up the womb of this lovely kitten with my semen.

「Misha, how’s my thrust in your vagina? Are you used to it already?」

I speak while thrusting Misha violently.

「Yes, Master’s penis, keeps coming inside me, it feels good! Something coming to Misha」
「Then don’t endure and cum」
「Okay, okay, Misha’s cumming! I’m cumming from mashter!」

The sliding gradually improves, it makes the piston faster. In addition, Misha’s panting voice became intense too.,

「Nyaa, nyaa, nyaaaaa! Cumming! Cumiiiiiiiiing!!」

MIsha’s body clinging to bed trembled before long. I felt her always narrow small vagina getting tighter.

「Misha’s too sensitive. Do your best because it’s not the end yet」

I stir up Misha’s tightening vagina forcibly. It’s too tight that I can’t move, but I throw impact on her womb at least.

「Nya, nya, nyaa! mashtter’s coming, nyaaaa!! Misha’s cumming isn’t stopping!」

When I caught and rubbed her tail, Misha began to continuously cum. She meows and yell with her inarticulate tongue.

「You’re a bad master. Did my words hurt you that much?」
「If you know then don’t say it. After Misha it’s your turn」
「Ooh, that’s scary. Then I suppose I’ll wet myself and wait」

Matifa licked her own finger then began to comfort her genital with her hand.
I throw what I accumulated inside to Misha.

「I’m blowing, Misha! Take it!」

*Byuryry byuru* I released semen inside Misha’s womb. I defiled Misha’s uterus with my syrupy thing.


That time, a golden liquid leaked out from Misha’s crotch. It made a big stain on the bed.

「Ah…I’m sorry…Misha leaked out…」
「I don’t mind it Misha. This much isn’t a problem」

Matifa comforted the apologetic Misha. Since the owner of the bed doesn’t mind, I don’t mind it particularly either.
When the leaking ended, Misha fell limp on the bed. Her tail has lost it’s vigor too.

「Good work Misha. It was good」
「Hanyaaa…Master is really amazing…」

Misha began to sleep just like that. It seems she’s really tired
I stroke the head of the kitten with a childish body who accepted me and turned to Matifa.

「You know what’s next?」
「Of course. I don’t mind you doing so intense that you’d break this body」
「Don’t regret it」
「Who do you think I am? You better not regret it」

Then, until the new day breaks, the flirtatious voice on the research building didn’t stop. While doing Matifa Intensely, I also had sex with Misha a lot of times.
I recover using Matifa’s magic when I get tired, and I continued the act until I lost my strength completely.