Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Girl’s promise

The sun shone on the room I’m not familiar with, I was speechless on the spectacle.
Two girls who aren’t even 10 years old are lying down on a bet full of semen.
One of the girls is a cat eared and tailed girl with a bluish purple hair, the other one is a like an artificial product white and black girl White liquid is pouring between their mouths and crotch, sperm sticks on both of their face and chest.

If I remember correctly, this happened after my second round with Matifa. I attacked Matifa intensely while she’s gasping for breath. When I lift her like the cursed doll in gossips, she used the royalty’s secret magic to me. Why can this one use it? By the way that panties also had the same effect as this, the whole string of questions was blown off and I turned to a beast.

I pushed down Matifa with all my power and poured her vagina with semen like an idiot. If I can’t enter anymore, I didn’t hesitate and penetrated the curling body of Misha who’s sleeping. In addition, I penetrate this two in turns. My lust was received by the two obediently.
When My reason was returning as I bang Misha’s insides, Matifa used her magic again. I stopped when the vagina of the two became a semen tank and used the mouth of the two. The parts they can’t finish drinking spilled on their just swelling breasts, I kept letting it out. Both Misha and Matifa seemed glad on the semen shower, rather, they rub my balls and squeeze my cock aggressively.
When my reason returned again, Matifa used her magic for the third time. However, my physical strength was also on the limit. Then the two people who guessed it began to push me down and shoved my cock in their pussy and began to move their waist. The two little girls used semen instead of lotion and inserted my penis in their pussy, the chaotic scene looks erotic. It’s too chaotic that I don’t even know if we’re exchanging saliva or semen when we kiss. The two girls squirted like a fountain, my physical strength is strained at the end as I thrust to the two young hole leading to what’s right now.

In short, I had been forced to become a monkey midway. It’s a disgrace.

「Haa, haa, haa…」
「You seem to be tired. Well, it’s reasonable. No matter how you forge yourself, since you have no magical power, you can’t go out of person’s level」

Matifa talked to me while her arranging her breath as she sit on the other side of the bed, looking at the sunrise. Lying down next to Matifa is Misha who is sleeping peacefully in bed. I’m saved by the satisfied expression of these two.

「If you think so then don’t overwork me. What would you do if I get ED?」
「I was wrong about that. I’ve been too enthusiastic after a long time. It’s because you’re too passionate, Also, you should be proud that you lasted. You were trained well. You exceeded my expectations after all. You’re really interesting」
「Give me a break」

She seems to be interested on ill-natured people. If she discovered that I’m an otherworlder, it would be more trouble. I must absolutely conceal it.
I had Matifa clean our bodies with magic, I put on clothes and decided to carry Misha on my back where I can return my strength.

「You can come anytime again. I’ll plan a different welcome next time. When you’re inside the castle I can basically sense you, so you don’t need to knock. Well, your ability seems to be able to pass through my senses, but, For now, I’ll change my target. I’ll analyze your ability. Therefore, be sure to come to the royal castle. And the matter about my panties is a joke. It’s possible to get away from the barrier even if you don’t put it on so be relieved, you should be relieved. But it’s useless unless you possess it. Also, I returned it’s color to black. Instead, I recommend you to hang it on your nose and mouth. Now then, that’s all for me. I’ll leave Misha to you」

Matifa looked slightly lonely when she said.

「That reminds me, I forgot to ask one thing. I think of transferring your contract of remodeling the beast people with Desire, can you do something about it?」

Matifa answered my unusual question with a smile.

「Witch’s contract is absolute. I can’t break the service contract. Therefore, for that matter I can’t help you. In truth, just telling you is already a breach of contract, but since you stole the secret from Desire and you were able to beat Misha so it’s possible. In other words, this is the maximum concession for me. If you want to get rid of the contract itself, you must either defeat me or kill the 50 remodeled beast people. This is all I can say. From here, is something you have to do by yourself」

Matifa said as she laid down on the bed tired. It seems she won’t talk any further. I decided to come back home and sleep too.

I went over the castle wall secretly from the sky while carrying Misha on the back. Just like Matifa said, the barrier didn’t react at all.

I enter the hideout at the entrance of the second floor and I entered the bedroom without stopping at the workroom. It’s a simple room with only a bed and a closet.
I lay down Misha on the bed and crawled next to her.
It was really hard today. Cathy did wake up fellatio in the morning, I eavesdropped in the royal castle, raped Seria while near Lion, fought Misha, and played and did naughty things with Misha and Matifa. When I think once again, it was a cruel day. But, there were some harvests too.
The next big event will be Will Gantt house and Felix’s return. The first report of Seria being attacked would soon arrive but the big deal has not been reported at all. Also, I had Cathy to watch Will Gantt House so there’s no problem. I can’t go against the fatigue from the travel so let’s firmly take a rest here. I slept while thinking so.

It was afternoon when I woke up. When I rose myself and looked around the room, My eyes met with Misha which is staring at me.

「Good morning Master」
「Morning. Is your body okay already?」
「Yup, I’m okay」

Misha hops repeatedly saying so. The skirt is rolled up casually and her panties are exposed to full view.
She looks quite healthy. After the violent fight and her first experience yesterday, she’s quite fine. My body still feels heavy. I wonder if this is what being old means.

「For the time being, let’s eat」
「Okay, Misha will make one」

I moved to the living room while being relieved that Cathy isn’t there. I had left some preserved food, but I decided to leave it Misha and let her do as she like.
Misha began to cook like she’s used to it.
She peeled the potatoes off smoothly with her sharp nails, she also cut the hard dried meat into easy to eat pieces.
She lit fire on the furnace with her fingernails instead of flint, then boiled the soup Just what on earth is that nail made of?
She licked the seasonings, salt and herbs to confirm the taste then she threw small amounts.
She blew to cool it down before tasting, satisfied, she put the container aside.
In this world, meat and vegetable soup is common. And a solid brown bread is standing on the table. This much is the limit when you’re trying to cook with ingredients right now.
I licked to check the taste of the soup.

「ーIt’s delicious. Good job Misha」

The rich taste sinks on my tired body. The seasoning is moderate, the bad smell of the meat is put out and it doesn’t kill the other taste so I have no complaints. Furthermore, I’m surprised that the dried meat that should be hard to eat was processed in a way that it’s bitten and cut easily.
Misha on my side looked at me nervous, I pat her head and she was pleased. It seems I really found a good bargain.
I had Misha use the table and the two of us ate.
As soon as I gave her a permission, Misha nibbled on the bread.

「Isn’t Misha better in this than fighting?」

I let out my thoughts suddenly. Judging from the fight yesterday, her body ability is high but she doesn’t know fight techniques.

「Mogumogu1…Yes, I was helping the household all the time, then I was brought to Matifa-sama’s place and became strong. Hagu2…」

Misha is originally a house aiding slave from a merchant’s house. However, Matifa bought the goods of the slave merchant. And then, she did remodeling reinforcement and gave them incomparable strength. It seems dozens of beast people have been bought the same way. Among then, Matifa was interested in Misha and gave her special treatment. Night and day.
Beast people have been made to fight among themselves and Misha is reinforced especially and was the strongest.

「However, Master is stronger! Though Misha was strong she was never able to win against Master. Master is an amazing person!」

It seems to be the reason why Misha recognized me. It’s merely a difference of experience, but it’s not necessary to correct it. I obediently accepted the gaze of respect of Misha.

After we finished our lunch, we went out the town. It’s to get Misha’s daily clothes. After buying it briefly around the shopping area, I went on the back store and bought a spy costume for Misha.
When I asked the back store to make Japanese clothes for Misha, the female merchant looked amazed and brought moderate goods. We just talked for almost an hour so why? Misha starts to talk as if scared. The companion was a Japanese gentleman but not to this degree.

And, while we’re at it, we passed through Capo’s pharmacy in order to buy fatigue reduction medicine. Misha faced the wrong direction suddenly

「Master, there’s a scream. Perhaps, a girl」

Misha raised a worried voice. The direction Misha is facing is an unpopular alley. I’m not so corrupt to abandon a girl in trouble. …I hope she’s cute.

「Lead the way」

When I ordered her, Misha began to ran happily. I follower her. I caught magical power hanging around the back alley immediately. The number was 4. One person’s magical power is abnormally low. This feeling is the girl with a hat whom I met with Capo yesterday. There’s no mistake that her house must be close.
I heard the girl’s scream along with the laughter of the scums from the back alley.

「No! let me go!」
「Calm down!」
「It’s an easy job to take and collect children with no Magic」
「Yeah, we can drink good alcohol today」
「Stop talking and help me here!」

It seems that they knew the girl and attacked her. Is their purpose kidnapping?

「I’ll make an opening so Misha secure the girl. Don’t kill」

I shortened the distance and plunged to the back alley.
Just before my opponents saw me, I flew and got overhead. The enemies are a shorty, fatty, and skinny. Their magical power isn’t so strong, they’re just hoodlums expert on small fry. It’s unnecessary to kill them.
The girl’s arms are being held by the fatty so she’s in a situation which she can’t run away. Her broad brimmed hat trademark fell on the ground and her pink hair is disheveled. She’s holding a paper bag on her right hand.

First, I land on the back of the fatty who’s holding the girl’s arm. I beat his head with a dagger at the same time.
Fatty’s eyes turned white and fell on the ground slowly.

「What are you! Appearing from nowhere!」

The small man noticed my existence immediately readied his sword and magic.
He was one beat late and the thin man noticed the abnormality and reached for the girl

「Don’t move! I don’t care what happens to thisー」

However, the man’s arm flew to the sky. Misha secured the girl from the fat man who fell down. Nice timing.

「Stop that. You won’t experience pain if you pull out now」

I gave them a warning as the general public and the girl saw me. If there’s no eyewitness then questioning are unnecessary.

「Aren’t you a man with No magic! How dare you putting up a brave front! Don’t think you can go against the three of us Tartarus sword」
「Ha? Tartar sauce?」
「Mackerel sword…Delicious. *Drool*」

The short man suddenly said something incomprehensible.
Misha muttered something disturbing from the back. Even if we defeat them, I don’t think their delicious.
By the way, in this world, mackerel isn’t a fish but a monstrous sword with a distinctive eye. It tastes very good. Especially, it’s fried egg is outstanding.

「The three Tartarus sword! Youuu, I won’t forgive you!!」

The short man slashes me while shouting. His movement was strengthened with magic. However, his too obedient to his swordsmanship.
Or rather, where did they get this cursed sword? The sword of Shorty has a strange pattern, but I don’t feel any magical power dwelling, it’s an ordinary sword.
When I match the dagger with the swinging sword, there’s no abnormality as expected. I just slid the hammer and I palmed his chin to counter.
This technique is drilled by my master physically, you shake the brain of the opponent. Their body is strong to some degree, but they can’t prevent it all.
The shorty fell down slowly and I aimed at his stomach.

The thin man from the back pulled out a knife immediately. I twist my body and dodged, but it grazed my clothes. I seem to have been made to mistake a chance for a matted black blade by a lanky arm. 3
However, only my clothes are cut and there’s no abnormality. There’s no cursed sword that erodes you with fire.
I twisted his arm and pinned him down the ground.
Could it be that the one they call cursed sword is this one looking like a kitchen knife? If so then the first assumption ‘tartar sauce’ would be funny.
It’s a typical bluff, but a person who can’t detect magical power well may be fooled. I say the bluff tactics peculiar to the weak. I know it well. These fellows are probably like me.

「That’s the end. Give it up if you don’t want to be pushed to the guards」
「I-I give up. Please spare my life…」

I snatched his black knife and threatened him, the skinny kept nodding. When I released him, he took his companions and run away.
I picked up the hat and removed the dust.

「For the time being, let’s change place」

I covered the girl who’s held by Misha who’s absentminded with a hat. At that time, I saw a sharp ear floating from the interval of her hair.


  1. NomNom
  2. Bite
  3. つや消しされた黒い刃とひょろ長い腕で間合いを錯覚させられたらしい。