Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Tiny Breasts vs Tiny Breasts

I never thought that a clichéd event would come.
I was helped by Seria when I was attacked in this world. Then I grew up to be on this girl’s side to help her. If I attack somebody afterwards, it’s a complete conquest. No, since I attacked Seria so it’s already complete?
I came back to the street while thinking of such a foolish idea. First, let’s talk to the girl I helped.

「Are you okay? Were you injured?」
「I’m fine. Thank you for helping me」

The girl pulls down the visor of her hat with both of her hand and expressed her thanks while hiding her face. But she can’t hide her red cheeks. She’s quite shy.
Oh well, I played the part of a reliable onii-san who helped her. If she doesn’t react then it’s boring.

「If you have someone to thank, thank Misha. It’s Misha who noticed your voice」
「Thank you too. You’re quite a strong girl」
「Yes! I did what Master told me」

Misha looks satisfied with the thanks. Her tail shakes with her mood.
It’s been a while since I did a good thing so I continued the Hero act.

「I’m glad that you’re okay. While we’re at it, let’s send you to your house」
「Are you sure?」
「Yeah, I’m worried after all」

I walked the street by the guidance of the girl.l Meanwhile, the girl hid her face and fell silent. Is she still embarrassed? What a cute girl, when I was thinking of that, my sleeve is getting pulled.

「Master, your face is weird」
「Don’t say it」

When Misha warned me, I changed the subject to fool the girl.

「By the way, what’s your name?」
「Hahya! Uhm, Lilith. I’m called Lilith!」

Lilith, who was thinking deeply was surprised with the sudden voice.

「It’s Lilith? Why you went alone today?」
「Err, onee-chan fell down and I got medicine from oji-san. Then, I was attacked by the people on the back…」

From Lilith’s talk, the two sisters are living together and the elder sister suddenly came back home from work during daytime and fell down. The person herself said that she’s just tired so there’s no need to worry, but the worried Lilith took medicine from Capo alone. Then, she was suddenly attacked on the way and reached the back alley and that brings to the current situation.

Then, we immediately arrived at Lilith’s house while talking
There was a two story house with a terrace.
It’s a cheap rent house which is built by the state support. When I looked left and right, all the houses have the same structure.
Colorful flower blooms in front of Lilith’s house and is much more livelier than the other houses. Gardening is probably her hobby.
I told her to be careful before we bid farewell, I squat down to match the eyes of Lilith.

「Be careful next time. Since we people with No magic are easy to be aimed at, don’t go alone. Okay?」

Lilith nodded as she saw my still face. Her face is red. This girl fell in love.
I’ll just leave coolly afterwards. Bye then, when I turned back, Lilith raised a cry.

「U-uhm! A-as thanks! Err…Would you like to drink tea inside?」

Lilith wants to detain me. However, I don’t know what to do so I can’t speak.

「That’s right! Snacks! I’m about to bake cookies! Please eat it by all means!」
「Cookie! Master, let’s eat cookies!!」

*Pikon* Misha was baited with food. Her eyes are sparkling just like when I was attacked. At this rate I can’t do anything but go in. This isn’t the development I wished for.

「Well then, if you insist」

With that said, I intruded Lilith’s house.
There’s a lot of flower arrangements and houseplant that calms my heart inside the house.

「You like plants?」
「Yes~ It’s because it calms down restless people naturally. AlsoーI’m an elf after all」

Lilith hesitated, but took off her hat, then her pointed ears are exposed. It’s moving unsteadily as if insisting it’s existence out her pink hair.

「It’s a secret right? Why did you tell me?」
「Onii-san saw it a while ago. Also…I believe in you」

Lilith looked at me and Misha while saying so.

While we’re talking, footsteps can be heard from the upper floor

「Lilith came back? Oh, a visitor?」
「Ah, Onee-chan you should still be sleeping! These people helped me when I was attacked a while ago. I want to thank them so I let them in」

The magical power from the voice I heard is familiar. Then, when I saw the face of the person from the second floor, I imagined I pumped my fist into the air triumphantly.
Coming down is a leaf colored hair elf dressed in pajamasー Seria’s maid, Lululie.

I thought of it since I saw Lilith’s pointed ears.
Demi-human’s standing in this country is low. There are considerably few people living in the royal capital who doesn’t discriminate them severely. Furthermore, they can’t take good jobs because they have to take magical power purification medicine. It’s true that she has a decent job. With that, It’s natural to think that Lilith’s elder sister is Lululie.
Of course, there’s a possibility that it’s an unknown elf from the capital. But the two are sisters just like how I imagined.

I’m able to make contact with Lululie by chance. I can use this.
While my scum thoughts are rising, Lilith talked while making some hand gestures.

「It really happened in an instant! When I thought Onii-san was cut the other guy was down! He then suppressed the other person in a flash, it was amazing! Then, Misha carried me like a prince even though she’s smallー」

Lilith is too excited that she talked about what we did to Lululie over and over again.
When Lilith finished speaking briefly soon, Lululie bowed at me.

「Thank you so much for saving Lilith. I’m Lululie, this child’s sister. Here’s our living room, please come」

Then, we were guided by Lululie to the living room. We finished the self-introductions in the meantime.
Lululie’s gaze seems to investigate but I guess it isn’t just my imagination. She thinks I’m a suspicious person, but she hadn’t seen through me. She seems to not noticed my relationship with Seria since the attack the other day.

「Please relax as I prepare the tea」

Lululie says as she heads to the kitchen, but her feet is unsteady.
It’s understandable. She slept on the duration of the attack, then forced to sleep through magic to remove her fatigue. Furthermore, when she woke up, she constantly attended to Seria. She returned home today probably because she left the castle after being kicked out by Seria out of her room last night. It’s natural that she’ll fall down.
Lilith stopped Lululie.

「I’m going to do it so Onee-chan should rest」
「However, can Lilith set fire?」
「I can do it if I try」

Quarrel between siblings is no good, but they suddenly started fighting. However, the words of worry are the only one coming out. This sisters must be close.
An outsider should just watch and not butt in, but the quarrel escalates gradually.

「I will do it」
「No, I will…」
「I willー」

They won’t hand it over each other. Then, Lilith spoke a line she shouldn’t say.

「Onee-chan should rest so you can’t. Your boobs won’t grow big if you don’t!」
「Wait, Lilith!?」

Lululie shyly hid her small chest with her hand due to the sudden mental attack. But, Lilith didn’t care about it.

「I know it. Onee-chan rubs it when she’s taking a bath to make it bigger」
「L-Lilith, shut up!」
「I won’t shut up. Onee-chan always mind her breasts and kept sighing」
「Isn’t Lilith the same!」

Lululie lost it and made a comeback to Lilith. Then, the fight between two tiny breasts started.

「If I grow up, I’ll be like Seria-sama!」
「It’s impossible. Princess is already big when she was at your age」
「I-It’s not impossible. I’ll definitely surpass onee-chan!」
「Look, your target changed. Also, I won’t lose to Lilith」

Lululie cuts down Lilith’s dream in one stroke.
Is Lilith the same age when I first saw Seria? Certainly, Seria’s breast was bigger than Lululie’s that time. No matter how long the elf lived, it’s impossible for Lilith to catch up with Seria.
But, I don’t know who would win on Lilith vs Lululie.

「I-I can win. I heard how to get as big as Seria」
「Wait a moment Lilith, teach me that」

Lululie questioned Lilith desperately. What an absurd drive.
Lilith grinned and said.

「Noo~ I won’t teach Onee-chan. You can just do what you do by yourself」
「Is that so? then tonight’s dinner is green pepper」
「Why!? green pepper has nothing to do with it?」
「When you’re choosy, your breast won’t grow big」

Lululie’s counterattack began. She used the deadly 『Being choosy is bad』attack. It’s impossible for a child to counter it. Now, how will Lilith dodge this?

「Ugugu, I-I can even eat green pepper!」
「Then, I’ll add eggplant, tomato and mushrooms」
「Eeeeh! W-wait. I’ll talk, I’ll talk so…」

Lilith raised the white flag on the Lululie’s onslaught.
However, Lilith’s eyes swim as she speak. She really doesn’t know the method how to make the chest big. She’s thinking desperately right now. She glanced at me, then, she her eyes flashed as if she’s inspired.

「Err, Onee-chan. That method is…rubbing」

Lilith springs out her hand as Lululie approach her. But, Lululie answered with a flat voice.

「I already tested it」

I remembered a slight fear with her mutter of despair.
But, Lilith won’t go down yet.

「That’s different, you shouldn’t massage yourself, but the one who you love should!」
「The one I love…」
「That’s right, therefore it’s impossible for onee-chan to be single forever. I’m getting massaged by onii-san so I’m fine!」

Saying so, Lilith jumped at my arm. Her hard rib pressed against me. Then, Lululie finally remembered that we exist.


Lululie became stiff with Lilith clinging to me, I laughed to deceive her and Misha is grooming her tail.
What’s this chaos space? For the time being, let’s run away. It’s the best way.

「Ah, what is it? I’m hungry. Misha」
「Yes, I’m hungry. I want to eat the cookies soon」

Misha read the atmosphere properly. Next, let’s give her a task.

「That’s right, Misha, help Lilith. You won’t have problems baking cookies right?」
「Okay, leave it to me. Let’s go」

Misha pulled Lilith’s hand and led her to the kitchen. Lululie sat on the chair, she seemed embarrassed.

「I’m sorry, I showed something unsightly…」
「Don’t mind it. I didn’t hear nor see anything」

After talking with Lululie for a while, Lilith brought the tea in front of us.

「Look, I can do it Onee-chan!」
「That’s because Misha-chan helped you. Gosh…」

Lilith boasted on Lululie for a bit, then she returned to the kitchen. She will bake cookies with Misha this time.
Apparently, this war is Lululie’s loss.

After the play ended, I tried to talk to Lululie.
I faced Lululie once again and talked to her with a serious face.

「Lululie, I want to talk about the matter when Lilith is attacked」
「…What could it be?」

She understood the atmosphere, Lululie’s face turned serious too.

「This time those fellows tried to kidnap Lilith, but they aimed at Lilith as an individual. It wasn’t because since she’s an elf with No magic, it’s Lilith herself. You got a clue why she’s aimed at?」
「If I have any ideas?」

Lululie is lost in thought hitting her elbow with her hand.

「That’s right. The reason why Lilith’s attackー for example, she might know some important information about the attack on Princess Seria the other day」

When I said that, Lululie looked at me suspiciously.

「…Why’s it about that?」
「Lululie might not know it, but the matter about Princess Seria being attacked by someone the day before is already a rumor downtown. She was with a maid that time. And then, they attempted to kidnap Lilith a while ago. When you match it, you can see the aim of the criminal」

Lululie meditated for a while, then her mouth slowly opened.

「In short, the real aim…is me?」

I silently agreed.
If they were to kidnap Lilith, what would she do? Since Lululie has no money, they won’t demand it. Perhaps, their real purpose is Lululie, or to threaten Seria.
Perhaps the mastermind is no other than the three perpetrators. Then, the mastermind knows the relationship of Lululie and Seria.

「This is just a guess. Also, I haven’t heard about the details. However, it seems the two of you are in danger」
「ーーThat’s, true. Your speculation might be true. However…」

Lululie understood the meaning of my words. But, she’s confused. She doesn’t know what to do.
But, I will push it here.

「So, I have a proposal. I, with Misha intend to guard you two for a while. I have the same constitution as Lilith but I’m sensitive on enemies, and Misha has a physical ability almost equal to C-class. And we can call someone we trust when we’re busy. How about it?」

Since I hid my power, I lowered my statement.
Lululie is a significant person. She’s Seria’s weak point and also my target. I can’t leave her alone.
I thought of escorting her from the castle, but this situation doesn’t exist. Furthermore, Lululie dislikes knights. Then, there’s a good chance I get her favor.
When I was thinking about it, Lululie refused.

「That’s…I’m grateful for it, however I can’t pay for the fee. Also, I don’t want to involve people in danger」
「You don’t need to mind the reward. It’s not for free, but you can pay on a reasonable range. I won’t demand for your body so don’t worry」
「But, that’sー」

Lululie is still hesitating. After all, she would hesitate to make a debt from a man whom she didn’t know.
I really want her to pay with her body, but I promised Seria that I won’t lay my hand on Lululie. I’m a man who keeps promises. But, I can make a favorable impression with this plan.

「This is just my selfishness. Since I already know the girl being aimed at, I can’t just leave her alone. I can watch secretly from the outside, but I want to protect you close. I don’t mind if you don’t pay for reward. I’m prepared for the risk of dying since I imitate adventurer’s temporary freedom. Is it still no good1?」
「Even…if you say that2…」

Lululie cast down her eyes.
Though I suppressed goosebumps and irritation but, there’s no much reaction.
She has a stronger guard than I thought. It seems she need another push.
When I was thinking of what should I do, a voice from the kitchen is heard.

「Uwaa, Misha, that’s amazing! How did you do it?」
「I don’t know. But this nail that cuts everything is my pride. It doesn’t even get dirty」
「Eh. Can it cut stones?」
「It can even cut Mithril」
「Even mithril!?」
「Yes, But I can’t cut master」
「You can’t cut onii-san okay!?」

The two girls seems to cook happily. But the contents of the conversation is dangerous.

「How about it? I’d be grateful if Misha and Lilith would become friends. Since she doesn’t have friends due to special circumstances, but i think it’s a good chance」

Appeal to sympathy strategy. If this is still no good I don’t have anything else at hand.
I patiently waited for Lululie’s answer. Before long, Lululuie looked at the kitchenーthen smiled.

「…That child seems to be having fun. Got it. I don’t want to see Lilith be involved in danger so I will accept your proposal. And also, it seems Lilith would be pleased too. It may be inconvenient, but guard us」
「Be relieved. I will definitely guard you」

I returned an answer while being relived from Lululie’s answer.
The first stage of winning over the elf sisters is cleared.
I decided the guarding contents, we decided the reward and I signed the escort contract.


  1. Ren used Puppy dog eyes!
  2. Lululie is confused!