Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Lululie’s massage #

About the guard contract, we decided that Misha is in charge of Lilith, and I will be responsible to pick up Lululie at night and night guarding.

「So there’s a place like this」
「Yes, I ask you of this… Huh?」

As soon the talk ended, Lululie began to shake her head unsteadily. She can’t focus her eyes. It seems she overworked too much that her body is exhausted.

「Are you okay?」
「Eh? Ah, Sorry…」

If I leave her alone she’s likely to fall off from the chair so I go around her back to support her body. She has a really slim body, I grabbed her bony shoulders.
Just like that, I peeped on the small chest’s pointed end from the gap of her neck and pajamas from behind. I can’t say that her body is unhealthy to that extent, but she’s a bit to thin.

「Are you eating properly?」
「Yes, for the time being」
「For the time being? I guess the food expense is cut for the medicine anyway. I think it’s no good」

Lululie is embarrassed for a reply. It seems it was a bulls-eye.

「The reason why you fell down this time is because your physical strength declined. Since you’d be troubled if you can’t work anymore, take meals properly」
「Yes. I’m sorry」
「Look, it’s the medicine Lilith brought. Drink it.」

I lifted the vial left on the table and handed it over to Lululie.
Lululie accepted it absentmindedly and put it in her mouth. She drank the green liquid, then breathed out sexily.
I often drink this medicine, there’s actually a small effect in this medicine besides the physical strength recovery. The body warms up and will be wrapped up in pleasure when you drink it. If drank when tired, your body would relax greatly what you’d be in dreamy state of mind in no time .
In short, it’s a bonus time where Lululie’s brain isn’t working well. I light body touch is possible without problems. I won’t let this chance get away.

「It takes a while before the effect takes over. Should I carry you to your room?」
「No, just let me be for a while」

That’s a shame. She declined. But, I want to do her in this state.

「Is that so? Then I’ll massage you」
「Eh? Ah…」

I massaged Lululie’s think shoulders without waiting for an answer.

「After all you just work all the time right? A person who works hard for their family is okay, but you also have to pay attention to your body. When it’s hard for you, it’s okay to act spoiled you know」

I was somehow able to decrease her ability to think gradually. I console the body that’s been tired from anxiety and long journey.

「Ah, there, it feels good…」

Lululie surrendered to pleasure as I massage her shoulder gently.
As expected, even she’s young her shoulders are heavy. It’s worth massaging this.
When I get exhausted on training, I was often massaged by master. If I recovered, it’s intensive hellish training again, but I remember the pleasure even now. Sometimes I and Cathy do it mutually so I mastered the technique.
I used Lululie as subject today.

「Nn…Ah, Un…」

I massaged her nape, to her shoulder, to her arm deliberately. While taking care not to use excessive force, her stiff muscles starts to loosen, then Lululie’s eyelids closed. I gently lowered her body on the table and applied finger pressure on her back.

「Does it hurt?」
「Nu…no, it’s just right…」
「Is that so? If it hurts just tell me」

I lowered my finger along the spine. From her back to her waist, I gave it a finger pressure equally. Her posture is bad so I can’t do it earnestly, but I adjust the backbone in a possible range and fixed her body.
As expected, Lululie’s ass has little meat. Thin girls aren’t bad, but I wish she’s a bit round.


Meanwhile, Lululie is totally asleep. She must be really tired.
Now then, I finished massaging her neck, shoulder, and waist, her feet is impossible in this posture. If so, then the next target is the breasts.
According to Lilith-sensei, if it’s rubbed by a man you like your breast would get bigger.

If, it really becomes big, Lululie would need it.
I like small breasts, but it’s a big problem for Lululie.
That’s the match of Lululie and Seria’s chest size. I became sad when I saw that scene.
Not because she’s a maid of the royal family, but I can’t help but pity the difference in beast status of Lululie.
Furthermore, Seria is still at age of growth. The difference would be wider in the future. Then what would happen? Lululie would surely be damaged.
She minds that she’s small. She knows that it’s a wish that won’t come true, still she won’t be able to suppress the jealousy on Seria.
Then, it’s possible that these two’s friendship may crack. I don’t want to see that2
That’s why I must make Lululie’s breasts big. If that happens, Lululie would be happy and I’m sure that Seria would be pleased too. Then, the two would be glad. I will raise this breasts3

With that, I leaned Lululie’s body on the chair. I stopped her body as her head isn’t stable.

「Lululie, the next would be your chest, do you want me to continue?」

Since I promised Seria, I can’t do it forcefully. However, since Lululie wished for a massage and accepts, there’s no problem.
Even if Lululie is half asleep.

「What do you want? You want me to continue?」
「Ah…Yes…Please uu…」

Okay, I got her consent4 Thus, there’s no problem. There’s no problem.

「Got it. If you don’t like it then say it」

I attack the beasts slowly from the top because she would be surprised if I suddenly touch it. I massaged her nape and her collarbone line gently. When Lululie got used to it, I lowered my hand and massaged her pecs5


There’s no resistance from the sleep-like state Lululie. The softness of her chest is handed down to my hand on top of her clothes.
Next, I pushed my palm in her chest, I draw my hand inside and outside Lululie’s small chest. I see the valley of her chest from the gap of the clothes disappearing.


I was caught up in the moment and continued, Lululie leaked a sweet sigh. But, Lululie’s eyes is still closed and she doesn’t show a bit of dislike.
I’ll continue.
I move my hand to the bottom of her chest then moved my hand to lift it this time. I moved her underboob to the center and released my hand.
Then, her small chest shook. The size fits the palm of my hand, it was shaking according to gravity.
I can see it even on top of her clothes. I took the shape of my hand, I can clearly feel it’s movement. I did it twice, three times, it transmitted that the tip gradually got solid.

「N, fuu…」

Lastly, before this ends, I massaged her breast as a whole. Lululie’s entire small breast fits my palm, still it had a certain elasticity and softness. I moved my finger gently to not stimulate it too much, I enjoyed the touching feeling from the top of her clothes. And when I continued doing it, Lululie’s nipples are erect. She seems to feel it just like massaging herself.
But, any more than this and I won’t be able to endure it, so I stopped today’s breast massage.
When I returned my hand on her shoulder massage, Lululie woke up before long.

「N…Huh? I was…」
「Yo, are you awake?」

Lululie looked upward like she’s drooling. My face is reflected in the ceiling upside down.
As the brain slowly activated and understood the situation, Lululie’s face changed to shame gradually.

「U-Uhm, I-I-I!」

Lululie hid her face with her hands. Her ears were dyed red as she faced down.
Apparently that’s how it is today. I want to massage her lymph with my finger someday.

「Did you ease up a bit?」
「Uhm…Yes, thanks to you I felt better」
「Is that so? Then I’m glad」

I separated from the embarrassed Lululie and seated on a chair.
Just how far did Lululie remember to be so shy?
Is she embarrassed that her body is touched? or is she embarrassed that her chest is massaged? I expect that she didn’t notice the chest. Her underwear may be wet.

「For me to sleep like that…」

Apparently it’s about that. Is she embarrassed that her sleeping face is seen? If there’s no problem that I touched her body, I’ll do it again.
I was thinking of what I should do next time, then a voice from the kitchen rose.

「Onii-san, we baked it!」
「Master, we did it!」

The two children jumped out from the kitchen. They’re holding a plate with cookies that has a sweet fragrance.

「Huh? Onee-chan, what’s wrong?」
「N~? Suspicious…」

Lilith noticed the abnormality of Lululie, but Lululie denied it. She turned her red flushed face away to avoid suspicion.

「The medicine worked. Other than that, you guys did bake it well?」
「Mogumogu6… Yeah, I made it with Lilith-chi」
「Mi-chan is skillful」

The two seems to be in good terms that they start to call each other by nicknames. The two presented the dish while munching. Of course, I waited for the two to eat.

「Master is thinking something strange again. …Paku7
「I’m not thinking of anything」

It hadn’t been a day since we met yet, Misha can already read my mind8. Is my face really easy to read?
I should better think of countermeasure or something. For instance, hiding my face. Of course, anything but the panties.

I postponed the Misha countermeasure for the timebeing and extended my hand on the work of these two.
Lilith watches me seriously as I eat.
I put the cookie in my mouth while being a bit nervous. The freshly baked texture and the flavor of butter spreads over my mouth.

「…How is it?」
「Yup, perfect. It’s delicious」
「Yay~! Mi-chan he said it’s delicious」
「Yeah, Lilith-chi’s cookies are delicious」

Lilith hops in delight as she was praised.
Misha eats the cookie stealthily while making a V sign. You eat too much.

「Can I have some too?」
「Onee-chan should eat to get healthy」

Lululie eats along with the two. Her complexion improved after taking the medicine, but you can’t remove the fatigue.
Since she’s thin, I want her to eat a lot and get well. A little more flesh is better after all.

「You two did well. It’s really delicious」

When Lululie praised her, Misha’s ears raised high. But, Lilith showed a surprised face.

「It’s unusual for onee-chan to praise someone. Did something good happened with Onii-san?」


「Y-You’re wrong. I just praised it honestly because it was delicious. Don’t think of strange things」
「G-got it」

Lilith easily yielded to the intimidating smile of Lululie. However, I have more chance than I thought.
Should I make fun of her for a moment?

「Lululie, should I tell them the thing from a while ago?」
「What what? Did something happen as expected? Did my onee-chan steal the march!?」

Lilith is interested in the panicking Lululie. As expected, these sisters are interesting.

「We talked about escorting. You don’t mind it right?」
「Eh, ah, t-that’s right. Yes, please」
「Escort? What’s that?」

When I said so, Lululie was relieved. Lilith complains as she don’t know the talk.

「Since you might be attacked again, I discussed it with her. And so, we decided that I and Misha will guard you」
「Eh, Onii-san will protect us?」

Lilith’s eyes sparkle like a girl that fell in love. After all, girls of this age longs for a princess-like story. In this case, the prince feels like a low-life, but that low-life has it easy so I’m greatly delighted.9

「Yeah, we can’t be together at all times, but I’ll be here as much as possible」
「Are you sure!? Yay! Thank you onii-san!」

Lilith embraced me forcefully. I received her by my chest while sitting down.

「Misha too」

I was embraced by Misha from behind for some reason.

「Fufu, you’re popular」
「Well yeah. Since I’m risking my life here, I deserve this much」
「That’s true」

I saw Lululie laugh as the two children cling to me.
It’s an expression I hadn’t seen since that incident. Lululie’s tense face finally calmed down a little.

But, that’s just temporary. Lululie will have a hard time in the future. I will be the cause of it.
This is a definite matter. As long as I don’t give up on Seria, Lululie will surely know Seria’s current state someday. Just what kind of reaction will she show? That’s something I look forward too.


  1. Sleeping sound
  2. Awwww, Ren knows that friendship is power
  3. Lift up your hearts!
  4. Dammit Ren, she’s half-asleep!
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pectoralis_major_muscle
  6. Mumbles
  7. Nom
  8. Today’s the second day actually
  9. この場合は王子様が下種すぎる気がするが、その下種からすればチョロくて大変喜ばしいのである。