Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Princess Seria’s solo play #

After explaining the escort matters, Lululie slept in her room to let her recover.
I leave the dinner to Misha and Lilith and I came back home alone because there’s work.
The sun has set and it was time to contact Cathy.

Cathy just returned when I entered the workroom. She appeared in the corner of the room like a shadow and united with the landscape. I can perceive her since I’m sensitive to magic, but her presence is too thin that even a trained man won’t notice her easily.

「Yo, how’s the other side?」
「A fast horse arrived at Will Gantt’s house this afternoon. I tried to eavesdrop and I they were talking about the executioner disturbance. Those who should deal with princess Seria is missing and is being searched」

Executioner is a common name in the imperial capital recently. His victims goes up to two digits, and his name was given because everyone he kills had their neck cut.
Executioner escapes any kind of guard and appears in front of the target. Then, he disappears the moment he killed the target.
They had various theories on it’s true nature, like ghosts, or a new kind of demonic beast, but the answer is Me.

This time, I left the dead body as a warning that it was an act of an assassin. But, the surprise attack is from the border so it would take a day and a half for a fast horse for every kind of information to be dispatched. Therefore, the other party tried to meddle with Lilith and Lululie before the warning arrived.

The information should’ve reached the imperial capital now, Felix would break off the search for princess Seria and consider thinking an excuse desperately.

「Did you know when Felix returned?」
「Yes. From the report, it would be a day after tomorrow」
「That went as expected. I did a lot so I’m tired」

I sneaked in the castle to obtain information yesterday, fought with Misha, Came into contact with Matifa, Lilith was almost kidnapped and I made Lululie take me as her guard.
Cathy became silent when she heard my story.

「That’s how it is.」
「…The noble related information is short」
「Yeah, I don’t know the plots of the two great marquises. Also, the state of the two princes are strange」
「Yeah, especially there’s no reason to fight that WIll Gantt. Because if you do nothing, Radom will be the king as he’s the superior」

Cathy is right, in this current state of affairs, there’s no reason for Will Gantt Family to fight. Will Gantt family is the first group in the first prince Radom faction. Even if they do nothing, prosperity is promised. If so, they should move avoiding the civil war.

I would understand if it’s the Mark Newt family that prepares a revolt. In fact the second Prince Desire and Mark Newt house daughter Ophelia is planning to it , it is obvious from the fact that they established a strength.1

However, the first prince Radom has no attitude with the Will Gantt Family. The Will Gantt who took strong measures to kidnap Seria just had Radom berserk when he heard the name of his brother. My uneasiness can’t be wiped.

「Is there something that gives the Second prince Desire advantage?」
「Let see. Jus one alone can turn this situation over」

When she got it, Cathy suggested an answer to me.
Because I’m ignorant about the royalty and nobility, she’s giving me a lecture. She’s a reliable sister at these times.
I can’t think this can disillusion me. Then, I found an answer immediately.

「Is it the king?」
「That’s right. King Ortiz hadn’t decided his heir yet. Perhaps, using that reason, Desire might spread a rumor that he would be the next king」

Spreading rumors to provoke Radom. The short-tempered Radom took the provocation easily. Then, with Radom’s failures piling up to that extent, he plans to drag him down and impeach him. He would say that he’s the one suitable to be the king.
it’s possible that the two loud laughter combination is the preparation for the harassment. For instance, they could frame up Radom assaulting a victim and tell a lie that Seria aims for the Kings seat. Besides something cruel will be also included. They would corner him mentally.

「Then, for the king not announcing his heirー」
「Because it might trigger a civil war, they’re waiting for the right timing. Or it’s possible that they can’t decide it」
「Is it self protection after all? Those incompetent people」

The successor battle or the power struggle of nobles. They can’t help but drag people in it. Furthermore, the king lacks the ability to control.
That’s why he decided to take out Seria as a bride and decrease the foreign enemy.
If this situation continues, it’s just a matter of time before this country collapse.

Cathy’s conjecture isn’t entirely wrong either. My job is to support. After I rest for half a day I will do it.

「I’ll invade the castle again. I’ll leave the Will Gantt and Mark Newt houses to you Cathy. If you have time, investigate the kidnapping of Lilith」
「Roger that」

Cathy disappeared in the shadows after speaking. It’s a unique ability of a dark elf to obstruct recognition in the shadows.
She can’t teleport nor be invisible like me, but it’s quite a convenient ability. But even so…

「Today’s Cathy is docile」

If it’s the usual Cathy she would beg for it. Is it ‘that’ day?
While praying that it’s just my imagination, I changed my clothes and went to the castle.

Imperial Castle’s work is over at night and a lot of people are going home. Most signs of life disappeared with only soldiers guarding going around a little.
However, I can’t be careless as I don’t know what will happen. I was attacked by Misha yesterday, and Matifa can see me right now. The strong sign of magical power from Lion is from the direction of the lodging house of the guards, I marked it as monster’s den.

But more than that, I was astonished on the scene in front of me.

「Ah…N, naa…」

The beautiful silver hair fan spread on the bed. With that in mind, Seria wearing a transparent negligee wiggles herself indecently.
Seria is alone in the closed room.

「N…No good, yet…」

Seria lies on the soft bed and is rubbing her own thighs. The right hand extends to the source and I realized that she’s comforting her secret part on top of her underwear. Her left hand grabs her chest and massages it.
If I’m not mistaken, Seria is masturbating right now.

Seria raised her chin and bent her body forward in pleasure. It’s a reaction I’ve seen so many times.
Could it be that her nature awaken when she was raped?
The girl who doesn’t know climax before I violated her, she had a feeling to comfort herself after being raped for two consecutive days.
It’s a warm welcome for me, I’m happy that this is the result of my two days of loving her, but it doesn’t make sense.

Also, there’s another problem. I’d like to invade the interior as soon as possible, but all the invasion pathway are shut so I’m troubled. The window is closed and there’s two female knights guarding it. But, if I opened the window to the public, the masturbation today will end.

There’s one way to invade. That’s the method of teleportation.
However, it’s my trump card and is an ability I reserve against Matifa. Should I use that for this?
Matifa doesn’t know I can teleport since I haven’t used it to move within the walls of the castle. She might have noticed it vaguely, but she doesn’t have a conclusive evidence.
But, that ability comes to light if Matifa sees it. However, I can’t just observe Seria masturbating.
This is the ultimate choice.
Should I expose my trump card and observe Seria’s masturbation close? Or should I opene the window and force Seria to masturbate?
Observing from a distance is not in the choices.
I thought for three seconds and made a decision

My vision switch in an instant.
A rolled up negligee and glossy thighs. And the thin fingertip extends to her pink underwear. And, the exited smell of a female is floatingー
I teleported to Seria’s legs. Then, I erased my presence with all my power. I didn’t make any sound at all.

「Nu…Even though it’s no good, I can’t stop.」 …Ahn」

Whenever Seria brushes her genital, I can hear the *Kuchukuchu* wet sounds. Seria’s delicate hands shifted the panties and rubbed her own meat directly.
Seria’s finger is wet by the clear liquid overflowing inside her vagina.
The combination of the girl’s beautiful fingertip and indecent genital is very arousing.

「N, it’s a bit different. More…like, hyaa!」

Seria changed the movement of her fingers little by little. At first she was stroking the slit, then began to rub inside it. *Guni Guni* Her flesh is being squashed.
Love nectar flows from the inside and falls down to her ass and the sheets. Seria doesn’t notice it. She just moved her fingers seeking pleasure.

「Ah! Haa, haa…my voice is leaking」

She desperately hides her voice, but she can’t endure and her lovely voice leaks out. She wants to stop, but her body moves on it’s own and is not stopping. The finger moved passionately.
I shifted my glance a bit above, there I saw Seria’s breasts moving with great power. It defies the gravity as it pushes up the thin negligee, and I can understand that the tip is hard even on top of her clothes.
Seria’s fingers spread. She’s kneading with her nipples using her thumb and index finger scissor.


As expected, Seria is weak in her chest. Though, her lower part is sensitive too, but I know that she feels good from her chest. She played with her nipple for a while and her hand slip under the negligee and caressed it directly at last.
Whole massaging her big chest she plays the nipples with her fingertip. She played her nipples with her finger, *bikun* her waist jumped.
I confirmed Seria’s face, she closed her eyes and was breathing roughly.

Seria’s arm hugs her body, playing with her chest and genitals. Her vaginal hole had convulsions wistfully, the love nectar seems to be mixed with a whitish fluid. It seems that she’s finally about to climax.

「Ah, it’s no good yet, Cumming!」

She turned her arm on her chest to knob her nipples tightly, then rubbed the clitoris’s area with her finger little by little.
Seria’s waist rises.

「Aaah! Cumming! Nnn~~~~~~~!!」

Seria’s lovely voice stifle a smile and her whole body twitched. New love nectar gushed out from insides and created a new stain on the sheets. She finally exhausted herself.
Seria’s body stiffened and collapsed in the bed. Then, she muttered to herself being tired.

「What am I doing?…」
「Isn’t it masturbation? You don’t know it?」

When I appeared in response to Seria’s mutter, Seria flew up on the bed.

「Don’t raise your voice」

I blocked Seria’s mouth that’s about to shout with my hand.
Seria opened her eyes wide in surprise and corrected the hem of her negligee in panic. When she nodded that she won’t shout, I released my hold, then Seria hid her body in the sheets.

「P-please don’t surprise me. Also, since when you’re here!?」

Seria seems to handle the trick calmly without any difficulty. 2 If it’s normal voice, we don’t have to worry as the door is thick.

「When? Just a while ago」
「Y-you saw it?」

Embarrassed from being seen, Seria hid her head on the sheets.
If you do that, my inner sadism tingles.

「Starting by herself is just cold hearted princess. Or did you expect me to come so you prepared?」

I brought my face close to the sheets and whispered to Seria. When I thought about the white mountain jumping3, the mountain began to mumble.

「Y-you’re wrong. That’s not it」
「Then, why are you doing it by yourself? You didn’t feel so much yesterday so it accumulated?」
「You’re wrong」
「Could it be, that you remembered me and your body ached?」

Silence means yes. It seems that it’s the correct answer.

「Is that so? When you remembered that I pierced you, your pussy ached. Then, you can’t endure it so you touched yourself, then what’s next is the slithering. Aren’t you cute?」
「…There’s nothing cute there. It’s embarrassing」
「No, no, you’re cute enough. You’re too cute that you made me excited」

When I stroked Seria’s cute ass above the sheets, the mountain jumped.

「Please don’t touch me」
「Nope. I’ll do what I want」
「Please stop」
「If I stopped you’d do it by yourself right? Then I’ll do it」
「…I won’t do it」
「Nope, you will」
「I won’t」

Seria and I repeatedly answered like a kid. Though I repeat, my hand doesn’t stop. I massaged Seria’s small ass then put a finger on a hole that’s not fiddled yet.

「Kya! What are you doing!? That’s the wrong one!」

The white mountain pulsated again. I let my hand follow the movement.

「Where do you like it?」
「Anywhere is no good. Please stop」
「Then I’ll continue」

I loosened her asshole as is. When I push my finger to open the constrictor, Seria finally interrupted.

「Hyaa! Wait, wait a moment. At least the front!」

Seria jumps out the sheet while holding her ass. She jumped out and met my eyes, then withdrew again with her face deep red.

「What’s in front? Continue speaking. Why do you want it in the front hole?」

When I pat her ass again, Seria guarded her anus with one hand as small resistance. I continued to caress her ass on top of her hand.

「There’s nothing. Please stop already」
「I can’t stop after you show me something like that. Move your hand and leave that. We’ll continue」
「No thanks. I’m already satisfied with myself. Shouldn’t you just do yourself? I heard that men do this too」

Seria had a strong resistance today. She’s used to me on the third day as expected. But, she’s not calling anyone, so she knows the line I don’t permit.

「Where did you hear about doing oneself? Lululie?」
「It’s impossible to ask Lululie about this!」

Well, you can’t ask a precious friend about such a thing. If you asked something erotic she would completely understand it.

「Then who? Lion? Or is it some servant over there?」
「…I read it in a book」
「Book? So you examined it specially」

She’s quite diligent. When I looked around, I found a book in the bedside. At the cover 『Ruined county’s princess rape play~I’m a caged bird~ Matifa Lau Ell Pito’s book』 is written. Hey, isn’t this an eronovel?

「Could this be the book you read?」
「Ah, I see. Well, it’s no question why you masturbated」
「…Please don’t say it uuu」

Seria kept quiet after the last word. No one reads an erotic novel, remembers that they were raped and was witnessed masturbating, she can’t come out anymore with this.

「I won’t think anything bad of you so be relieved. It’s very usual to read such novels. There’s much more dangerous people in this world」

Especially Cathy. That fellow reads SM-related books and goes in and out of an underground shop. She’s the real deal.
However, the stimulation is too strong for a pure princess.

「No. I’ll die. Please kill me」

Seria completely turned in negative mode. I’m troubled. It’s a good play but I might as well thrust in as a play. It can’t be helped.

「Listen up and come out already. If you don’t come out I’ll make the knights of the table know about this book」

When I softly whispered in her hear, Seria showed a teary-eyes among the sheets. Seria clings to me and begs for mercy.

「Just, please spare me from that. Please」
「Then listen to me. First of all, come out. The talk is after that」
「Uu, you’re cruel…」

Seria slips out the sheets tearfully and sat down on the center of the bed. Now, it’s fun time.


  1. 実際に第2王子DesireとMark_Newt家令嬢Opheliaはそれを計画し、戦力を整えていることからもそれは明らかだ。
  2.  Seriaは静かに怒ると言う芸当を難なくこなしていた。
  3. Seria hidden in the sheets