Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Princess Seria becomes a bit agressive #

「What should I do?」

Seria came out of the sheets while asking. Since she learned sufficient erotic stuff so I can ask her anything now.

「Would you try to dance naked this for the time being?」
「Please don’t joke around!」

She’s angry. She’s quite angry.
I just thought that it’s great to see your breast sway.
It seems to be still to early for Seria. Since it can’t be helped, let’s do it next time.

I first put my hands on Seria’s clothes. I lift the transparent negligee that faintly displays her body line out of her head. I unfastened the panties on her waist and her pussy became bare.
Seria hid her breasts and thighs with her hand as she was embarrassed to be seen naked as expected. However, she can’t just hide her voluptuous chest, a deep valley and an underboob came into view
I took off my pants and displayed my erect penis to Seria. Though Seria seems embarrassed she looked at it patiently.

「I’m tired today so I really don’t want to move that much. That’s why Seria will be the one moving」

I lied down next to Seria and gave her an order. Seria frowned because she’s looking at a dark red mushroom growing to the sky.

「Uuu~ Again?…」
「Yeah, suck it again. If it’s not lubricated well it would be hard」

When Seria gave a sigh as if giving up, she lifted her silver hair to her ear and kissed my lips.


A light peck came. However, I never experienced a sweet kiss that melted me away.
I leaked a strange voice on her unexpected surprise attack. I didn’t think that Seria would kiss me. I was taken by surprise because I didn’t think that Seria would move voluntarily according to my order.
If it had been a magic attack I could’ve responded without problems. But the kiss was too natural, I never felt any resistance or avoidance at all. However, why a kiss? Furthermore, from Seria?

「I was taught by mom to start it with a kiss. It seems that it’s the correct answer. So you make that kind of face too」

Seria laughed like a child whose mischief was successful. Are you delighted that you teased me? Or is my face really that stupid?

「You got me there. I did tell that you’ll be the one moving」
「I’ll still resist. I don’t want to be threatened and have sex with you by force. That’s wrong. However, I can’t defy you. That’s all the best that I can do right now」

Seria moves on the gap between my feet while speaking, then she brought her face close to my grotesque penis. Where did the might go? She returned to a timid girl suddenly.
As expected, she’s resisting to take the penis which reeks of male odor and is dripping pre-cum in her mouth.

「Uu…I’ll put it in my mouth again」
「You studied right? Did this appear in the book you had?」
「It was written. Adults really do such things…」

It seems that Seria had climbed the stair to adulthood.
Usually, knowledge comes first, but Seria had experience before it. However, the knowledge caught up to the experience and she accepted it as common sense. Although the common sense is a bit biased, but there’s no problem to push Seria’s back.
Seria got down on all fours and made her tongue crawl on the swelling penis. She often hesitated to lick the glans, she extend her tongue to the rod and moved hear head. When it hit a good place, my penis throbbed, Seria confirmed the point and felt it without missing the reaction.
When she deliberately licked the back musle carefully while holding the rod, she made up her mind and put the glans on her mouth.
She moved her tongue on the back muscle and the sensitive part she found a while ago.

「*Chupa*…*Churu**Juru*…*Chu*, *Churururu*… lief thwis?」

Seria looked up asking for impressions while sucking my cock.
Her adaptability and her speed on understanding is wonderful. She still have ways to when it comes to technique, but she’s prepared to make her partner feel it. Feelings are important in sex1 Although I want to teach and bully her if it can’t be helped, but it seems she reached it on her own.
She originally has a gentle character from the start, I’m surprised that she’s not forgetting the rapist.

「You got better than before. Is this the result of your study?」
「That’s an amazing book. Oh well, keep it up」
「okay…*Churu*…*Juu*, *Chupo*…*Jyururu*…*Rerorero*…」

Seria resumed the fella again. She sticks to the tip while stroking the rod. Every time she licks the glans with her rough tongue, electricity runs through my spine. Seria doesn’t move her face too much, she moves her tongue like a vacuum, rising my sexual excitement.
Lying down on a bed exclusive for royalty, then a cute princess giving me a fella, it’s like a dream.
I can’t help but pat the head of the lovely princess whose sucking my penis.

「Yeah, that’s great. Move your mouth just like that, hold the rod firm and stroke it」

Seria changed the movment of her tongue to wrapping my glans. She crawls on the surroundings of the sensitive part and she attacks me with a successive stimulation.
Trying and investigating various ways is good.
I want to teach more on the diligent princess, but unfortunately I’m at my limit.

「I’m about to cum soon. Since you did your best I’ll let you choose where I would release it. Where do you like it? Mouth or face?」

A reward is necessary for a hardworking child. A reward called semen.

「Puha, on my face please. It’s difficult to drink because it smells like fish…」
「Well that’s true. Then, do your best and move your hand. If you can’t make me cum with your hands I’ll do it inside your mouth」
「Yes., Like this?」

Seria squeezes my penis and stroked her hands. The hesitation from a while ago fades away and she’s stimulating my penis firmly. It’s completely different than doing it by myself, my waist raised naturally.

「Ah, yes. I’m about to cum」
「Uhm, this position」

I grabbed Seria’s head and set it in front of my penis. Seria doesn’t rest her hand while complaining. Her round pupils are nailed on the pre-cum dripping out of my penis.


*ByuruByuru* Semen polluted Seria’s beautiful face. Her silver hair, the gentle eyes and her small mouth is decorated with a white cloudy liquid.

「Uu, my face is sticky…」

Seria wiped her eyelids of with her finger then looked for something to wipe her hands.
I took off the sheets, negligee and the underwear for the princess to wipe off. Since I thought it’s a good thing, I shoved the hand on Seria’s pink lips.

「Fugu! W-what are you doing!」
「It’s manners to lick semen. If you don’t want it, then keep it in your face until you take a shower」

Of course, there’s no such manner but Seria won’t know it anyway. Let’s enjoy the semen decoration today.
Seria scooped the semen down her palm before it fell on her bed, then she reluctantly put them in her mouth.

「It’s bitter…the smell…」

The taste of semen doesn’t seem to be palatable to the royalty as expected. I can let her drink it often, but unfortunately I have Cathy, Misha and Matifa around so it’s fine. I want Seria to stay hateful of it by any means. It’s fun to make a child who dislikes it drink.
Seria is struggling desperately with the semen. As expected it would feel bad if it’s in the eye and mouth, but she wiped the dripping immediately from the top. In the end, most of the semen is carried to her mouth.
I get impatient so I reached to Seria’s waist.

「Kya, what’s the matter?」
「Come to the top a bit more」

I had Seria straddle on my waist. In this position, my half erect penis is grazing Seria’s pussy.
Seria pulls her waist away to refuse contact.

「Uhm, it got small so can we end this? Any more than this is no good」
「Don’t worry. If you make it feel good it will go energetic again. If you do, you’d feel good too so there’s no problem」
「It’s full of problems…」

I rub my waist ignoring Seria’s complains. Seria’s small vagina that’s wet from masturbating a while ago is still drolling. Her body is really honest.

「Even if you don’t like it in your mouth your body is feeling it」
「N, it’s because you’re forcing me. I’m not feeling it at all」
「Nevertheless, you’re lewd since you masturbate」
「It’s a lifetime blunder…」

Seria hungs her head and curls her body. She hid her face with her beautifully long silver hair. She can’t endure that she’s been seen masturbating. Maintaining this story while playing with her would be fun.

「Then, I’ll have the lewd princess insert it by herself」

I request insertion to the depressed Seria while grinning.

「By myself?」
「Yeah, that’s right. I’ve already told Seria that I’m tired today right? That’s why you will put my penis in your vagina by yourself and you would move your waist to make me feel good. Incidentally, you would feel good as you move. It feels even better than masturbation」

I won’t move and the princess would feel good, it’s a wonderful win-win situation. Since Seria would make me a meat vibrator, she would enjoy it as she like, it’s easy. I force my penis that became hard to hurry up Seria.

「I can’t, ah, do that」
「Why? You won’t know if you don’t try?」
「No, it was written in the book that the lady that stays on top… That’s not it, you can’t do this if you’re not married」

Seria doesn’t give up on convincing me. She’s making a speech with her crotch wet, but she’s probably serious.
I can give her an idea that there’s no problem as long as there’s love, but I can’t just lip service her. Sex is just a mere copulation. The person added more meaning to it, and I don’t intend to add love to the act of Seria.

「Then I’ll expose to the capital that you’re masturbating3 The next time you get out of town, men would look at you with such eyes. Your popularity would rise even more. Isn’t that great?」
「!! It’s not good! Why are you saying those things…」
「It’s because you’re not listening to me. I’ll really expose it if you’re too persistent. You being sensitive on the chest, loves to be poked deep inside your vagina, you loving to drink semen very much」
「The last one is different!4

After a small cry, Seria noticed that her tongue made a slip.

「Then hurry up and do it. I’ll go out if you hesitate. Then I will really expose you」
「UU, why am I doing this…」

Seria stretched her hand on my cock that’s patiently enduring and lead the tip to her wet pussy.


  1. Says the one who one-sidedly raped the princess
  2. 「ふぉんにのっふぇまひあ」If you can read it please comment
  3. Lmao, who would fall for that kind of blackmail?
  4. So she likes being poked deep inside?