Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 3

Chapter 3: ESP

That time, I received a strange message that made me think of other world harem, when I noticed I was thrown of to a totally unfamiliar place.

I was just checking my smartphone on the bus station while I’m on my way home, my surroundings turned to a foreign style city that’s seen on games. It’s a plaza in some respects, where stalls sell food and accessories, a lot of people are going back and forth.
The people going back and forth is filled with people with beast ears, or growing scales, this feels like a strange place. There’s even a lizard walking with two legs, no matter how you look at it, they’re not humans but mixed creature.

「What’s this…? Just what the hell happened?」

When I checked my smartphone, a no signal symbol can be seen on the upper right, It’s still displaying the SNS message on the center. The change in the last sentence caught my attention.

『You’ll be starting your journey on the world you desired. 』

Could it be that I really travelled?
ーーThat’s the only answer I can think of
It’s too realistic to be a dream, though I’ve heard about virtual reality, it’s still an empty dream with our current technology

「Just what the hell should I do?」

The method to return home is unknown. If I want to continue living here, I need to secure money for food, clothing and shelter. I don’t have a choice but to work to get money. There’s the other option of receiving charity or stealing.
I don’t even know if what I mentioned earlier goes along with the common practice. What can I, who’s an ordinary high school student do?

I looked at at the smartphone once again dumbfounded
It was written in the message of the self proclaimed that I have to choose between the ability to fly, to be invisible, or to teleport. In the end, I never picked any, If this is true, then which one I should be able to use?

Let me try it, I should be able to know this considering my future.
Because the plaza is an open place, I would stand out, thus I came to a back alley that doesn’t have people.
I confirmed that there was no person around, then I imagined myself flying. I imagined jumping lightly, then staying on the air.

「Ooo, I really floated」

It succeeded easily. It’s around 10 cm, but I was certainly flying.
It feels like I’m mysteriously floating in water. Even if I move my hands, I don’t advance from behind. Somehow, It seems like I would be blown away if the wind blows.
I imagined myself to continue flying to the sky. Then, my body was lifted slowly. I’m rising softly like a soap bubble.
Oooh~ While I was impressed looking at the far ground, my arm hit the roof.
That moment, my body feel like it recalled gravity.

「It hurts…」

I managed to land on my foot just in time, but the impact made my whole body numb. Fortunately, I don’t have any fracture.
The ability seems to be removed by having the roof touched. There must be a conditions for using this. I’m doubting that the condition is I shouldn’t touch the ground. I have no choice but to test it multiple times.

「Another round!」

When my feet recovered, I kicked the ground and flew once again. This time, I touched the wall after floating a short distance. I fell.
Next, I picked up a stick and threw it up. I flew and caught it, but I didn’t fall. I touched the wall with the stick. I fell.

So the condition is I mustn’t touch the ground directly or Indirectly? But there’s no problem if it’s in the air. Water…would it be fine?
When I was flying around the city, I pay attention not to touch buildings, but I fell suddenly.
I want to test it out a bit more, but I have to test the other abilities.

「Next is the invisibility. Can I do it?」

Since it was written on the message, there should only be one. But, I did imagine having the three. If I have it then I can use it, I imagined myself becoming invisible.

「Ooh, I’m transparent」

I can use it easily too. Furthermore, it’s not just my body, my clothes and my bag are transparent too. It’s convenient because I don’t need to be naked.

「But, this makes me uneasy…」

I totally can’t feel my body at all. I became one with the air, it feels ambiguous. It seems to be difficult to maintain it all the time.
I released the ability once. Then, my body appeared from nothing, and I got a slight headache.

「Kuh, It’s necessary to practice this」

I mainly need to do mental training.

Now then, the last would be the teleportation. This is the most convenient but also the most dangerous ability. Attention is required if you don’t want to be inside a stone. (TN: DORARARARARARARA)
I must determine the destination carefully. First, let’s test on short distance. I’d like a wide space so I won’t be buried in stuff.
I found a vacated land immediately when I searched for a good place. I checked that there’s no one who can see, then imagined myself to teleport on the middle of the vacant land.


I thought my vision blurred for a moment, but on the next moment, I found myself standing in the middle of the land. This is a success to .

「This is somehow too smooth…」

I continued twice, then thrice continuously while increasing the distance, it was successful without any problems. Then, on the fourth time, I said teleportation just like before, but nothing happened.
That was strange, but when I tried to return on the distance like the first time, but it failed again.
This seems to has a limit on the frequency. Unlimited teleportation seems to be too far as a cheat The problem is how long it would be unavailable, but I somehow felt that it would be around a few days.

Talking about possibilities, it seems to be possible to return if you imagine yourself teleporting back.
But, deep inside, I don’t want to go home. It’s not logic, but rather I don’t have the instinctive urge to go home. I don’t even understand why, but I was somehow convinced.

I suddenly became uneasy when I think so. I have to live in this world If I can’t go home. I don’t have any acquaintance, I don’t know their culture nor custom, I also don’t have money or power. I somehow obtained a mysterious power, but it’s necessary to practice to master it.
Also, what happened to my former world? Am I spirited away? I wonder if my parents and friends worried. Or, was I not there in the first place?
ーIt was a question no one answered. Thus, I stopped thinking.

Since people already live here, I should be able to live too, but I still feel uneasy somehow.
Then, while I was deep in my thoughts, before I noticed, people had gathered on the vacant lot.

「Oi, Who are you? What are you doing here?」

A fat man who’s physique is bad called me out He suddenly grabbed my collar like the attitude of a hoodlum.

「I-I was looking for a place where I can think calmly. If I’m in the way, I’ll go out.」

It seems that this is a hangout place for the thugs. I’m unlucky today.
I want to run away immediately, but I can’t move because I’m gripped with tremendous force. There’s something like an aura standing up in front of the hooligan or something. (TN: BE CAREFUL JOTARO!) What’s that?

「Is that truee? I’ve never seen your face before, where did you came from, bastard?」
「Where? Even if you ask me that…I’m just an ordinary person that doesn’t belong anywhere. That’s true. Hey, Can you overlook me?」

This is bad. They speak the same language, but they don’t seem to believe me. The hooligan’s face was distorted in irritation.

「I’ve never seen this clothes. The quality seems good…are you some son of a noble? Then give me your money. Leave it like that. Then I’ll overlook you」

My money would suddenly be 0 if that happen
However, since I’m being underestimated, I’m troubled. I only have Japanese yen From the beginning, the money from this world I carry is 0
But to overlook me for free, what a kind hoodlum.

「Got it. I got it already so please release me」

When I said that, I took out my purse from the pocket. Japanese yen has no use here anyway. I might be able to sell it to a dilettante, but I haven’t found a random dilettante. I’ll give it in exchange for my life here.
I just hand the purse to the hoodlum without checking the contents in particular.

「What’s this? An unknown coin. Furthermore, this isn’t gold or silver, this coins aren’t useable!」

A common in fantasy worlds, they seem to use gold, silver, and copper in this world too.
For people of this world, Japanese Yen is just trash Perhaps the 10 yen ball, which is copper has the most value in this world’s standards. They would definitely use the ten thousand bill as substitute for handkerchief.

「I don’t have anything other than that. That’s because we don’t spend silver nor gold in our country」
「Bastard, are you underestimating me? Then leave all your possessions. I’ll forgive you if you do. Do it!」
「Eh, wait, this isn’t what we agree…」

The chibi and giants surrounded me in unison. Is this their hobby!?
It’s impossible for me to avoid all the hoodlums trying to grab my collar from all directions.

Teleportationー I still can’t use it at the moment.
Invisibility has no use since they hold me.
I can’t even take off to escape through flight.
I can’t run away!!

I didn’t have time to resist, the hoodlums already got me. Even if I struggle, I don’t have the power.
I got naked in no time and they discarded me on the back alley. But, my butthole is safe. I’m glad. I’m really glad (TN: Don’t drop the soap!)

「Don’t ever come here kid!」

I was lucky to be freed with just those words. They didn’t beat me up.
However, they were curious on the eraser, it troubles me that they took even my pants. (TN: だけどゴムが珍しいとか言ってパンツまで持っていくのはどうかと思う)
They insist I expose my penis. In this situation, far from entering a shop, I can’t enter the street like this.
It can’t be helped, so let’s go to the prison. I hope they have three meals and a nap.