Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Princess’ excuse ##


Seria slowly drops her waist in a hesitating manner then, *zubozubo* my penis is being swallowed. At the same time my penis is wrapped up with a warm feeling, countless folds tangled as if they waited impatiently. Seria’s vagina is completely in it feels really good.
Seria can cum with just her breasts but her vagina won’t be satisfied with just masturbation. Her vagina that’s filled sucks the penis.

「Ooou, this is…」
「Nn…Any further is impossible.」

It’s just a bit more before the tip but the tip touched the depths. Seria makes a painfully distorted face and her feet is slightly trembling. When I pushed my waist all the way up, Seria’s body jumped.

「Move as you like afterwards. It’s okay to push your weight on me」
「Haahaa…, okay, Nnn~」

Seria’s hand holds to my chest and awkwardly moves her waist up and down. I can see my penis skewers Seria’s vagina from the bottom. Sometimes I thrust from the bottom and Seria’s body jumped. Her breast shakes, it’s a nice view.

「NN…This, it’s deep and it feels good…」

Letter her do as she wants for a while, Seria run out of breath and found a good place. She grinds her waist lewdly, and my glans rub the same place in her vagina.

「Is it good there?」
「Ah! Yes, the other side of my inside is being rubbed, Ahn, getting my insides pierced feels good…」

Seria’s face melt away and waves her waist in search for pleasure. She pushed her pubis against my belly, my penis is being swallowed inside tightly.
The figure of someone embarrassed from being seen masturbating can’t be seen anymore. It’s just a lewd girl whose feeling good from the man’s penis.

「Do you really like my penis? Which is better, masturbating or this?」
「Nnn! It’s wrong, it’s because you’re ordering」
「It’s not different. So, which do you like better, masturbating or sex?」
「I don’t, Nn, like both. This is just, even though I don’t want it, my body moves without my permission. Aaahn!」

Seria doesn’t stop her waist even though she shook her head. The love nectar increased, and her movement becomes faster.
Her breasts dance intensely as her waist move faster. In front of me are two grand breasts swaying magnificently. I grabbed those breasts and rubbed it.

「Yaan~. Not my breasts! I’m cumming again. I’m cumming with a penis inside me!」
「It’s different right? You inserted and moved on your own today. You’re masturbating on my penis」
「Don’t say it. I didn’t masturbate!」
「Didn’t you do it? Don’t deny that」

I played with her hard nipples.
She kept shaking her head saying no as she denies my words. I wonder if she involuntarily masturbated.

「Hyaa! You’re wrong. Aahn! Because you keep doing this so I can’t forget ah! When I read that book, I felt itchy and my hand won’t stop! Aaaah! That’s why it’s the book’s fault!! I’m not feeling, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaa!!」

Seria’s words no longer make sense. I tested and loosen stopped my hold on Seria’s waist but, Seria kept shaking her waist continuously. It’s not a movement to make me feel good, instead she moves to indulge herself in pleasure.
Seria is completely drunk on pleasure. She experienced sex, she remembers the pleasure, she turned to a bitch1 asking for pleasure greedily.
At this rate, she’s no different from a bitch2 I’d be troubled if she turned to someone who opens their legs to anyone. It’s necessary to train her a little.

「You look like you feel so good. Are you cumming already?」
「Cumming? Ah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming~! Ah, Cum, cum, cumiiiiing!!」

Seria bent her body backwards while riding on top of me as she exhaust herself. I didn’t touch her chest nor move my waist. Seria felt good and climaxed by her own will. She certainly came on her own.
I called to the Seria that’s immersed in the reverberation.

「Seria, you danced while naked properly. Did my penis really feel that good?」

Seria’s brain is senile so she can’t think well.

「Hey, Look at the mirror」

Seria looked at herself in the mirror. One girl, sitting astride a man and exhausted in pleasure is reflected in there.
Seria finally understood the situation and her face dyed in despair.

「Ah…I-It’s not… I didn’t feel…fue」

When Seria noticed that she reached climax, she began to weep denying that.
Seria should’ve been raped, yet the story changed when she moved her waist by herself and felt pleasure. With this, it’s like Seria pushed me down to make herself feel good. Then the victim and assailant got reversed.4 She’s just a a lewd girl.

That’s why she can’t admit it.
I don’t intend to make her admit. In this act, I will be the assailant till the end. The ruler is me and Seria is my toy. I can’t allow her to misunderstand it.

I hugged the crying princess and we switched positions.
I talked to the sobbing Seria while in missionary position.

「Seria, listen to me. You are being threatened by me. You must certainly obey what I say. Isnt’ that right?」

Seria nods while crying.

「Even now I pierce and rape you, I’m only forcing you by my orders」

*Kyuuto*5 Her vagina has reacted

「That’s why you don’t have to be afraid of pleasure because it’s all my fault. I’m raping you so you feel good. You get it?」6

The pleasure, hate and fear Seria feels is all my fault and only granted by me.

「That’s why you did nothing wrong. I’m the wrong one here. I will rape you in this bed before you sleep every night. If your body aches because you remembered whenever you enter the bed at night, it’s all because of me. You are just being played by me. You hear?」

I carved to Seria’s weak heart that she came on her masturbation entirely because of me. With me as her excuse, Seria’s hear would be dependent on me. While declining me, it’s impossible for Seria to live without me. It’s impossible to escape from me.

「I’ll move. Since I didn’t a while ago, I will cum this time. You only have to think on how to make me feel good」

Seria, given an excuse became docile. I moved my waist slowly then Seria began to move her waist to match.

I wipe the semen that remained on her mouth and gave her small lips a kiss. I pushed my tongue and opened through Seria’s lips to invade. I push the surface of her tongue, I licked from the back to scoop out saliva then Seria did the same and scooped mine. We both soaked our lips and mixed the saliva to drink then mix again.

「Haa, you became assertive」
「It’s because you ordered me」

Seria obeys me and decided to use the excuse that I’m forcing her. Her not resisting is boring, but oh well, it’s fine for today. Embracing each other like lovers is also fun.
Although the ejaculation feeling increased when I inserted it, I can still bear it and moved my hips. I rub the place where Seria felt it a while ago, I rub on her insides and pushed my glans on her uterus.

「Ah, it feels good there. Why do you know?」
「You rubbed it yourself a while ago」
「Ahn! But, it was painful before.」
「It’s because you were using magic that time. That’s why, don’t you dare use that magic okay?」
「Nn, I won’t use it. I don’t want to feel that pain anymore」

Recalling the fear from the wagon, Seria’s pussy tightened around my penis. It tightened the whole penis from the glans to the root so my sperm wells up quickly.
Seria must’ve noticed the change too.

「Is this good?」
「It feels really nice. I’m gonna release it already」
「Ahn, Me too, I felt good again」
「Feel as much as you like. It’s an order7

I raised the piston speed. Seria shakes her hips too and squeezes her vagina tightly.
However, it’s not enough. I must carve the pleasure in Seria today.
I reached my hand on her twin mountains, pinched her nipples and massaged her breast. I stimulate the clitoris with the other hand at the same time.

「Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, don’t, my voiceー」

I attacked the locations I know Seria preferred.
Immediately, Seria’s voice grow big that she worried if the voice was heard outside. Even if she can endure this, she can’t suppress her voice.
Then, Seria stretched her hand to my head and drew it to her mouth. A passionate French kiss from Seria.


I pressed Seria’s small body to an impossible posture.
I repeat the piston with a mating press position.8 I hold Seria down and can no longer move from the piston. However, Seria accepted it and she locked her legs on my waist. It’s a love hold.
It stirs up my excitement badly.

I hammered Seria’s hips while exchanging a French kiss. Seria’s vagina tightens and convulses each time I thrust my penis on her womb.
Soon, we both reached our limits.
My penis pulsates. Seria’s vagina trembles at the same time.
Seria noticed it and clings her foot strongly. In response to that, I thrust to the innermost part of Seria’s vagina.
Then we both reached climax at the same time.


*Byurubyururururu*!! *Byururu* I vigorously emitted sperm in Seria’s womb. Seria’s whole body convulsed and accepted the ejaculation in her innermost part.
We exchanged a kiss to enjoy the aftertaste for a while, and we separated our mouths when we calmed down.

「Haa, haa, haa」
「Haa, haa, haa」

Both of us gasped for breath. Seria’s face is charmed. I’m sure I have the same face.
We separated out bodies to fix our breathing. I moved by myself after all. That’s why my body is wrapped up by fatigue.
I looked at Seria who had the same feeling, then Seria looked at me.

「Just like your order, I made you cum. I felt really good too. I became crazy. This and that, are all your fault」

Seria admitted that she felt good while making an excuse. She admitted that she felt good because of me.
But, It’s not enough.

「But don’t forget it, I’m the one who raped you」
「Yes, I know. I won’t forgive you. That’s a once and for all kind of thing」

Seria clearly rejected me. She stiffened her loose face, she took the pride of a royalty and faced me.

「That’s fine. That’s how you should be」

The princess won’t forget the pleasure as a woman either after learning it. Her noble and gentle heart, no matter how I dirty it, it won’t succumb and continue to remain clean. That’s princess Seria.
Normally, it’s fine for me to dirty her, but I desperately want that9

「Then let’s go for another round」
「Eh…Please wait a moment! Didn’t I say that it was once and for all!?」
「That’s why I’ll do it」
「No! Wait, release me!」

After that, I locked the joints of Seria whose trying to escape then violated her lying back. After all, Seria must be with me.


  1. Mesu – Female Animal
  2. ビッチ
  3. Fueee?
  4. Ren is gonna file a rape case against Seria, take that Tumblr!
  5. SFX: Tightly
  6. Next level NTR denial
  7. I Ren Kirishima orders you to cum!
  8. 種付けプレスの体勢のままピストンを繰り返す。
  9. The gentle Seria
  10. No, seriously, he did say 「ぐへへへへ」