Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The witch knew too.

「Ren Kirishima, is it true that you’re an otherworlder?」

Seria fell silent on Matifa’s words. Should I deceive her or tell her the truth.

「You don’t need to lie」

As soon as I try to deceive her, a hateful magic overflowed from Matifa. Dark aura fills the room and clings to my whole body.
Cold sweat breaks out from my whole body. I can’t move a finger. I can’t go against her. I’d be killed if I defied her.
My instincts sounds like an alarm bell telling me that I should escape right now. But, where should I run? How?
This monster would chase me anywhere. She would chase me by means I don’t know, she would sieze me with magic I can’t defy and she’d handle me as she like.
Running is impossible. I can’t do anything but say it obediently. I’ll be a servant ant behave just as she wish. That’s the only way to survive.

「What are you saying? There’s no such thing as otherworlder. Are you believing that?」

When I pretend ignorance while laughing on my nose, Seria raised a voice of surprise.

「Fufu, you’re really interesting. That’s right, if you ask me if I believe, then what would be your response if I say I don’t? I had been studying magic for long but the presence of an otherworlder can’t be confirmed. There were people who claimed that they’re otherworlders in the past but all of them are just fraud and insane. It’s the same in the books. That’s why, I did not believe the existence of other world. I thought you can do anything with magic, but there’s no such thing. Magic is founded with a proper theory. it’s confirmed that an upper world and a higher dimension exists and it’s possible to interfere. However, if you look through here, I never found any human in this world that’s from the other world. Because I’m a researched, I don’t believe on something that can’t be demonstrated. However, if you’re an otherworlder, I would bend my belief」

Matifa slowly reaches for my cheek. I see an illusion that she’s swallowing me. I can’t move a finger to go against it.
However, I musn’t admit it here.

「Isn’t it obvious that it’s a lie? A made up story」
「I don’t understand why you’re lying. I won’t do anything cruel since you’re an otherworlder. I’ll just perform an autopsy and peep at your memory. It’s okay. I’ll be sure to put you back perfectly so be relieved」

Don’t just gloss it over. Or rather, how do you intend to do autopsy?
Matifa’s small hand crawls on the line of my jaw. Shivering, the fear and pleasure runs through my back and my heart palpitates. My breathing becomes short and my chest feels painful.
Still, I won’t be defeated.

「I really don’t know otherworlders. It’s just a delusion. It’s a shame」
「Fufu, you really won’t bend with this? You really get more interesting. True, making you say it easily isn’t fair. Also, you seem to dislike me. ーーthen let’s go with business. If you give me information I don’t know I will give a thing matching to it. Anything is good, money, or even my body. It would be good to lend my power once. Of course, I demand reasonable information. How about it?」

Matifa shrugged her small shoulders and asked sweetly.
Matifa’s proposal is information trading. it’s not a bad thing for me.

「Talking about information, it should be fine as long as you don’t know it right?」
「Yes it is. The value of information is judged by you and me. When the meaning isn’t important to me but it is for you, I’d pay an appropriate consideration. It also applies vice versa. Since it’s a contract we can’t lie. I want you to be relieved」

Matifa looks into my eyes with a jewel like pupils.
Looking to the botomless eyes, I’m anxious whether I should contract with the devil. She’s inviting me to hell. I wonder if I’m being played by Matifa?
But it’s the same thing. Then it’s better to bind her with a contract.

「Is the contract a thing growing only for my information? Just what information I will get from you? Would it be reasonable?」
「There’s no need to force me. I’m the only one with the duty to pay. However, you may demand something that’s been shielded by a contract. It’s still quite an advantageous contract for you. I think I’m the one at disadvantage」

Conversely, if I give her information I can ask her anything. The only demerit is the shield of negotiation as Matifa says. But, that’s itー.

「Got it. That’s good」
「Then we’ll complete the deal. Good Good. I was planning to use force in one way or another. Then, do you want something from me?」

Matifa asked me with a smile. Then I decided on what I want.

「Suppress this magical power. I’m at my… limit… 」

My view shakes. My semicircular canals don’t work. Is it because I’m standing on the black darkness? Or is it because I’ve already fallen and I don’t know it?
Matifa’s beautiful face distorted like the devil.

「Then, why don’t you give me some information? Then I’ll suppress my magical power」
「Just as I thought! Then how about this. I’m an other worlder!!」
「Yup, I know」

Matifa blankly declared. After all, she’s just playing with me when she’s confirming if I’m an otherworlder.
Dammit! She’s really a devil.

「Hahaha, I’m joking. I suppressed my magical power so don’t worry. So, sleep on the bed」

Matifa suppressed the magical power in the room and laid me down on the bed with her small arms.
Lightheadedly, I take out magical power purification medicine from my waist put it in my mouth. It takes a while till the medicine works, but it should be possible to move with this.

「Uhm, Matifa-sama, is he okay?」

Seria who watched the exchange silently timidly asked.

「Don’t worry. it’s just magic pollution. Since I took magical power purification medicine I’ll be able to move soon. I’m sorry to involve Seria. You we’re scared right?」
「That’s…yes. It was really scary」
「I see. However you talked to me. Normally, when you feel that kind of magic you shouldn’t come close to me, right? After all you have a strong mind」
「No, I’m just used on scary things」

Saying that, Seria looked at me. No no, that person is much more scary than me. I’m a horrific killer, that one is the demon king. Our cases are entirely different.

「Did you overcome the fear of my magical power. That’s good, I want to see such spectacle」

Matifa licked her lips then crawled to me who’s lying on the bed.

「Matifa, what do you intend to do?」
「A congratulations for the contract. What? You should just lie down and let me do it」

Seria doesn’t seem to notice Matifa’s real intention. But, I know. This girl intends to eat me here now. Furthermore, in front of Seria.
Matifa hold my pants and pulled out my underwear smoothly. It’s quick work that I doubt that she has four hands. *Poron* my withered son is exposed and a lovely scream is heard.

「Isn’t it okay? I do love you. And you don’t hate me either right?」
「There’s a time and place for that」

I can’t show reverse-rape in Seria’s bed. My dignity that fell to the abyss would really be gone. If this happens she won’t feel threatened and I won’t be able to enjoy Seria.
Seria is overwhelmed by Matifa’s reckless action, solidified and can’t say anything.

「Aren’t those your words. If you don’t like it then you should just run away」
「I can’t do that. Then I’ll tell you something. In my hometown there’s a proverb that says when petticoats woo, breeks may come speed 1 It means that men should be doing it no women」
「Certainly, that’s correct. If the woman demanded, man should respond on full force. You’d better lose genital function if you refused. If so, I have to pay some compensation right? Let’s see, after I eat you you’d be cleaning up? You’d do it by full force」
「Have it your way」
「I will」

I gave up resisting and relaxed my whole body. Just do whatever you like.


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